Here We Go!

Religieuse au caramel

I am sitting at my desk, still on a buzz from an excellent lunch at a friend’s house. It is late on Saturday afternoon and I am leaving in the morning. I am looking at the one and only copy of my book I have seen so far, and thinking of the many more I’m going to handle over the next two weeks. I have bought a permanent marker but still have no idea what one is supposed to write when one signs a copy of one’s book.

I am reading through the hour-by-hour schedule my publicist has put together for me, wondering if it will leave enough time for a bagel now and then, checking out the hotels and whether or not they are equipped with a pool. I am thinking of my unpacked suitcase and my unpacked plane lunch, and I am feeling like I’ve just boarded a ride at an amusement park.

The security bar is being lowered in front of me, a family of butterflies is taking up residence in my stomach, there is no turning back. Here we go!


So. I’m sure you’ve seen the list of booktour events by now, so that’s that. I will try to blog from the road — if only to show you the bagels and the pools, so keep an eye on the moblog –, but something tells me it may be a challenge to find the time, and this is why I am leaving you in the company of this delectable religieuse au caramel, bought from Claire Damon’s pastry shop, Des Gâteaux et du Pain (63 bd Pasteur in the 15th; 01 45 38 94 16).

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  • Don’t worry Clotilde – I’m sure it will be fun. Just think of all of us lovely readers who will turn up to wish you well.
    Good luck, and I’ll see you at the London signing!


  • gingerpale

    What to sign? I think “Clotilde” says it all–have the most excellent trip possible!

  • Have a blast Clotilde! You deserve to have an utterly fantastic time – we’ll see you here when you get back. Though I don’t reckon the chances of the cake still being here very high, it looks pretty tasty :-)

  • Have a wonderful time Clotilde…and enjoy it.

  • mari

    Hi. I have been reading your blogs past years, but hardly ever posted a mail. Since you sound bit worry (what might happen on abroad during your book-signing-tour), I have decided to write to say, please, please do not worry!! I am absolutely sure that you will have a fantastic time. I used to wonder how much effort you put in writing (without knowing who reads them, how your blog creates your future), and admire your passion. Your blog has been one of the best site I have ever seen- Have a great time- see you in London.

    p.s. I have also tested your recipes and they are fab.

  • just notified me that your book is on it’s way to my front door! I’m excited!!

  • You just go! Everything will come to you, you don’t need any advise!..and thank you! Can’t wait to try it.

  • jessica

    Oh Clotilde, how exciting! I wish you well on your book tour, and am terribly excited for you, even though I am nowhere near any one of your destinations.

    I wish you all the best of luck in sales!


  • dounoaille

    Enjoy Clotilde ! If you don’t find a pool, ask for a massage to relax and take care of your “signing elbow !”. Be happy with this unpredictable trip. I am quiet sure you will be happy and exhausted ! You will find so many ideas for a second book !!! Take care . Dou

  • Clotilde, have a wonderful time, I KNOW your book will go into its second printing before the ink has dried on all those copies you’ll be signing over the next couple of weeks.

    Enjoy yourself, and have fun!

  • Don’t worry, be happy (to be sung out loud with the little reggae tune). You’ll do fine and I’m sure you’ll have fun. BRAVO!

  • Best wishes on your upcoming book tour. I’m sure you’re very anxious and excited. I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

  • Griffin

    Dear Clotilde!

    What to write? “Good cooking, love/best wishes, Clotilde” should be enough. After all, you’ve written the whole book already!

    Take deep breaths and smile a lot! After all, the people who’ve bought the book, who’ve been to this wonderful place you’ve made – they love you and wish you well. So nothing to fear at all. Anticipate those who bring you good chocolates instead! ;)

    Lots of luck and love to you… see you in London, if I can – with champagne truffles. See nothing to worry about!

  • My favorite! I always have a religieuse as soon as possible after my plane touches French soil. Lifelong tradition.

    Have a wonderful book tour! Hope to catch you in LA…

  • Rachel

    Good luck for the tour – I know it seems nervewracking, but I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

    Looking forward to seeing you in London!!

  • Andi

    OH Clotilde,(*)?(*)
    You deserve this beautiful booktour,and wondeferful experience..
    I have been reading and posting for such a long time ….You are delightful in every way..
    looking forward to receiving your cookbook…wish you could come to Vegas and sign mine….
    Wishing you a safe and wonderful experience on the tour..this is just the BEGINNING…..
    Good Luck.
    WE love YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie Desjardins

    I want to say something about the book tour, but the picture of this religieuse au caramel is stealing all of this pregnant woman’s attention… Yummy…

    Bonne chance avec la tournée! La livre sera un grand succès, j’en suis certaine! J’ai très hâte de te lire!

  • Good luck with the tour, Clotilde!
    Skye Gyngell signed her copy “A Year In My Kitchen” with “Happy Cooking, Skye”. I thought that was very sweet;)

  • Neil

    When the time comes, Clotilde, you will know just what to write. Enjoy.

  • I had brunch at Selmarie across from the Book Cellar today. I took a picture in front of your poster! I can’t wait to see you there in a week!!

  • Andrea-Michelle

    Good luck & enjoy your whirlwind tour. I’m still trying to figure out how I can possibly sneak down to SoHo without my co-workers taking notice on Tuesday….

  • Debby

    I’ve sent info to my friends in SF, Boston, and New York since you couldn’t come to DC! You’ll have a blast. Bonne Chance!

  • Bonjour,
    je voulais juste te dire que j’aime beaucoup se que tu fait, tes recettes simples, très appétissantes, et cet amour que tu a pour les produits. Je suis depuis peu de temps une fidèle lectrice de ton magnifique blog. Vivement la sortie de ton livre en France.

  • Janie

    The doorbell just rang and there was my copy of “the cookbook”. I’m so excited.! Have a wonderful book tour and I wish I was closer to one of your apperances. Have fun!

  • Great job, Clotilde.

  • Erin

    Relish every minute.

  • est

    have fun on the book tour! you deserve it!

    as for me I am going to try this pâtisserie you are suggesting tomorrow

    xxx take care!

  • Congrats Clotilde, major kudos to you. Are you coming to L.A on this tour?

  • Joan

    How I wish there was a documentary team following you!…enjoy enjoy enjoy…hugs

  • Your book arrived today and it is very pretty with gorgeous photography and printed on high quality paper. I am quite happy with it. I hope that I can make it to Seattle to collect your autograph!

  • Aloha Clotilde,
    Please come to Hawaii one day. You would have a very warm welcome here!

  • Many congratulations!
    My post on our meeting should appear next week.
    Hope to come to see you on 20 June!

  • Annette

    I received my copy in the mail yesterday afternoon, just as I was rushing out the door for an appointment. I brought it along to check out, and can tell you that yesterday is the first occasion I’ve ever wished for more time in the waiting room!!! I love, love, love your book! I promised myself I will read it from cover to cover without skipping ahead (I’ve never done that with a cookbook, but this one is different–I want to savor every word!) The very first recipe caught my eye, because another spinach and toasted nut salad has been my current favorite. I hadn’t planned dinner yet, so that’s what I prepared for the family, and everyone enjoyed it. Great combination of flavors. I can’t wait for more time to spend with it today. Just love your writing style, it really “clicks” with me. Thanks so much!

  • Bee

    Oh my goodness! Just saw Clotilde on the Today Show (I swear I don’t normally watch, it’s been an odd day). I was so delighted to see her but Ann and the other anchor were just hyper interrupters. I miss Clotilde’s thoughtful and poetic words. Come back to France!

  • landa

    Saw you on the today show this morning. You looked awesome and it would have been nice to actually here you over Ann and the others. Was glad to see you. I am an avid reader here.

  • Hi Clotilde,

    I just wanted to say that I went to Borders this morning and bought your lovely book! It has absolutely exceeded my expectations! I’ve been reading your blog forever, but I had to pop in and just tell you how much I am enjoying it. Have fun on your book tour, oh how I wish that you were coming to Cleveland! I can’t wait to buy a copy for my sister who has an apartment in Paris!

  • Your papounet

    You can see Clotilde doing a recipe on the Today show using this link :

    Click on the Launch button on the right, put up with a few seconds of advertisement… and you’ll see her “answer” the questions (it’s a fact that it’s not easy to put in a word when the interviewer speaks most of the time !)
    My wife and I were glad to see her from such a distance. What a wonderful world, at least technologically speaking… !

  • Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    Dear Clotilde,

    Enjoy the book tour—you will be fabulous! I wish you were coming to Michigan.

    I have 2 copies of your book waiting for me downtown. One is for a wedding gift this weekend, the other for me, of course. All your recipes I’ve tried from the blog have been great. Thanks for writing about food!

  • franko

    i just received your book in today’s mail, clotilde, and i can’t wait to dive into it. the photos are delicious! congratulations!

  • aurelie

    salut !
    comme c’est trop domamge de trouver un blog d’uen française écrit en anglais .. tes posts m’interessent mais bon la traduction instantanée c’est pénible et je suis plutot nulle… tu n’as aps un blog en français ? ou un livre de cuisine en français ? en tout cas c genial ce que tu fais vraiment bravo ( en fait moi je suis suissesse…je crois que c’est comme çA QU’ON DIT)

  • Hi Clotilde!

    This is so wonderful – your book and the tour and all your success! Congratulations!

    I just wanted to ask you about one of the stops on your tour. My mom and I are coming to the booksigning in Santa Rosa on the 23rd, and I was wondering if there will be books there to buy (I’ve never been to a booksigning before so I don’t know these things). If I order it through Amazon, I’m not sure if it will arrive at my house by the 23rd, so I was just wondering.



  • Philippa Jordan

    I bought your book in New York today and met you in the process. I have just started reading it and so far I find the Acknowledgements, Foreword and Cooking Philosophy selections really delightfully written — and, the recipes are yet to come. It is the first cookbook that I have ever read the introduction to and the first that has genuinely inspired me from the first few pages.

    You have a very special writing gift and a remarkable and unique power of observation. I am sure this book will be the first of many and I hope you will write novels too. Congratulations on this first great event and have a wonderful tour.

    Philippa Jordan
    New York City

  • Claudia

    Melissa, the bookstore will have copies. In fact, some stores won’t let you have a copy autographed if you didn’t buy it there!

  • Where have I been? I just discovered your blog today and I’m absolutely enticed. All the best and much fun during the book tour. Spread your wings and catch the upward drift. Les photos et les recettes sur votre blog sont absolument magnifiques. Amitiés d’une blogueuse au Québec.

  • Sally

    Congratulations on your new cookbook. I have a question whose answer I’ve not come across on your site but which your other readers may be interested to know. As I am trying to decide between ordering the US or UK version of your cookbook, could you explain the difference between the two? If I remember correctly, the UK version contains more pages so does that mean more recipes? Thanks.

  • Sally – You should find the answers to your questions here!

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