Chocolat & Zucchini @ La Cocotte


On Thursday, April 10, starting from 6pm, we shall celebrate the release of Chocolat & Zucchini, the French version of my cookbook, beautifully published by Marabout.

This booksigning event will be held at the adorable cookbook store La Cocotte in Paris; drinks and nibbles will be provided. (See larger-sized invitation.)

La Cocotte / map it!
5 rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris
M° Faidherbe-Chaligny
Phone: +33 (0)9 54 73 17 77

[For information about future book events, including my upcoming US book tour, view the complete list.]

C&Z Birthday Party Reminder + My Mother’s Sewing Blog

Le Takbo

Post-Party Update: Many thanks to all of you who came! I had a splendid time and it was a pleasure to meet you or see you again. As always, we were a joyful, diverse bunch: old friends and new; next-door neighbors and visitors from the other side of the world; professional chefs, enthusiastic cooks, people who would rather just eat what someone else has made, and two little boys still too young to even walk into the kitchen on their own two feet.

I enjoyed the surprise visit of my high-school English teacher, the virtual presence of a fellow chocolate-lover from Germany who had sweetly and cleverly sent me a package c/o the restaurant where we were meeting, and the gifts that some of you were kind enough to bring — you really shouldn’t have, but thank you so much for the chocolate, the confiture de lait, the spices, the music, and the artwork. The end of the evening found me a little dizzy from all the new faces and all the talking (come to think of it, the wine probably played its part, too), but I hope I managed to talk at least for a moment with each of you — I certainly tried. Thanks again for coming and see you soon!


Just a note to remind you that we will be gathering for a drink tonight in Paris to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of C&Z. Here are the details; join us if you can!

When? Wednesday, October 11th, 2006.
What time? Starting from 7:30PM.
Where? Le Takbo, 52 rue Condorcet in the 9th (01 48 78 39 59).
Closest métro stop? Anvers (line 2).

On another note, I am happy to announce that my mother has just taken her first steps into the blogging world! Her blog is called Coupe Couture and it is a blog (in French) that will teach you all about sewing. My mother has always been an adroit seamstress: I have great memories of afternoons spent watching her create dresses and shirts out of thin air (all right, out of fabric and thread), of dressing my dolls with the cute little outfits she’d made for them, and of trying my hand at basic stuff with her until I was capable of making myself skirts that could actually be worn in public. For she is also an excellent teacher, from maths and Latin to cooking and sewing, and I hope you will find her blog enjoyable and useful.

Christmas in Paris: Events

Holiday Events

Will you be in New York City, London or Paris this December? If so, Charlie from Manhattan User’s Guide, Taryn from Urban Junkies and myself cooked up a three-part series for you, sharing holiday suggestions in our respective cities. Topics covered: events today, food tomorrow, and shopping on Friday!

[New York City events] [London events]

And if you’re in Paris, the monthly specials include…

Le Salon Saveurs

Don’t miss this twice-yearly food show, held at the Espace Champerret in the 17th. Taste your way through stalls upon stalls of delicious products, meet food artisans from all over France, and fill up on food gifts for your friends and yourself. The December edition has a special focus on Christmas delicacies — foie gras, oysters, truffles, glazed chesnuts, chocolate, champagne — and there will be a section this year with specialties from Italy. My advice is: go early to avoid the crowds, bring a large tote bag to carry your bounty, and go easy on the samples (it’s easy to get carried away) to save your appetite for those products you really want to taste.

From Dec. 2 to Dec. 5, 2005.
Fri 10am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm, Mon 10am-7pm.
M° Porte-de-Champerret.
Admission is 8€, but I recommend buying the December issue of the food magazine Régal (3€), which includes a free admission coupon on page 114.

Paris sur Glace

Two temporary open-air ice-skating rinks will be set up this year: one in front of the Hôtel-de-Ville, and one in Montparnasse. Admission is free, you can bring your own skates (the shoes, not the fish) or rent a pair for 5€. Professional instructors will supervise the fun, and give classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings (10am-12am). The Hôtel-de-Ville site also offers a separate rink and a sled run for children.

From Dec. 3, 2005 to Feb. 26, 2006.
M° Hôtel-de-Ville ou Montparnasse.
Information and hours of operation.

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C&Z’s Second Birthday Party: a Recap

C&Z's Second Birthday Party

Many many thanks to those of you who attended the second C&Z birthday party on Wednesday night!

The party was held at L’Homme Tranquille in the 18th, and fifty of us managed to fit in the rather small room. It looked a little ambitious at first, and as guests were pouring in, apéritifs being frantically served, it seemed like we would have to start standing on tables or invading the kitchen (which I’m sure none of us would mind). But soon enough we sat down to eat, a little crowd migrated to the sidewalk — the weather was on our side — and it all became much more manageable.

About half of the guests were friends of mine — old friends or new friends I’ve made in two years of C&Z — the other half being readers (French, American, Canadian or British) whom I was delighted to meet and hope to see again. The party went delightfully well, good food, good wine (a Premières Côtes de Blaye), lively conversations, happy faces, budding friendships… I had a wonderful time.

For the menu we had chosen a few of our favorite dishes from the restaurant’s regular selection, which is a lovely medley of cosmopolitan influences. We started with liver and port terrine, a salad with goat cheese and fresh fruit, and Chilean empenadas with salsa. The main courses were a lamb and apricot tajine served with couscous, and carbonades made with Coreff (a beer from Brittany) and served with mashed potatoes. For dessert, the restaurant had prepared its signature fondant au chocolat, an apple crumble and a quetsche crumble, Pascale had brought fabulous mini-muffins, and I had (of course) made my Chocolate & Zucchini Cake!

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C&Z’s Second Birthday Party!

C&Z turned two ten days ago, and just like last year I wanted to throw a little party to mark the occasion, celebrate all the fabulous things it has brought me, and give Paris readers a chance to meet.

So! Mark your calendars: the second annual C&Z party will be held on Wednesday, October 19th at L’Homme Tranquille, a small neighborhood restaurant Maxence and I love dearly. It’s a warm and welcoming little place we’ve been going to on a regular basis for a couple of years now, and we’ve made friends with Antoine, the son of the owner. It was the very first place I thought of for this party, and Antoine and his mother were kind enough to let us organize it there.

The party will start at 8pm with a prix-fixe menu of 36€, buying you a three-course meal — apéritif, wine and coffee included. It will be a very casual evening of food, drinks and good conversation, but since space is limited, it will be reservations only. If you’d like to join us I would be delighted: send me an email no later than this Saturday (October 15th) with your name, telephone number, and the number of people you’d like to come with. I will confirm the reservation, and send you the details and instructions then. Hope to see you there!

L’Homme Tranquille
81 rue des Martyrs
75018 Paris
01 42 54 56 28

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