Sundried Tomatoes

Patricia and Stéphan, the neighbor-friends with whom we share a window sill, a herb garden and many an impromptu dinner, have just left for a couple of weeks’ vacation.

They left us a veggie-drawer-full of fresh produce, a couple of yogurts and some bread. They also trusted us with the task of watering their plants, and instructed us to help them make a dent in this huge jar of sundried tomatoes, which they brought back from their recent trip to Rome.

I knew about baby-sitting, cat-sitting and house-sitting, but this is a first! Wonder if there’s a market out there to make this my main occupation…

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  • I do exactly the same, and even worst: I proposed the neighbors to babysit THEIR tomato plants (I must mention I gave to them after raising them from seeds) while they were away.

    I just felt bad imagining those little plants I took so good care of may starve to death because of their two-weeks vacations ;-)

    Speaking of tomatoes, I just had my first cueillette this very morning! Eh oui: les premières tomates parties en semis à la mi-mars ne sortent que ces jours-ci au Québec…

  • Sun dried tomatoes are one of the simple pleasures in life. When I was little my neighbors used to spread them out on black towels in our shared back yard.

    I don’t like tomatoes in the raw, but spiced sundried tomatoes are devine!

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