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Tulipes au Pré Catelan

Spring has sprung, the publication date of my cookbook is getting closer by the minute, and my book tour, too, although I can’t think too much about it because I have so many things to get done before I leave (buy new dress, write new book), it is making my head spin.

The list of book tour events is still being fine-tuned and a few more will be added in the coming days (in Seattle and London in particular), but I thought I would post it now so you can save the dates, if you will do me the honor of not letting me sit alone at the back of a bookstore, my felt tip pen uncapped and drying.

I will keep this list updated, so check back for new events; they will be marked with a tag that will say, rather fittingly: new!

Note: A booksigning dinner or luncheon is a meet-the-author type of event that’s hosted at a restaurant. The admission price includes the cost of the meal (the menu will usually feature recipes from the book) and sometimes a copy of the book, which the author signs during the event.

And I will take this opportunity to say that I have cooked from my own book for the first time a few days ago, cracking it open, wedging the upper right-hand corner under a jar of jam to keep it to the right recipe, following my own instructions, and smudging page 167 just a tiny bit. It’s a lovely feeling.

View the list of events.

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  • I’ll miss you in NYC by two days, dang it! So proud of you, Clotilde. Enjoy every moment of your achievement.

  • est

    congrats! you’re so lucky to go on a book tour !! this is so exciting! enjoy!

  • Griffin

    Congratulations Clotilde… your family must be extremely proud of you… you must also be quite proud too! Tho’ I suspect you are unlikely to sit alone with pen capped and slowly drying… more likely is that people will turn up with little food gifts for you!

    If you’re in London, I shall try to come along and bring you champagne truffles… because you’re worth it!

    Good luck with the guide book too.

  • Rachel

    Oh no, I’ll miss you in Paris by two weeks! :( I’ll add my voice to Griffin’s to request a visit to London – I’ll come along and bring you Marks and Spencers ginger biscuits!

    Congratulations, and have a wonderful time on the tour – you deserve it!

  • If anyone suggests bringing your book tour to Edinburgh I’d be thrilled! I can’t wait to get my copy next week.

  • swan

    I might join the London-team!

    Congratiulations and good luck, don’t forget to enjoy every minute!

  • Oh no, I will be at work in NYC’s midtown that day and will be unable to come :( Have a great time, while in NYC – I’m certain your book will do exceptionally well!

  • You must feel like this is still all a dream. Sincere congratulations once again. I’m hoping to be able to make it to the NYC book signing.

  • Mar

    Grrrrr… No Barcelona! But you are in Paris on my birthday. I wonder if I might give myself a trip to Paris as a present…

  • Beth

    I eagerly scrolled down to see if I’d be able to make it to the NYC event(s), but, sadly, work and son’s naptime will keep me away.

    Congratulations, Clotilde. Enjoy!

  • Yes, please come to London, and make it in the evening so I can come after work. Really looking forward to the book, Clotilde.

  • I hope you’ll consider adding a San Francisco event. Cody’s is a lovely store, but Berkeley is rather inconvenient for those of us in the City.

  • sfs

    I love your website and I am eager to read your book. You were mentioned in the New York Times Magazine food section recently.

  • Toni-anne

    I am so proud to know you! Please don’t get worn out on the tour and enjoy yourself.

  • debby

    You might want to mention that for the Boston May 17th event, the admission is $25.

  • Hey Clotilde, I’m so excited about your booksigning, and I can’t wait to see you again on the 7th of June! Have been saving the date since Sarah told me about it a few weeks back… I will be so thrilled to have my own signed copy of your book! :)

    P.S. ~ Do you happen to know whether the shop is going to have both US and UK editions on hand? Because I was really hoping to have the metric equivalents — I’ll try to check on it myself just in case…

  • P.S. ~ Congrats on the excellent review in the New York Times! WOW! We already know how fabulous you are, but to have such amazing validation must be an incredible feeling. I just read bout it over on David Lebovitz’s blog, and I had to say something!

  • Penny

    I’ll see you at the French Library in Boston. I live a couple of blocks away. Let me know if you need anything when you are here.


  • Kory

    Scottsdale loves Clotilde! Come here too!

  • gingerpale

    I think we should all put a little smudge on page 167 of *our* copies, in solidarity.
    And of this I’m sure, Clotilde Dusoulier: before the book tour ends you’ll wish you had a shorter name!

  • Lori

    Austin Texas anyone? Whole Foods Headquarters – birthplace of Central Market – you won’t be lonely in Austin.

  • KateC

    Yay! I’m so happy that finally there is an event in Berkeley rather than the City. Sorry Anita, but things usually end up on your side of the Bay. And, I live 3 blocks from Cody’s! I’ve enjoyed your site and recipes for years. I look forward to the signing. Shall I bring some Puffins?

  • Dolph Chaney

    Hi Clo! FYI – for the Chicago event, Froggy’s told me to call the sponsoring bookstore to get a reservation, and their info is: Lake Forest Book Store, +1 (847) 234 4420 Congratulations on your tour — can’t wait!

  • So, I’ll see you in Boston, then!

  • Fred

    Is there a way for a fan to get an autographed copy who is not near one of your book signings?

  • I cannot wait for it’s release! I will be at the check out counter with bells on, and I will definitely be at your book-signings in spirit. Unfortunately, I live in a state that is rarely visited.

  • Wonderful Clotilde! I’ll see you at Cody’s in Berkeley. Have you thought about Book Passage and their Cooks with Books program at their Embarcadero store?
    Cara who knows the fear of empty seats at booksignings but was happily surprised last night

  • paperbackwriter

    Ooh! Thank you for coming to Berkeley! I might have to bring you one of the fantastic cupcakes from Bette’s To Go (across the street from Cody’s). Do you like chocolate or vanilla cupcakes?

    Can’t wait to get my book! Jon will groan, like Maxence he worries about me over-filling our kitchen (and apartment) with cooking paraphernalia.

  • Kara

    Clotilde — just made reservations for the Boston lecture on the 17th. I can’t wait! I’m bringing a friend who has never heard of you. Looking forward! A bientot!

  • shelli

    Well, it will be odd to miss you in Berkeley and see you in Paris, but we’ll be at Brentano’s.

    Enjoy the book tour, it will be exhausting but exhilarating.

  • Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book :) Please consider San Francisco as one of your stops!!

  • I’m so excited to finally be meeting you, Clotilde! I just rsvp’ed at Chez Henri in Cambridge, MA.They seem a bit confused about the time, so you may want to double check it!
    I hope my pre-ordered books from amazon gets here in time!
    Félicitations! à bientôt !

  • Melanie

    Great news that you are coming to NYC! But I have to say I am a little disappointed that we the New Yorkers do not get to share a booksigning dinner or lunch.
    Any chance one could be scheduled ;-)
    Looking forward and congrats again Clotilde

  • Sarah

    I’m so happy for you. I really enjoy your blog and can’t wait for the book. I’d like to put in a request for Southern California! I’d love to catch your tour.


  • Andrea-Michelle

    This may be a silly question, but I’ve never heard of a ‘booksigning dinner’ before…

    Are recipes from your book served?

    Congratulations & enjoy the whirlwind tour!

  • EN

    No stops in DC? Ah, why not?? Congratulations on the tour anyways!

  • Hi,
    Can you better describe a “book signing dinner”? My parents live in Santa Rosa so even though I probably can’t get there on a Wednesday I will tell them about it but I’m sure they’ll ask how it works. Congrats on the tour!!

  • Alice – Brentano’s in Paris will stock mostly the British edition, which has metric measurements. But it will have a few copies of the American version as well, for those who prefer cups and spoons.

    Dolph – Thanks for the correction!

    Andrea-Michelle and Melissa – A booksigning dinner or luncheon is a meet-the-author type of event that’s hosted at a restaurant. The admission price includes the cost of the meal (the menu will usually feature recipes from the book, it depends on what the kitchen wants to do) and sometimes a copy of the book, which the author signs during the event.

    Debby – The admission at the French Library in Boston is in fact $15 for members and $20 for non-members. It is a catered event.

  • Adele

    Hoping I’ll be able to make it to Chez Henri on the 16th :~).

  • Stephanie

    You have forgotten your Canadian friends in Toronto??? Maybe you are excused if this is a good enough excuse for me to finagle a trip to belle Paris or New York, both of which I adore.

    Bonne Chance and Mazel Tov on the book tour!!

  • Carla

    I have wanted to reach out to you for a long time. I am a huge fan of yours and can’t wait to buy a copy of your book! I am 26 years old and have been living here in New York for 3 years. I will be moving to Paris in July and wanted to have the chance to speak with you. We have a few things in common…I will be at your book signing in Soho and can’t wait to meet you!

  • Alexandra

    As a francophile and someone who greatly enjoys reading your blog, I would echo the request for a stop in Washington DC. Felicitations on a terrific accomplishment!

  • You are living a dream. Enjoy the success!

  • Meg

    Please come to Cleveland, Ohio! It really is a lovely place! :)

  • Mandy

    I’ve been reading your blog devotedly for a few months now. I’m not sure I can make it to your book signing on the Ave (such is the life of a poor grad student–Univ of Washington, Seattle–I’m not sure why University Way is “the Ave”, but it is), but I’m really looking forward to your book!

    I’m not sure how it compares to your spice shop, but World Merchants (just below Pike Place Market) is my favorite purveyor of seasonings here. It’s definitely worth a stop if you haven’t been. I particularly enjoy their calico fish rub (with sole, scallops, clams and white wine…).

    Enjoy your travels, and congrats on the book! :)

  • Mandy

    I forgot to mention that World Merchants also stocks alder-smoked salt (*amazing* on avocado). I also like their chipotle flakes (hot, but the smokey pepper aroma is wonderful with something like yams).

  • Erin

    Congratulations! I am so excited for my Amazon package bearing your cookbook. You are going to be a wild success!

  • Alexandra

    Another request for a Washington DC stop from another francophile named Alexandra– how many of us are there in DC? :)

  • Megan

    Minneapolis? Please?!!

  • I’m so glad you’re coming to the New York D & D! I shall be there with bells on :)

  • aw, once again no los angeles. alas.

  • I’m hoping I’m in nyc, for your visit to Dean & Deluca in Soho. I’ve been a long-time reader, and would love to show support in person. Congrats!!

  • Max

    Congratulations Clotilde! I’m so excited you’re coming to Chicago and I’ll try my best to get out of work! :) Just a tiny correction: Froggy’s is actually in Highwood, not Highland Park.

    Congrats again – that’s so exciting!

  • I am so utterly thrilled that you will be here, Clotilde. Clearly, there are plenty of disappointed fans, because you cannot possibly come to every city. So I’m especially excited that you will be in Seattle.

    And, on top of that, you will be at Impromptu! The Chef is busy at work on the final menu, and he’s so happy to be making your recipes. (And it will be an entirely gluten-free tasting menu!) Anyone near Seattle? This is your best chance to see Clotilde.

    Thank you, my dear.

  • Joyce

    Please try to come to San Francisco! It is a short train ride away from Berkeley.

  • Carmen

    Congratulations Clotilde, it’s a shame you couldn’t include Sydney in your tour. Us Aussies will just have to make do with your book, which I hope is on sale here soon too!

    On a side note, I was just wondering – is there any reason for the different book covers in the US & UK editions?

  • Gnam Gnam…

    I’d like to eat all I looked at…

  • Enjoy your tour! I will miss your signing by a day in Paris, rats, I would have enjoyed seeing you in person. But congratulations again–enjoy this moment! It’s so much fun, when the first book hits the shelves.

  • zoe collins

    Australia! Come to Australia!

    Brisbane is beautiful at any time of year…

    nice work Clotilde… Zoe.

  • Rachelle

    I’ve been lurking for a few years and have been enjoying your blog and recipes thoroughly. If there is any chance of your visiting Texas (and Austin in particular!) it would be greatly appreciated and, guaranteed, you would be warmly welcomed.

  • Shavonne

    Is there the possibility of a NYC evening event? Work always gets in the way.

  • Michele

    Do you know how long you willbe signing books at Dean and DeLuca in NYC? I would like to try to sneak out at lunch to have a book signed. Thanks – and is it the Dean and DeLuca on B”way and Prince?

  • All – Thanks for voicing your desire to have events hosted in other cities. I can’t visit them all, of course, and the cities I am visiting have been chosen in regards to the interest of the local media and market, but I’m keeping a list for next time!

    Mandy – Thanks for the Spice Merchants recommendation, I’ll be sure to pay them a visit when I’m in Seattle.

    Max – Thanks for the correction! I’ve updated the address.

    Carmen and Zoe – I certainly wouldn’t object to coming to Australia. Know anyone who would sponsor my plane ticket? :) As for the difference in book covers, it’s simply that the two editions (US vs. UK and Commonwealth) are issued by two different publishers.

    Michele – This will be my first booksigning ever, and I have no idea how long it will last, sorry. As for the location, yes, it is at Broadway and Prince (click the “map it!” link for a map).

  • Oh, it’s such a shame you can’t come to Portland right after Seattle! We’d love to have you here.

    Best of luck with your book tour. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading it!

  • zoe collins

    perhaps we could get an aussie publisher interested in picking up the title? or, you could make friends with stephanie alexander and get her to put in a good word for you with her publisher…

    *I’m kind of writing this tongue-in-cheek in case you’re concerned that I might be getting a little carried away…

  • Zoe – Thanks for the suggestions! :) Actually, I’m not looking for an Australian publisher: my British publisher has the distribution rights to Commonwealth countries, so the book will get to Australia and NZ through a distribution partnership (not sure when that’ll happen though).

  • Mary Ann

    Congratulations on the book, can’t wait to get my copy. Too bad you won’t be coming up to Vancouver, BC.
    Not sure if I can make it down to Seattle, but I might try.

  • Clover

    Wow, how exciting!!! I can’t wait to see the book!!! If you’re ever swinging by D.C., I’ll be there!!

  • Marika Ujvari

    Please come to Boulder or Fort Collins, Colorado!!!!

  • Laura

    Just got the news about the Seattle events. Thrilled you’re coming to Seattle, and can’t believe that you’re coming to my neighborhood! I live down the street from Impromptu and just made my reservation. Can’t wait!

  • Kay Barnes

    I’m happy and excited about the Bovolo event in Healdsburg; it will be an evening with good food and an opportunity to meet you and have the long-awaited book signed. Thanks.

  • molly

    clotilde, i am so excited to get your book just two weeks! but i am also sad that your ‘chicago’ book event takes place in a far away suburb from my chicago-proper home. you should look into making a stop in the city.

    maybe check this place if you have a spare afternoon

    if not, good luck with the tour and maybe i’ll get you to sign my book next time.


  • cj huo

    Congratulations Clotilde ! it’s a testimony of your food & blogging prowess, i look forward to my own hard copy.

  • Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing you at the Ferry Building.

  • Nadia

    I am SOOOOO excited that you are coming to Chicago! I have been reading this blog for so long and the book went on my to-buy list before it even came out. I am planning on coming to the Chicago event at the Book Cellar.

  • magillicuddy

    Congrats ! “we knew you when” well at least we read you long before the book deal ! How exciting !

  • Angel

    Come to Denver! Please! Come to Denver and do a booksigning dinner! Pretty please?


  • You should come to Florida for a signing! The weather is great, the beaches are beautiful… if not Florida, maybe somewhere in the Southeast?

  • jleder

    I am very disappointed that my comment about the vanilla pecan squares has not been posted on the website. Perhaps you are trying not to put too many negative comments about the recipes up here? I have been a very avid reader of your blog for the past few months, and I must say that I am very surprised that you would not post a little criticism of one of the recipes!

  • pre-ordered it – love your blog and can’t wait to read your book *s*

  • Mar


    I don’t know where else in the site to ask you about this, but I’m in doubt as to which version of your book to buy and I thought other fellow Europeans might have this problem, too.
    I’m used to measuring ingredients in the metric system, but I can live with the American one as well (cups, teaspoons). However, I’m always in trouble with ounces and pounds. Which version should I go for, the British or the American?


  • Mar – The US version uses cups and spoons, while the British version is all metric.

  • Kova

    I just registered for the Boston signing! I am so excited! They only have a couple spots left…

  • mindy

    Come see us in San Diego, or I can drive to LA!!! Can’t wait for your book to arrive in the mail. =)U rock.

  • Scott

    Just got my book from Amazon today. Wish you were coming to Los Angeles.

  • Donna


    I am unable to make you book signing in NYC. Just found out about it today! I would love to have a signed book from you. Is this possible?

    Thank you for you consideration.


  • Sirena

    You were GREAT on the Today show this morning! Congratulations on your success Clotilde – it’s wonderful to watch!

  • Ian

    Just got back from the NYC signing with my copy of the book, and it looks great. I wanted to thank you for stopping by to say hello. Good luck on the rest of your tour!

  • Elena

    I missed you by 10 minutes here in NYC today at Dean & Deluca. :-(
    I hope the signing went well and that you have a lovely trip.
    I’ll be sure to be on time when you tour for the next book!!

  • Mallory

    AH! The Today show!! I was so excited! I actually ran up to the tv at the gym. You are my chef muse by the way, im moving to Paris in September for school, and your book is coming with me! I can’t wait for you to be in Seattle on the 22nd to sign it!! Good luck!

    ps. you’ll love Seattle

  • I got my book and got it signed! Congratulations, Clotilde!

    And I certainly hope you were not affected by the bomb scare (!!) at that Dean & Deluca later that afternoon…!

  • Alyne

    I hope you come to Houston. If you do, the absolute best bookstore is an independent bookstore called Brazos Bookstore.

  • Bonjour Clotilde, I enjoyed your interview on the Tom Douglas radio show Saturday. I hope to see you on Tuesday at the UW Bookstore signing.

  • I can’t wait to meet you this coming Saturday in San Francisco!

  • I just wanted to say your book cover is gorgeous and CONGRATS for making it so far!

  • jer

    I haven’t been to your blog in a while so I was pleased to see that you are now on a book tour. I hope you will make it up to Canada at some point! (in particular to Toronto!)

  • Hallie

    It was great seeing you in Seattle at Impromptu! Please please make sure you get some chocolates at Michael Recchiuti in the San Francisco Ferry building on Saturday. Their chocolates are exceptional and can’t be missed. Enjoy and happy travels.

  • Stacy

    Contratulations–your book is lovely! I’m sorry we won’t see you in Honolulu, but good luck on the rest of your tour!

  • Basically, during a Virtual Book Tour, an author (me) visits specific lineup of websites or weblogs, similar to a real-life book tour, where stops are made at brick-and-mortar bookstores. Each day, the author visits a different website, from the comfort of her living room. At each “stop”, the author may be interviewed, make “blog” entries, answer questions from site visitors, submit their book for review, or any combination of the above. wow power leveling,What sets a virtual tour apart from real-life tours is that once the content is posted on a website, it’s archived ?4/7?for later access, allowing those who couldn’t visit on the appointed day to view the material at their leisure

  • Céline75

    Merci pour la bonne soirée que nous avons passée en ta compagnie hier à Paris chez Brentano’s : ta prise de parole était pleine de spontanéité et de naturel, et nous a éclairés sur ta démarche et sur la genèse de ton livre.
    Félicitations !
    Je n’ai qu’une hâte maintenant : tester une recette de ce merveilleux livre…

  • Kasia

    Dear Clotilde congratulations!
    Any plans for another booksigning evening in Paris in last days of August? I know… I would be too lucky coming to Paris just for 6 days and having a chance to meet you. How about a visit in Warsaw one day?
    But in fact I do have a question – where would I be able to buy the UK edition in Paris? And is there also a French edition? My friend loves your site and this would be a great present I could get for her from Paris as speaks fluent French rather than English. I’d appreciate your help here.

  • yourpapounet

    Kasia : you will find the UK edition at Brentano’s (37 avenue de l’Opéra)and also, very probably, at WH Smith (248 rue de Rivoli), although I haven’t checked.

    The French edition will come out on 17th october (this year…) It will also be in metric (how else? We invented the stuff !)

  • Kasia

    Yourpapounet – thank you so much :)) I’ll find those locations on my map and schedule in my “Paris plan” :0) And on the French edition I guess I’ll have to order it by mail.
    Any ideas/help/advice on where in Paris would be a good big exciting shop with laaarge range of all sort of kitchen utensils, baking pans, tins, cutlery, table cloth and all other great kitchen-used stuff? Apparently I’m a bit addicted on this matter ;0P I have a half a day planned for such shopping, so ideally one, max two bigger “kitchen-only” shops to see.
    Thank you

  • Kasia – You should definitely visit Dehillerin.

  • Kasia

    Clo :0)) merci beaucoupt. It’s already on my list :)) I found your great revew on it a bit later after I sent this post here.
    Are you planning a more or less official meeting with your readers/fans – however you’ll call us – sometimes between August 23-26?
    I’m first on the list. I could cook as well :0))

  • Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday! I just put in a request for the 11th of September event. Would be wonderful to meet/hear you in person!

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