Le Tryptic de Camille

Tryptic Menus

I posted last week about a set of chromatic menus I created for the graduation project of my friend Camille, who majored in design. The project is called Tryptic, and is a portable and sharable lunch box for three (Dyptic for two and Quartic for four would be additions to the product range). Many of you expressed curiosity about the menus and the project, and so, by popular demand, I hereby present some pictures of Camille’s project. If you happen to be interested in an industrial application of her concept and ideas, or if you’d like to know more, please let me know and it will be my great pleasure to put you in touch with her.

I took those pictures at her school, where all the students’ projects were on display for a few days last week. Each student had a booth to display his or her work, and this is also where it was presented to the jury. I was very impressed with the number of things Camille had prepared to illustrate her work. She put a lot of time in the project and the scenography, and it certainly speaks for her infectious passion.

On the walls, she had hung large panels that explained the concept of Tryptic, with technical drawings of the box’s structure, pics to illustrate real-life uses of the box, and sketches of the menus : green, orange, white, red and black.

She had prepared prototypes of the outer box and the inside containers, bringing to life the black and the green Tryptics, and had laid these out on the floor, expanding the black box into its picnic mode, in which three sides unfold so each guest can sit. This revealed the stacked containers in the black box, each one with a transparent lid bearing a label that describes the content, and a picture inside representing what would be inside in real life. Camille had filled the dessert containers with the real stuff though, to share with the jury.

Also on display were her research notebooks, which she had filled during the course of the project with sketches, notes and clippings. I always enjoy looking at those scrapbook-like testimonies of the genesis of an idea, and these were no exception.

She had put together a beautiful menu booklet, illustrating the different menus — green, red, orange, white and black — with drawings and pictures. She had also cleverly inscribed the contents of the menus on a nuancier, in reference to the color pickers which help you choose the color in which to repaint your bedroom. She had printed out little cards for people to take, with her contact info on them, and had created the little leaflet that would be included in each box, presenting the concept and illustrating, with little drawings, the various situations in which a Tryptic would make your life prettier.

I think my favorite part of her brilliant scenography was the TV commercial she had filmed, aided by friends of hers, which was broadcast on a little TV set on one side of the booth. It was filmed in the manner of those kitsch ads from the early 80’s, in which everyone displays huge doses of forced enthusiasm. Camille had written alternate lyrics to the song from the Ricoré* ad, with copious rhymes in “-ic”. The song, added to the tongue-in-cheek scenario, made this a hilarious little jewel.

As for the menus themselves, here they are :

Menu Noir

Menu Noir :
Pain pumpernickel
Torsades aux graines de pavot
Salade de pâtes à l’encre de seiche, tofu et olives
Petits fromages cendrés
Graines de courge grillées
Cupcake au chocolat, réglisse, pruneaux

Menu Rouge

Menu Rouge :
Pain aux tomates séchées
Tomates cerises, poivrons grillés, radis
Charcuterie (viande des grisons, jambon de Parme, saucisson)
Quiche tomate, poivrons rouges et bacon
Boulette d’Avesnes
Chips au paprika
Tartelette à la fraise et Carambars

Menu Vert

Menu Vert :
Cake à la courgette
Chips de tortilla verte
Curry vert de poulet
Poivrons verts, pois gourmands et haricots verts
Riz basmati aux herbes
Wasabi peas
Gâteau à la pistache, guimauve et raisin
Soupe froide de concombre

Menu Orange

Menu Orange :
Salade de carottes marocaine
Mimolette jeune et extra-vieille
Mélange de trois saumons (frais, fumé, et oeufs de saumon)
Chips au bacon
Biscuits à l’orange, kumquats confits et abricots
Jus d’orange

Menu Blanc

Menu Blanc :
Rice cakes
Fenouil, endive, bouquets de chou-fleur.
Fromage frais
Salade Japonaise (riz, seiches, calamars, et sésame blond)
Meringues, carrés de chocolat blanc, litchies pelées
Lait ribot

Menu Jaune (skipped for lack of time) :
Corn muffins
Salade de maïs frais et grillé
Tortilla Espagnole
Poivrons jaunes grillés
Gâteau au citron, bananes haribo, mirabelles

*Ricoré is a breakfast drink that dates back a long long time, a bit like hot chocolate only nasty, and the commercial always showed the perfect family laying out the breakfast table in a sun-drenched garden and having a grand time with a bowl of Ricoré, l’ami du petit déjeuner (the breakfast friend). In France, the song from the commercial is one of those that’s so famous it becomes a cultural reference in and of itself.

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  • Brilliant! Very charming… in principle I prefer my meal being colorful (different colors often represent different nutrients, I believe), but when it comes to *bento* lunch boxes, they should better be fun and charming! Those are
    so charming and inspirational.
    Congratulations to the two Camilles, and keep working!

  • Thanks for sharing this fun, funky and generally fab idea with us! I am amazed at the amount of hard work and attention to detail that Camille put in – I think she is destined for great things. As for your menus – inspired! I had a picnic wedding – nothing as fancy as Camille’s boxes, just baskets for each pair of guests – and I wonder what you would have made of my lavender theme??

    I think I’d pick the green menu, with maybe the chocolate cake from the black menu snuck in somehow…

    Congratulations to you both on your innovative ideas!

  • How wonderful Clotilde! Congratulations to Camille also, on a wonderful concept and very thorough product presentation. I’m very impressed!

    Will we be seeing a recipe for the pistachio gateau from the “vert” box? BTW, what is “guimauve”?

  • Chika – But as you probably know, dietary balance is something that can be achieved over the course of a week (and not necessarily a meal or even a day), so you could just have a different color every day! :)

    Jeanne – Okay, we’ll make a special edition green box with black dessert, just for you! I, too, was impressed with how thorough she was in preparing all this. Small wonder she graduated with honors!

    Angela – Now that you mention it, we never got around to making the gâteau à la pistache, and used pâtisserie-bought pistachio macarons instead. As for the guimauve, there are several kinds, but here it is a sort of marshmallow, only much longer, a bit like ten marshmallows stuck to one another!

  • I am completely blown away by the complexity and creativity of this project! Camille will surely go on to become a great success at whatever she does (sort of like you!).

  • mimi

    question: is this nifty project meant to be a mass-produced product that you purchase ready-packed? or a product that you would buy to fill with your own meals?
    (couldn’t figure it out from what i saw…)

  • Super cool!

  • Frankenstein

    Scrumptious. Seems to me that a color theme would be an excellent, if challenging, idea for “is my blog burning…”

  • Ludovic

    Splendide, et le thème des couleurs me rappelle le “menu chromatique” tel que l’écrit Paul Auster dans “Léviathan”.
    Par contre, ça risque d”être tendu pour trouver tous les ingrédients nécessaires ici à Stockholm (C”est pareil pour la baguette J-P Gaultier, la remplacer par un sachet de Polarbröd ne rend définitivement pas aussi bien). Merci pour ton blog, qui me ramène un petit coin de France chaque jour !

  • Clotilde,

    How beautiful these menus look!

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