Candied Seville Peel

Candied Seville Peel

And as if her company wasn’t enough of a treat, Pim also brought me a gift from Sunny California. “It’s from June Taylor“, she said, “our local Christine Ferber“.

In a pretty jar with square shoulders, strips of soft and chewy peel swimming in a velvety syrup. In a pretty jar that glows like an orange lightbulb, the false twins Sweetness and Bitterness, followed closely by their little sister, the tingly Zestiness.

Beautiful on my counter, delicious as a yogurt topping, even better solo in a guilty spoonful — the guilt assuaged by the smugness of having such grownup tastes.

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  • Dear Clotilde: June Taylor’s Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange (two of my favorite fruits) Marmalades are also fabulous!

  • Ooh. I think that might be exactly the thing I’d need for the perfect chocolate-orange icecream. Must make puppy eyes at obliging Bay-area friendlies… :-)

  • SBV – Mmm, meyer lemons and blood oranges, I’m with you all the way! Does June Taylor make a marmelade of each, or a marmalade of both?

    Nattie – Do you mean that you’d use it as an ingredient to make your own ice-cream, or as a topping on chocorange ice-cream?

  • C, June Taylor makes a marmalade of each of those, so you can experience the taste of these fruits in all their glory. Fresh Blood Orange (November) and Meyer Lemon season (November through March) is almost here. I can’t wait! :-)

  • megc

    Clotilde, I’m so glad you are getting to experience some of June Taylor’s wonderful foods! I used to buy the apricot conserve at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market when I lived in the Bay Area. She would always have little samples of her products and they were all delicious. But I am truly partial to the apricot conserve. I love your blog, by the way, and have been reading it for some time; I couldn’t resist posting now, though! Enjoy the candied peel…

  • Pim

    Yes, I am guilty.
    I am a jam trafficker.

    When I go east I bring June Taylor’s conserves for friends in Europe, and on my way out West I bring back Christine Ferber’s confitures.

    I just hope the us customs is not reading this. :-)


  • Pim – going TO Europe isn’t a problem. Other way not so good.

    Making marmaladses is lots of fun, too – and relatively easy as jams go. Plus lot sof people have nice citrus they just want to give away here in California.

    I still like the traditional Seville best, though – rich, deep, dark mysterious bitterness.

  • This goes great with bread pudding. I have it every once in a while. Diabetes permits me not to have it too much.

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