Welcome to the new Chocolate & Zucchini!

Something looks different around here, no?

I am very excited to unveil the new version of Chocolate & Zucchini! I have been working on it for a good while with the extraordinary team over at cre8d, and it’s been wonderful to see it take shape over the months as we dreamed up my ideal C&Z.

So take a look around, see what you think. There is still a bit of fine-tuning to do, so I hope you will forgive any glitch you run into. And if you have a moment to report back and share thoughts, suggestions, and general feedback on the new site, I will be very interested to hear from you.

Here are a few quick notes on some of the new C&Z features :
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C&Z Turns 10!

Ten years ago, after a conversation with Maxence over shabu-shabu at a wonderful — but now extinct — Japanese restaurant in Montmartre, I decided to create Chocolate & Zucchini. I needed a space to write about the many things that make me happy at the greenmarket, in the kitchen and at the table, and I wanted a chance to reach out to like-minded cooks.

The first recipe I ever published was one for chouquettes, or sugar puffs, and I’m really glad it was, because ten years later I am still just as excited about them as I am about this blog.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Chocolate & Zucchini has changed my life. It has allowed me to build a career around the things I love the most: cooking, writing, learning, eating, sharing, exploring. It has widened my world view while simultaneously making me feel connected, it has taught me that nothing beats pursuing your dreams, and it has allowed me to meet — virtually and in real life — more fascinating and passionate people in ten years than I expected to in a lifetime.

Naturally, none of this would have happened without you, your presence, your support, your messages, your stories. So I want to thank you for everything that you’ve given me over the past ten years, and tell you how grateful and honored I am that you come here, and read what I have to say, and cook what I suggest you do, and come back to tell me about it. Here’s to ten more!

As a 10th anniversary gift to the blog, I am preparing a complete redesign of the site: it is well under way, and should be ready in the next couple of months.

And as a 10th anniversary gift to you, I will be holding ten giveaways throughout the month of October, each offering you a chance to win one of the many fabulous things I’ve discovered and fell in love with these past ten years.

Please come back on Wednesday for the first one!

Paris Book Signing on Sep. 28 + Recipe List for Special Diets

If you plan to be in Paris on Saturday, September 28, please join me at WHSmith for a booksigning from 3 to 6pm! (Here’s a link to the Facebook event.)

This event marks the release of my latest book, The French Market Cookbook, and will also be an opportunity to celebrate C&Z’s 10th anniversary. Complimentary wine and nibbles — cooked from the book by yours truly — will be served. I look forward to meeting you then!

{WHSmith, 248 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, M° Concorde, map it!, +33 (0)1 44 77 88 99.}

On an unrelated note, for those of you who have nutritional restrictions, I have drawn up a comprehensive list of the recipes in the book with the allergens and possibly problematic food groups they contain (gluten, rice, soy, corn, other grains and pseudo-grains, dairy, eggs, nuts, legumes, nightshades).

I make it available to you (at no cost, naturally) so you can see if enough recipes will meet your dietary needs to make it worth your while. Feel free to request the list through my contact form and I’ll email it to you. I hope you find it useful!

A Mobile-Friendly C&Z

I am pleased to announce that I have (finally! in 2013!) created a mobile-friendly version of Chocolate & Zucchini.

This new version is optimized for small screens: it makes it comfortable to read new posts on the go using your smart phone, and allows easy access to recipes when you’re at the store or in the kitchen, searching for them by keyword, or browsing through them by dish type or ingredient.

(To clarify, this isn’t an app to download, it’s a specially formatted version of the website that you can simply access with the web browser of your smart phone.)

To make your life even easier, I’ve set up a new, shorter web address: simply type in your browser (mobile or otherwise) and you’ll be taken straight to Chocolate & Zucchini.

You’ll find a few more screenshots of the mobile-friendly C&Z below. If you have any suggestion for improvements or encounter any difficulty using it, please get in touch!

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The Bun and the Oven

Maxence and I are extraordinarily happy to announce that we are now the proud parents of a little boy named Milan, born in Paris a week ago.

Everything went smoothly, the three of us are doing splendidly, and so far Milan is proving to be a very sweet, easy baby: a good sleeper, a good eater, and an all-around adorable little person if you ask us.

Still, things will likely be a bit more quiet around here as we get the rest we need, adjust to this new chapter of our lives, and I learn to type with just one hand.

In the meantime, be well, eat well, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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