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Saskatoon Berry Tart
Saskatoon Berry Tart

Two years ago, I received a sweet email from a Canadian woman named Delphine. She explained that she and her […]

  • 84
  • June 30, 2009
Matcha and Azuki Cake Roll
Green Tea and Red Bean (Matcha and Azuki) Cake Roll

Gâteau roulé matcha et azuki The thing that happens when you buy a big pouch of anko (Japanese sweetened red […]

  • 64
  • June 16, 2009
Sticky Chocolate Cake
Sticky Chocolate Cake

Last time I was in London, my primary objective may have been to snuggle up with my nephew, but I […]

  • 65
  • May 19, 2009
Apple and Maple Yogurt Cake
Apple and Maple Yogurt Cake

A year ago today, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy; the next morning, Maxence and I were […]

  • 69
  • March 17, 2009
Luxury Brownies

Among the many blogs I read enthusiastically is one called Coco&Me: its author, Tamami, sells homemade cakes and chocolates at […]

  • 55
  • January 20, 2009
Raspberry Dacquoise
Raspberry Dacquoise Entremets

It all started with a store-bought dessert that we tasted at a friend’s house late last summer, which consisted in […]

  • 46
  • January 6, 2009
Flourless Poppyseed Cake
Flourless Poppy Seed Cake

My oven and I are going through a rough patch and frankly, I don’t think it can be fixed*. You […]

  • 75
  • December 9, 2008
Chiffon Cake
Chiffon Cake

When Maxence and I lived in California at the turn of the century, we liked to visit a small shop […]

  • 62
  • August 13, 2008
Banana Pecan Cake with Maple Glaze

Among the countless blessings this blog has brought to my life is this one: I have met and become friends […]

  • 25
  • June 18, 2008
Plum Tart with Walnut Cream

I love plums. I love that they are small and that you can rinse a few of them at a […]

  • 48
  • September 10, 2007
Aunt Amélie’s Smooth Chocolate Cake

[Aunt Amélie’s Smooth Chocolate Cake] None of my aunts are named Amélie, I thought I should make that clear from […]

  • 55
  • February 9, 2007
Piège Cake

[Piège Cake] Oh no, don’t worry, despite the name (piège means trap in French), this is not the sort of […]

  • 65
  • January 19, 2007
Flambé Banana Bread with Caramelized Pecans

[Flambé Banana Bread with Caramelized Pecans] One of the things I love the most about kitchen activities is that they […]

  • 37
  • November 2, 2006
Coconut Chocolate Cake

[Coconut Chocolate Cake] I have known Marie-Laure for nineteen years. This represents more than two thirds of our lives, and […]

  • 37
  • October 16, 2006

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