Daffodils! Bona fide this time!


Ha! I knew they were coming! These here ladies just needed a couple more days to doll up and get ready for their grand debut. They do not disappoint. (Same park, different lawn.)

No matter what the calendar says, today is really the first day of Spring: you should see the glorious weather we are having today, bright patches of blue sky between the cut-stone buildings, a breeze so warm you happily shed scarf and coat, but more importantly, the first terrace lunch of the year and its unique taste.

Favorite terrace near my office: Café Fusion, 12 rue de la Butte-aux-Cailles in the 13th (01 45 80 12 02).

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  • Adele

    When I went to the grocery store last night and saw bunches of Irish daffodils @3 for $4.98 I had to buy them…….Nothing says “Spring” quite like their shining yellow faces!

  • i am moved to haiku!

    yellow daffodils
    charming all that wander by
    to rest and linger

  • How pretty! Even those of us in California think daffodils are like a special Spring breeze. Please, please .. when it’s the right time … “chestnuts in blossom”? Lyn

  • You’re right this day was beautifull. It helps me to de-stress from a difficult morning. I have been said the sun shine is to stay all the week long. Super !
    We will see for the week-end ;-))
    I shall try your coffee shop, I also work not that far ! See you there, one day maybe.

  • T de Belder

    Another happy spring photo! Those daffodils look so jovial and TALL!

    Along with the Paris sunshine and daffodils came the new edition of the “Elle à Paris” magazine, which features a great section on the Batignolles neighborhood (including the marché, cafés, restos, boutiques, etc). I know I already sent reading recommendations yesterday, but when I saw this I thought of you immediately!

  • Miss Prism


    I wandered lonely as a diplodocus
    When all at once I saw a yellow crocus
    Spring flowers make me happy if I spot any –
    Who cares about the details of their botany?

    PS When do you add the sugar to the Carbonades?
    PPS I love your blog.

  • *sigh* i am so jealous. all the france blogs i’m reading these days, including my mum’s, is talking about wonderful spring weather.

    well, well, today we got sun and it got up to 0 degrees (celcius), so, i guess you could say spring is coming here too, eventually…

  • tralala

    clotilde, you cut the sugar in all your sweet tinkerings. you should get nancy silverton’s ‘pastries from the la brea bakery’ (prob available on amazon fr.). everything she makes is just sweet enough you can tell it is dessert and she has very good taste (some say best pastry chef in america (where curiously almost all the great ones are women).

  • m

    there is nothing more wonderful than using my moka pot with a fair trade coffee. Fill up my favourite mug and go and sit outside on my bench in the fresh air. I do it even if I have to wear a coat and its dry and not too windy. A small part of the day outside is a wonderful refreshment of the spirit. And its amazing how many times one can do it even if Edinburgh is on the same latidude as Moscow!

  • deeleea

    Oh how I miss daffodils… They just don’t appear in Sydney like they do in New Zealand…

    Sigh… Gorgeous picture. I am totally jealous!

  • PJ

    I am sooooooooo jealous. I live in Michigan, the coldest, snowiest state in the universe I think. Well, maybe not THE coldest or snowiest, but right now spring seems like nothing more than a fleeting thought. But thank you for showing your daffodils. They give me hope that flowers do indeed exist somewhere … sigh.

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