So um, you like soba noodles too?

So um, you like soba noodles too?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind cooking for a crowd, but I’d sure have appreciated if a certain family of winged little guys had asked my permission before they went and gnawed at my half-open package of soba noodles. Common courtesy, really.

Bugs in my noodles? Just when I’m craving sesame soba noodles with spring onions? Not the prettiest sight. Yuck and triple yuck.

Thankfully, the other packages in that pasta/grains kitchen cabinet were more carefully closed and were left unharmed. Or maybe my little uninvited guests were from Japan? One has to wonder : had they been Italian or Peruvian, would they have reached for the Arborio rice and quinoa?

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  • Queenofclay

    Hihihi ! :-)

  • I really love your blog! (and zucchini *.*..even in my spaghetti, but only without bugs o.O..)
    I’ll be back to read and try your recipes^.^

  • Tee hee! Cute! I also find some bugs in my pasta now and then. Some say they’re a good source of protein. Hmmmm….

  • Carlos

    Our daily bug give us, Oh Lord! There was a lot of talk about edible bugs in my hometown-Cincinnati-a couple of months ago. We experienced the emergence of Brood X cicadas. They were beautiful and amazing, but I passed on tasting them… ‘Cold, canned asparagus’ is what they’re said to taste like. Anyway, bugs-whole or in parts-are in our daily intake, mostly tiny, hard to see stuff. Some interesting tapeworms get transmitted by eating bugs (the dwarf tapeworm Hymenolepis nana). A useful tip to prevent infestation of your groceries: freeze them! Carlos.

  • puja

    Yes, I agree with Carlos, freezing of grocery does prevent bugs. In India Hindu men and women fast twice a year (for ten days) and only consume food made of flour of a specific fruit. The flour which is left over in one fast cycle lasts till the next one, thanks to the freezer.

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