6th Annual Menu for Hope: Raffle Winners!

Menu for Hope 6

The winners of the Menu for Hope fundraiser/raffle have been announced. Thank you all for your generous participation!

Alice Boussicaut, Tamsin Ballard, Katarina Tierer and Leah Bevington, please get in touch with me to collect your prizes!

Things Clotilde Loves

Cinnamon Hill Grater
Fresh Cinnamon Sticks and Cinnamon Grater

Freshly harvested makes all the difference!

  • From $12.50 / 11€
Earlywood Utensils
Earlywood Handcrafted Utensils

Gorgeous wooden utensils to brighten your daily cooking

  • From $8 to $49
  • It is really reassuring to see that your prize recipients have not contacted you either. I will try to be a little more patient with mine. I just want to know how much shipping is already so i can plan for it.


  • Carolyn

    Our family visited Paris this past May. I wish I had known about your book before we visited. I’ll plan on purchasing your Edible Adventures in Paris for our next trip. I’m glad I found you.

  • Robin – Apparently there was a hiccup with the emails the winners should have been sent with instructions to collect their prizes, but they’ve now been resent, so you should hear from your recipient soon. Contact your regional host if you don’t.

    Carolyn – Thanks for your comment, I hope you get another opportunity to visit Paris soon!

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