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Flambé Banana Bread with Caramelized Pecans

[Flambé Banana Bread with Caramelized Pecans] One of the things I love the most about kitchen activities is that they […]

  • 37
  • November 2, 2006
Coconut Chocolate Cake

[Coconut Chocolate Cake] I have known Marie-Laure for nineteen years. This represents more than two thirds of our lives, and […]

  • 37
  • October 16, 2006
Pistachio Pound Cake

Cinq-Cinquièmes à la Pistache Le quatre-quarts (“four fourths”) can be described as the French pound cake. It has earned its […]

  • 42
  • September 5, 2006
Fiadone (Corsican Cheesecake)

Fiadone can be described as the Corsican cheesecake. Crustless and no more than an inch in thickness, it is prepared […]

  • 36
  • August 10, 2006
Raspberry and Violet Tartlets

[Raspberry and Violet Tartlets] As promised, here is the recipe for the dessert in the flower menu I created for […]

  • 9
  • June 14, 2006
Coconut Chocolate Cake

It was Maxence’s birthday last week, and one of the things we did to mark the occasion — in addition […]

  • 50
  • January 18, 2006
Pink Praline Chocolate Cake

[Pink Praline Chocolate Cake] Pralines can be a confusing thing, considering that the same pretty word (It would make a […]

  • 19
  • December 16, 2005
Blueberry Yogurt Cake

[Blueberry Yogurt Cake] I seem to have become the official birthday cake baker on the 3rd floor of my apartment […]

  • 31
  • November 18, 2005
Yogurt Cake

Gâteau au yaourt As I’ve mentioned before, Maxence is a big advocate of the adage “if it ain’t broke don’t […]

  • 236
  • October 12, 2005
Fromage Blanc Cheesecake

Cheesecake is among my favorite desserts, and I find it hard to resist, with its fresh, creamy yet cake-y body, […]

  • 42
  • March 16, 2005
Daim Cake

Sometimes I come upon a recipe and I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. Case in […]

  • 28
  • March 2, 2005
Chocolate and Candied Ginger Tartlets

Joyeuse St-Valentin! Head over to NPR’s website for a special Valentine’s Day commentary and the Chocolate and Candied Ginger Tartlet […]

  • 27
  • February 14, 2005
Apple Pistachio Tart

[Apple Pistachio Tart] Ever since I laid my hands on a can of pistachio paste for the Bar à Veloutés, […]

  • 12
  • January 17, 2005
Chocolate and Pistachio Surprise Cake

Last week was my sister’s birthday. I didn’t come as much of a surprise, really, because I have quite the […]

  • 33
  • December 15, 2004

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