Les Desserts Préférés de Pierre Hermé

Mes Desserts Préférés

[Pierre Hermé’s Favorite Desserts]

Pierre Hermé is a world famous pastry chef. His stores in Paris, New York and Tokyo are designed like jewellery stores and are constantly crowded, with lines often going around the corner. He is a very prolific and inventive chef, who actually imagines new pastry lines twice a year, a spring/summer collection, and a fall/winter collection. His creations are always aesthetically perfect, but his real focus is on layering flavors, pleasing the palate and astonishing the tastebuds. Many of his findings and inspirations, revolutionary at the time, get adopted by other pastry chefs to become classics.

I do object to some aspects of the phenomenon, though. His pastry shop on rue Bonaparte in the 6th arrondissement is more than a little intimidating – and I’m normally not that shy. I hardly dared walk in, what with the sophisticated salespeople and the dramatic décor, display cases and lighting. This could not be further from what my pastry shop will be like one day. He also gets a ton of Parisian hype and media attention, with press releases every time he creates a new macaron flavor and ubiquitous articles about the Easter egg he invents each year.

But this is all part of the character, and you have to admit that the guy is a genius, a true artist, a visionary, and I am just fascinated by him, his work and the real empire he has built.

So at the party we went to on Saturday night, I was delighted to talk to a friend of our friends, who works as a sales attendant in Pierre Hermé’s rue Bonaparte store. He confirmed that the atmosphere in the store is somewhat special, but he learns a lot about the business, *and* since they don’t sell the pastries that are anything short of perfect, he gets to bring home two every day. Now, is that the perk to end all perks, or what?

Pierre Hermé has just published a new book, called “Mes Desserts Préférés”, in which he gives very detailed and intricate instructions on how to make a variety of elaborate desserts. Seeing my enthusiasm (I probably looked like a kid meeting one of Santa Claus’ little helpers!), our friend very kindly said that if I wanted to purchase a copy, he would try and get Pierre Hermé to sign it for me… I would be thrilled! Ahem. Why do I suddenly feel like such a groupie?

Pâtisserie Pierre Hermé
72 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
01 43 54 47 77

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  • Deb

    What a funny coincidence that you should write about Pierre Herme’s new book. A friend just gave me a gift of two of Herme’s books, “Chocolate Desserts” and “Desserts”!

  • Wow, you got two, lucky you!! Have you had time to look at them? What do you think?

  • Deb

    So far, I like them alot. I don’t find the recipes themselves too intimidating I find the final assembling and presentation scary, all that preciseness, eek!

    I’ve not been to the store in NY, I think I’d like to go see now that I’ve read your entry.

  • I agree : the presentations he describes are *very* intricate, but I think of them more as ideas and suggestions, and a direction in which to go : I do not strive to make perfect looking food anyway, I find a cake way more appetizing if it is slightly askew!
    And I would love love love for you to go check out his NY store and blog-report back!

  • Linda Ravano

    How did you get your Job????

    I Lived in Paris for 18 months visiting Pierre Herme for the Ishpahan every week. When it was not available i cried a tear and moved onto another dessert.

  • Linda – I’m not sure which job you’re referring to? And I have to try the Ispahan cake indeed, it sounds fantastic…

  • hi clotide,

    i really enjoy reading your blog, recipes & beautiful photographs… i’m totally a huge chocolate & dessert lovers… and reading your blogs really inspire me to actually start cooking/baking myself… but i’m totally lost with where to start, so can you recommend me great, EXCELLENT chocolate or dessert cookbooks that’s easy to follow for a clueless beginner like me?! many thanks!

  • Ramiro bertassin

    Ola gostaria de saber como consigi aduirir os livros do Pierre Hermé … muito obrigado

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