Le Chou Labyrinthe

Le Chou Labyrinthe

[Cabbage Maze]

Part of the intense pleasure I find in cooking comes from the simple joy of working with ingredients, handling them and admiring them, trying to make sense of their qualities and potential, and gently convincing them to give the best of what they have to offer.

I have a particular fondness for vegetables, and I often find myself, standing at the kitchen counter with a chef knife in my hand, awestruck by their sheer natural beauty. In this instance, I was cutting a small red cabbage in two, only to discover the purple maze hidden inside. So graphical and pretty that I had to run and get my camera, before I went back to my prepping tasks.

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  • Beautiful! And, did the maze taste as good as he looks?

  • Jackie – Well, thank you, you too! :)

    Jessi – Excellent question, check today’s new post to find out!

  • My gosh, how I love visiting your site.
    So delicious!

  • Jicé

    A really beautiful picture, Clotilde!
    Bisous, et à bientôt!

  • Allison – Thanks, love yours too! Hope you’re recovering okay…

    Jicé – Merci beaucoup! Et à très bientôt en effet! ;)

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