Carnet de Vins

Carnet de Vins

As someone who adores notebooks of any shape or form, as someone who wants to teach herself about wine and is convinced that keeping wine tasting notes is the only way to go, you can imagine my joy at finding this darling little notebook at Lavinia, the wine super-store close to La Madeleine.

Small enough to be slipped in your purse or shirt pocket, it has a slim spiral for easier jotting, and a nice cover design for easier boasting. Each page has neat little sections for you to write the characteristics of the wine (year, appellation, producer, price), your actual tasting notes, and food pairing suggestions. (And yes, you do need to get to the point and use a teeny tiny handwriting, but hey.)

They happened to give them away at a wine tasting event I attended, but I am hoping they continue to do so: maybe it’s just the notebook fiend in me talking, but isn’t this the coolest non-drinkable freebie they could come up with?

3-5 bd de la Madeleine
75008 Paris
01 42 97 20 20


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  • alessandra

    I think I have to head straight to Lavinia to get one of these! I’ve been contemplating taking my palm pilot around for this purpose but this seems like a much better idea. Thanks for the tip!

  • this is exactly what i’ve been looking for. the size and the layout are perfect. too bad i just got back from paris – i would have picked up a copy for myself and a bunch for friends. thanks for the recommendation!

  • Barbara

    Lavinia is a super wine store. On my last visit to Paris I spent ages browsing the shelves at Lavinia. For anyone interested in learning more about wine, the magazine ” Wine X” is brilliant. Although it’s target market is 18 – 35 year olds, I love the way they review wines. They completely take the snobbery out of wine tasting and as a former employee of the wine industry that has got to be good for anyone wanting to learn about wine. The URL is:

  • Brian

    Perfect! I’m picking up a bunch of these when I’m in Paris in March. They’re ideal gifts for all my wine-loving friends!

  • Nice gift idea for some French wine lovers I know! And I, too, am a grosse consommatrice of the moleskins!

  • It’s a great gift. I wonder if those kinds of books exist for cheese too…

  • Very nice! I’ve been meaning to get something like this since I started my own wine exploration a couple years ago. I have to keep notes, because I try to post ’em all to my website. Unfortunately I just end up with stacks of notes written on an any surface that will take a pen/pencil. Not conducive to organized data input…

    BTW, I just found your blog. Very nice!

  • Thank you very much for your interest for LAVINIA, I just discover your posts on our note book. We are planning to edit a new one in french, english and spanish.
    By the way our Email is and we are opening our web site on the 19th of septembre 2005.

  • A year has passed…I would love for an update on how the note-taking went for you. The notebooks are fun, but mine tend to get used for months, then abandoned for months, etc. Always curious on what your take on wine (paired with some of your recipes?) might be…

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