A Truckload of Shortbread Cookies

A Truckload of Shortbread Cookies

What could possibly beat a box of shortbread cookies?

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Here’s what : an assortment of shortbread cookies in a truck-shaped tin *. Bought at the London Eurostar terminal. With the driver depicted on three sides for a startling 3-D effect. And four different sorts of shortbread cookies inside. Among which two have caster sugar sprinkled on top. Including my favorite, in the shape of a triangular slice of pie.

Just this is reason enough for a quick Eurostar trip.

(* or should I say lorry?)

  • http://blogs.salon.com/0003323 Meg

    I love the Walker’s shortbread that comes in the plaid box (?). I always feel very British with bits of crumbled cookie all over my lap.

  • http://www.mum-mum.info Wena

    aik? walkers biscuits? scots! very very SINFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUULLLLLLLL biscuit. too delicious.

    nice cookie tin by the way. a british tradition to have cute cute biscuit tins. even in commonwealth countries.

    so, izzit biscuits or cookies? :)

  • http://chasingdaisy.typepad.com Daisy

    The only thing that can beat a “truckload of shortbread cookies” is a “lorry-load of shortbread biscuits” plus a pot of Assam tea. Delicious!

  • http://chocolateandzucchini.com clotilde

    Meg – I had to laugh at the crumb-on-the-lap comment! Do you think the Queen has them too?

    Wena – Cookies, biscuits, no matter what you call them it’s all good! :)

    Daisy – Aaah yes, indeed, shortbreads are nothing without a nice cuppa!

  • http://www.angelfire.com/nj/WBZCFMsndymrnngklzmr/newjersey/njtourism.html Jacob

    The last time, I had a packet of walker’s shortbreads, was when I recently shared the contents of a slightly, smashed packet; which were “left over” from the 2003 Dewars (http://www.dewars.com) Scots on Film Festival held in the screening room, at the Tribeca Grand Hotel (http://www.tribecagrand.com/) of New York City, with my 75 pound husky-lab-shepard-ridge back puppy, Harley Havoc.

    I thought, they went well with the white fish salad and some kind of dip; after the pita triangles were gone.

    The films were great. If I were to go this year. I am thinking about buying or bringing a case of reed’s extra strength ginger brew, a gallon of Philadelphia’s Bassets (http://www.bassettsicecream.com) Vanilla Ice Cream or Yogurt, and making a batch of proper, Dewars’ Ice Cream Floats. Of course, maybe with a half shot of Scotland’s finest, added or not added, for just a wee extra bit of extra flavor. I wonder, where someone might find some of the optional ingredient.

  • http://chocolateandzucchini.com clotilde

    Jacob – Love the idea of bringing themed movie snacks to a film festival! Did the dog get to go too? :)

  • Jan

    Does any one have any of those walker tins to sell?

  • Barbara Lorandini

    I know the Walkers tins are for sale at http://www.walkersus.com. They are delicious biscuits or cookies no matter what you want to call them.

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