I Don’t Believe We’ve Been Properly Introduced

I Don't Believe We've Been Properly Introduced

How about playing a little guessing game?

The first reader to correctly uncover the identity of this UFO (Unidentified Food Object), as well as the reader who comes up with the most unlikely or the funniest suggestion, will each get the wallpaper of their choice, signed to their name with a little note.

Not to mention the fame, and my respect and consideration for at least a couple of days. How’s that for a tempting prize?


Well, dear readers, the UFO was in fact, <drumroll>… plaited mozzarella! Or more accurately a tresse de mozzarella, kindly given to me by a French producer at the Salon du Fromage – the tale of which will follow later today.

Hence, I am happy to announce that the winner of the first prize is Meg, who was the first to correctly identify it. Bravo Meg!

The winner of the second prize was pretty hard to determine, as you all came up with excellent, surprising and funny suggestions. But I have to hand it to Linus, who made me laugh out loud (At the office. Ahem.) with his “Michael Jackson. Yep. White, lumpy and sticky-looking. It’s Michael Jackson.” Congratulations, Linus!

Both winners can email me to say which wallpaper they would like, and what name(s) they would like it signed to…

And finally, a word of thanks to all of you for your participation, it’s been fun!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go comfort my plaited mozzarella, who’s going through a bit of an identity crisis, unsure whether she’s garlic, challah, yogurt brain, a mushroom, a turtle, a breast implant, popcorn, a litchee or other tropical fruit, the globe of an eye, a bag of risen dough, a Ferran Adrià creation (she would like that), knotted intestine (not so much), asparagus, cauliflower, a set of three buttocks, an albino chipmunk, a turkey, a new kind of edible plastic, a mutant squash, or none of the above…

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  • Meg

    Plaited mozzarella! Perhaps….

    Whatever it is, it looks fairly ooky at this distance.

  • Yashima

    Well for a first comment this isn’t quite the best place but the picture just smells of garlic too me. Even though it probably isn’t.

    Anyhow I’ve been enjoying reading C&Z for some time now. If I ever manage another trip to Paris, I will need to do a lot of reading on your blog before I go.

  • Frankenstein

    Unbaked Challah bread? Braided mozzarella? A model of the brain made out of yogurt?

  • that’s a treccia, as meg correctly said a plaited mozzarella. But then, I come from Naples, I used to eat this stuff on a weekly basis :-)))

  • josie

    Mushrooms. Some sort of fungus, at least. Icky.

  • Definitely a challah. It’s gorgeous looking!

  • Nassim

    C’est une tortue suédoise ça explique pourquoi elle est toute blanche et pas du tout bronzée!

    ca se dit comment en briton ?
    -> an untanned Swedish turtle.

  • Deb

    Breast Implants?

  • Teresa

    Close-up of a popcorn?
    At least, it made me post something and congratulate you, Clotilde, for your superblog. I love everything, and my daily peek is one of the most relaxing moments of my day. I wish you all the best and I am looking forward for the answer to this quiz!

  • jcwinnie

    “Whenever you eliminate the inedible, whatever remains, however unpalatable, must be food.”

  • It looks like a challah to me too, so Paul F. beat me to it (all the challah voters are from New York, aren’t we? Rappy?). So I guess I’ll have to go for the unlikely, right?


    Too small to be a weapon of mass destruction. Although there’s probably flour involved, I doubt I can get away with calling it “The Passion of Grist.”

    Prairie oysters are too upsetting to think about in concrete terms, and although it looks like a bunch of little albino Audreys taking a nap – “La Petite Boutique des Horreur” reference, and I hope I got that right (French is not really a language of mine) – I think I’m going to have to go with …

    Michael Jackson. Yep. White, lumpy and sticky-looking. It’s Michael Jackson.

  • Oh if ’twas only true that I was from NY, but alas, Toronto.

  • Enoch Choi

    pulled mozzarella!

  • sylvie

    une pâte à brioche tressée et levée.
    ou des litchees au sirop
    ou des yeux auxquels on a enlevé l’iris et la pupille…

  • I’m thinking I’m already wrong, but I’ll go with a plastic piping bag left on a counter with dough in it that rose too much when the chef in question had to answer a phone call from Ed McMahon, letting them know that there was no point in participating in the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes this year because the fix was in and the prize was going to a couple in Schenectady who bought 427 subscriptions to Cook’s Illustrated.

    That, or the mozarella thing.

  • Robert Crouse

    A photo of one of Ferran Adrià’s failed first attempts at producing his now-famous,
    “Warm Air of Buffalo”.

  • click

    almost definately the same fresh mozarella olivioni balls that i’m snacking on right now.

  • This is like Chinese water torture. Clotilde is keeping us in suspense so that we begin to second guess ourselves… Maybe it is cheese?

  • Strange tropical fruit, peeled…

  • Pulled Mozzerella cheese weave. Isn’t it a little pale in color for challah?

  • The tip of asparagus — close up, photographed in black and white. Or not…

  • rose

    Mozzarella –just found this blog and love it!!!!! Merci!

  • My initial thought was either challah or plaited mozzarella, but it looks too perfect somehow. It could also be one of those fancy pain de campagne that is braided.

    It looks kind of slimy like peeled lychee nuts, too.

    Or maybe knotted intestines…

    So clearly it is none of these and instead is the first edible plastic designed to make you full with no calories and is meant to taste like white chocolate. In thirty years it will be discovered that it gives 100% of those who eat it colon cancer.

  • cauliflower magnified 1 million times.

  • Mike

    A man with three buttocks? (can’t resist a Monty Python joke)

    An albino chipmunk holding his breath?

  • I’d like to give another New York nod to challah (Holla!). But, I think it’s more plausible it is a braided brioche.

  • eliza darling

    im going for a chicken/cornishgame hen/turkey wrapped round with string, uncooked….or mozzarella, because im really not good with peer pressure …

  • I also thought challah (which is the first thing I think of when I think braided breads, and I’ve never even been to New York) but the striations combined with the little knobby bumps really remind me of squash rinds. Has your campanier been involved in a superpower-inducing radiation leak? This is actually three mutant albino winter squash, intertwined at a young age, each one with a slightly different mind control ability. Don’t eat it!!!

  • lil

    Fresh mozz, without a doubt. Oh, to have shared my day with you all. I was at this little place in South Philly, right at 13th and passyunk – the man there makes his own mozz – I almost cried for joy when I walked in and smelled his homemade cheeses. Heaven!

  • Niki

    Hmmm, I intially thought some plaited (braided?) form of tropical fruit like a lychee, rambutan or longan?
    Certainly on a different track from mozzarella and challah here! Is challah a type of bread? I think it’s pretty unknown in Melbourne Aust!

  • serena

    tropical fruit? i’ve lived 19 years in a tropical country & have never seen any lychee, rambutan or longan in *that* shape, & would certainly be most suspicious of it if i had, lol. i’m going for cheese as well, i see some sort of rubber band like thingy in the picture so this can’t be a *natural* growth ;)

    although, somehow, weird alien mushrooms were the first thing to spring to mind.

  • lil

    Niki, challah is a yummy, egg-y type of bread. It’s beautiful, as it’s not only braided, but also generally brushed with egg, so it looks shellacked. I’ve had it plain, with raisins (delicious), and recently with sesame seeds. It’s hard not to eat more than one should, due to braid-ripping, but if one manages to eat it slowly, decorously, then there should be enough to make french toast with the following morning.

  • Close up of Michelin Man’s toes?

  • Ialma

    Absolutely a mozzarella.
    The treccia, though is not the best way to experience mozzarella.
    As someone born and raised in a small town which lives of mozzarella (in south Italy) making I can tell you that there is NOTHING AT ALL compared to eating a fresh made-five-minutes-before.
    You must try it to understand it.
    Great site, by the way

  • well may be its a drumroll i guess .coz i’ve just had it for lunch a couple of days before..

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