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Le Guide du Fooding
Image courtesy of Le Fooding and Libération

If you are in or around Paris tomorrow, consider buying Libération from your favorite press kiosk. From November 17 to November 21, the daily paper will include the 2006 edition of Le Guide du Fooding. This is a guide to Paris restaurants, to which I contributed this year with reviews of the food scene in the 4th arrondissement. This was a fun and exciting project to be a part of — albeit very demanding of my time and appetite! — and I hope the guide will be useful to you. (It should also be available online starting on November 28, but a paper copy is handy to have in your purse, no?)

And what is le Fooding you ask? A Parisian movement that was created some 6 years ago by two journalists who wanted to stir things up in the world of gastronomy, and put the “feeling” (with a French accent, it’s important) back into food. Amongst other things, they organize events in trendy locations all through the year, during which you can eat food prepared by up-and-coming chefs, taste excellent wine, listen to good music — all of this for free or a nominal fee.

The next event is the 6th Semaine du Fooding, taking place in Paris, Brussels and Béziers from November 28 to December 5 — more info on their website.

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  • Alas, I’ll have to wait for the online version as I won’t be anywhere near France for a while. Thanks for the heads up, though :)

  • Clotilde, here is another event you should be interested in: http://www.coqsdor.com.

    It is in Paris next week and there will be a selection of the finest food in France.

    And, thanks for the announcement on le guide du Fooding!

  • Celine

    I already wanted to buy it this morning, but it wasn’t available… I just can’t wait to read it, and it’s a great news that you write in it (in French for once?!!)

  • jayanti

    hi ..I’m from India ..though am a stranger to french food and I stumbled upon your blog purely by chance , it has been a delight . Your chocolate recipes are heavenly and I’ll definitely try them when I get back home…

  • I wish that had come out a month earlier.

    We could have had a lot of fun when we were in Paris then.

  • kitchenette

    I am looking forward to reading it! As I am lucky enough to work in the 4th arrondissement, it will great to come and have lunch at Clothilde’s favourite places sometimes. By the way, congratulations for your blog. I found out about it last summer and since then … I even have my own one.

  • Joan

    Clotilde, may the delightful spirit of le fooding spread worldwide…

    constant cheers to you ~ constant

  • Hillary Davis

    Clotilde, Wish so much that my trip to Paris is
    sooner….I’d love to do this! Then bring back
    the idea to do in NYC! Thanks for the info.

  • gwen

    Speakeasy: C’est bien un truc de parisien ça… A bar whose address they won’t give out and for which you need a revolving password to gain admittance.
    Frankly, as much as the other events seem fantastic opportunities for fun and serendipitous discoveries, this one is enough to justify Paris snobby reputation. Just like in its time the “petition des gens intelligents”. This will be the bar for hip and cool parisians who are in the secret of zeu fouding. And if you’re not cool enough to figure out where it is and how to get in, well you probably don’t deserve to find it and get in. Why don’t they simply call it a private party between hip and cool urbanites, and don’t talk about it to people who are obviously not welcome ? Geez, the things marketing makes you do…

  • Gwen – It’s not the part I like best either. But no passphrase necessary to buy the guide (just 2 euros)! :)

  • stinkerbell

    thank you so much for the information!!
    I definitely plan on being there for on or more of the evenings, hope they live up to the thoughts I have just had over some of the proposed foods!

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