Cookies, Muffins & Co.

Cookies, Muffins & Co.

Those of you who read a little French have no doubt happened upon Pascale’s food blog, called C’est moi qui l’ai fait! (which means “I made it myself”). I first met Pascale some two years ago at a food show, and we have been very good friends ever since, meeting on a regular basis for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or silicon molds home sales — as you can see, our friendship is very much food-centered, but then again my entire life is, so all is right in my world.

And Pascale has just published a cookbook! It is called Cookies, Muffins & Co and can be found in French bookstores or online. It is a tiny book in size, but an eminent one in the wealth of recipes it holds — over a hundred American and British sweet treats of all kinds, with cultural notes and serving suggestions for each.

Since Pascale has lived in the US for a little while and is happily married to an English guy (with a sense of humor to match), I can’t think of anyone better suited to write it. I like that she has included classics that are the French know and love — brownies, cheesecakes and cookies — but has also made sure she introduced her readers to lesser-known, but no less delicious desserts — Eccles cakes, cobblers and Victoria sponge cakes, to name but a few.

I have witnessed with my own eyes how much energy and heart she has poured into the project, testing and writing up all those recipes in an insanely short period of time, and to get an idea of the work involved, you can check out the great making-of blog she has set up, with pictures of many of the recipes.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy signed by the author (it will be worth thousands in a few years I tell you), and I can only urge you to get one for yourself — heck, at 2.90€ a pop, you should get a dozen!

My only regret is that it is such a small book, and I would love to see more paper and ink and bookshelf space devoted to my friend’s talents, but I have a feeling she has a long cookbook-writing career ahead of her, so my frustration will soon be eased I’m sure.

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  • Julieta

    Dear Clotilde,

    I just wanted to thank you for the yogurt cake recipe you published a while ago. I finally got to make the cake yesterday (with cherries (found them frozen in the supermarket) and cassis liqueur instead of the rum). The result was great!

    I can’t wait for YOUR book to come out!

  • sarah

    “but I have a feeling she has a long cookbook writing career ahead of her”- you can be each other’s support systems then! I would say cheerleaders, but that could be a little scary…

  • My maiden name is Eccles, so Eccles cakes hold a special place in my heart. I’m hoping Amazon US has the book.

  • scottie

    Dearest Clothilde,
    Thanks so much for bringing Cookies, muffins and Co. to our attention. I have a friend who revels in new and inventive muffins. I will purchase one for her and one for me and, as you say, why not more for other friends.

    And thank you for the many other diverse morsels of information, thoughts and ideas that you bring our way through this very refreshing blog. You introduce me to such an amazing community. I only recently discovered your blog thanks to a back issue of Budget Travel where your article was published along with a delightful photo of you at the market. The format and style of your blog are genius and I agree with the other posts; I look forward to YOUR upcoming publication and the many more that are sure to follow. To be perfectly honest, your writing style is so refreshing and your energy so infectious that I will happily read anything you publish on any subject. I am also certain we will all be seeing you in other formats if you so choose. I am going to suggest you to my regional PBS producers. They need to speak with you post haste!

    And speaking of such, are there any plans for a publication of Cooking With Monkey? What a delight, especially for me as I work with very young children, preschoolers. The sensory experiences of cooking and using food is so important in their development and growth. Now Monkey makes it a charming experience as well. I think the future will reveal that both you and Monkey are going to become classics.

  • scottie

    My apologies, Clotilde. Now I have managed to rename you as well.

  • Yay publishing success! It must be a rush of excitement to know that a close friend has made it soon before your own book is intended to be published. Good luck with yours!

  • Looks like a wonderful book! I’m thinking it would be wonderful to cook in two languages so I will work on my French cooking by reading her blog.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog – I always look forward to your posts!

  • …when I first moved to France cupcake papers and or muffin tins did not exist…so I used tuna cans.
    Now I see there is a french cookbook about muffins and things!
    Ah the small beautiful world!

  • That book looks adorable & if the postage wasn’t 10 euros I’d order it PDQ from…I’ll just have to wait till May. Cookbooks that fit in the palm your hand are nifty. I see a series coming. Corey, another amazing thing besides the advent of muffin tins in France is the Brownie & Muffin Stand at the Gare du Nord & the lines are huge! I was shocked :O It can’t be all touristas lined up.

  • Pesql

    … I ordered it from Amazon too, but have not received it yet :(
    I hope I’ll get it by tomorrow morning…

  • I included Pascale’s Blog in a list i posted on my Blog ‘Serge the Concierge’ of 5 suggested reads for International Women’s Day, Wednesday this week.
    I like her focus on homemade food.

    Have a good week-end

    Serge in Montclair, New Jersey

    Biz Site:

  • Wow Clothilde, I’m so excited to check out this book. Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m guessing it’s in English then?

  • Theresa

    Youpi! That makes 2 very special cookbooks to look out for! The stirrings of spring must have your heart a-flutter as your book blossoms to completion. Can’t wait till your and Pascale’s books grace my kitchen with their beauty (for any book of Clotilde’s must naturally be as pretty as it is charming) and undoubtedly yummy recipes. Bravo to Pascale, and bon courage to you as you continue writing your dream.

  • Thank you so much for all your comments, I hope you get to check out Pascale’s book!

    Mona – Nope, the book is intended for a French audience, and it is in French!

  • Bonjour Clotilde,

    Thank you for introducing Cookies, Muffins & Co. to us. It’s certainly a great reference for any home bakers.

    Your writing is simple, down-to-earth, and very pleasant to read. I suppose when writing about something you know and enjoy, words come naturally.

    I could not think of a better way to honor your blog than baking chocolate chip zucchini brownies and presenting them on my Web site,

    I am looking forward to the debut of your book.


  • Sandy

    Do you think English speaking folks could figure out the recipes with basic french and a dictionary? :-) I want to order it but i am very new to French!! Wish I could “buy a program” and install in my brain! I have 6 kids and little time to study a new language! But I have many friends who are French, and went to France in 2004! Loved it! Want to go back!

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