And today, I bought salt.

Maldon Salt

…but not just any salt: Maldon sea salt, after so many sources conspired (and most recently the much-linked Slate article and its tempting dandruff analogy) to make me cave in and buy salt at 17.80€ a kilo (4.45€ for the 250g box).

Yesterday was a holiday in France (“l’Ascension”, which marks the day on which Jesus returned to God: we sure have a lot of religious holidays for a laic country, not that I’m complaining or anything) and I had Friday off too — this is called faire le pont, literally “to make the bridge”.

Amongst other things, my day was spent running a few indispensable errands — a white trenchcoat, two scarves to go with the white trenchcoat (oh I know it’s white but you can’t just wear any old thing with white, you need a brown silk scarf with turquoise blue flowers: turquoise blue is the new pink, didn’t you know?) and a new pair of sneakers in khaki and pink (I can’t give up pink that easily).

And so, while I was in the Grands Magasins area, I dropped by Lafayette Gourmet, tore myself away from Eric Kayser‘s bread corner and Sadaharu Aoki‘s pastry corner, picked up a package of Maldon sea salt as planned, and, unable to resist, added a jar of Christine Ferber jam, scanning all the flavors and choosing Pêches de vigne d’Alsace (vine peaches).

New coat, new salt, new shoes, new jam — this was a good day for shopping!


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  • Maldon – I can’t live without it. I even carry a little in my handbag for when I dine out in a restaurant. Clotilde – soon you will too, I’m sure!

  • fannie

    I know what you mean about those little jars with their polka dot hats! They just lure you in…I finally caved into buying Christine Ferber jams when I was at the Grande Epicerie the other day after all of your posts which left my mouth watering. I chose kumquat and I highly recommend it! (I also bought cerises noires and mirabelles d’alsace as potential “gifts”, we’ll see if they ever make it into someone else’s home!)

  • Ooh, good salt, you can’t live without it! I buy the Maldon too, after the first taste I was a total salt addict… There are other great salts too, soon you’ll be salt shopping

  • Silly Disciple

    17.80 a kg? wow! it’s almost half here in Barcelona, about 5 EUR per 1/2 kg.

  • I love flaky salt. In Australia we get some really nice flaky land salt it not only taste’s great but is good for the environment too :)

  • joan

    A box of Maldon salt was once but a 20 minute walk away..alas the shop has closed :-((((((( however the path to the salt is never far!

    Clotilde it would seem you had much fun on the bridge!

  • Alex

    :( the best salt I can find here is some sea salt which costs 2 bucks a box and it’s not very much different from regular salt. I did find Fleur de Sel once though, at an organic fair at 12 bucks a jar, but the fair shut down. Maldon looks interestingly…flaky. And wow, 17.80 euros. Ouch.

  • mmmm….white trench coat. The salt sounds good, too. :)

  • adrian

    Aoki’s link mistakenly refers to Kayser…

  • Colman

    I’m developing a worrying tendency to pop a flake of Maldon salt on my tongue and let it dissolve whenever I’m cooking with it. Can’t be good for me, but it tastes good.

  • Jill

    Maldon’s good for the top of a roasting chicken. Salty fatty crunchy goodness.

  • Maldon…any relation to sel guérande?

  • Creampuff

    I can’t believe it!
    Guess where I was Friday?
    At the food hall in the Gallerie de Lafayette trying to chose which “parfum” of Ferber’s jam to lug home to the U.S.
    I decided on the the raspberries with violets.

    It is as wonderful as I’ve been led to believe and I will NOT share it with my family.

    Sorry I missed you!

  • Alisa

    catching up part 1:
    I love this photo!

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