I feel so deprived

I feel so deprived

On this side of the Atlantic, I can find Oreo cookies and I can find smooth peanut butter. I can find Newman’s Own microwave popcorn and I can find Aunt Jemima pancake mix. I can find Philadelphia cream cheese and I can find Graham Crackers.

But I miss my honey-frosted mini-wheats, I miss Barbara’s Bakery Cinnamon Puffins, I miss decent tortillas and chunky salsa, I miss the Jiffy corn muffin mix, and most of all, I miss Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

Particularly the mini, bite-size ones, we used to have bucketloads of at my office.

Thankfully, my good blog friend Jackie in London had included a bunch of them in her generous food gift package. We are working our way through them sloooowly, with the prudence and attention of those who know something is in short supply.

American food sources in Paris :

20 rue Saint Paul
75004 Paris
01 42 77 68 28

Lafayette Gourmet
48 boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris

La Grande Epicerie de Paris
38, rue de Sèvres
75007 Paris
01 44 39 81 00

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  • Damian

    That certainly rings a bell…

    I’m an American expat living in Germany, where you can get just about any classic American junk food product your heart could desire, from Campbell’s Tomato Soup to Oreos.

    The problem is that I can’t find any of the less traditional products like Cream of Mushroom soup, Hershey’s Cookies ‘N Cream chocolate bars, or Dirty Potato Chips.

    So I sympathize, believe me….

    PS – I solved my tortilla problem by ordering from an online merchant called http://www.latortilla.de. If your German’s up to snuff, you can try them out. Their flour tortillas are dy-no-mite!

  • Hummm, les délicieux Reese’s butter cups *soupirs*… Il me semble qu’il y en a en vente à la Grande Epicerie du BM ou au Real Mac Coy (toute petite boutique près du Champs de Mars – Rue de Grenelle ? Rue St Dominique ?). Quand je suis très courageuse (ou très en manque), je les fais moi-même grâce à une recette trouvée sur un vieux Martha Stewart Living.

  • Clotilde, I’m sure you could get one of your devoted American fan base to send you a care package should you want (hint,hint).

  • Yeah, but are there any places like that in LYON!? I’m jealous you can find Oreos! It’s funny, bc Lyon is “France’s 2nd City” but feels like hick-ville in its lack of international influences.

  • For me, it is Triscuits – I can’t find them anywhere except the US and they are awfully bulky to fit in your suitcase.

    As for the Paris sources, I swore long ago never to set foot in Thanksgiving because the service is sooooo bad. The last time, I stood in front of an empty counter with my selection waiting to pay for ten minutes, while the woman who ran the shop finished her cigarette in the back. She looked at me twice and just wandered away. If I hadn’t been absolutely desperate for the ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner, I would have walked out then.

    One other source (albeit a bit expensive) is http://www.expatshopping.com – just checked and they have seem to have the full Reese’s line, as well as a lot of other good stuff!

  • I am in disbelief that you can’t get Reese’s peanut butter cups there! You know, I just purchased some Reese’s peanut butter eggs. They are miniature, foil-wrapped eggs, and they are completely addictive. All the Easter candy is out now, and it is dangerous. Oh, and yes, I’m sure all your American fans would be happy to shower you with Reese’s!

  • i believe this is the first time i comment here, but i’ve read all of your blog and i love it!! i love food and cooking and baking so much!!

    and i sympathize with you about the pb cups! we used to be able to get them in any supermarket over here (sweden) but lately they’ve been disappearing in the shops due to lack of interest or something like it. but you can still buy them at gray’s american food stores around sweden, but of course there is none around where i live… BUT i make them myself after martha stewart’s recipe and they’re just as yummy! you can find the recipe here –> http://www.marthastewart.com/page.jhtml?type=content&id=recipe1170&search=true&resultNo=1 i make them with white chocolate and that my friend is just heavenly!!

  • Damian – Good tortilla tip, thanks! I happen to roughly understand German, so I may give it a try…

    JoYa – Ah oui, je ne suis jamais allée chez Real McCoy, j’en avais oublié l’existence, il faudra que j’aille faire un tour!

    Derrick – I would certainly never refuse an offer of that kind! :)

    Meg – You might want to give Thanksgiving another chance : last time I went, a few weeks ago, I chatted about this and that with the sales girl, she was charming…

    Thanks for the expat shopping link I’ll check it out! I was never a big Triscuit fan, but I have the same bulk problem with my favorite cereals!

    Mariko – Ooooh, I want, no, I *need* Reese’s PB eggs!!

    Izan – Thanks a lot for pointing me to that recipe, I will definitely give this a spin!

  • Katherine

    Harvey Nichols in Leeds sell peanut butter cups so surely the branch in London must, if you ever hop on Eurostar and pay it a visit!

    Love your site :-)

  • No Reese’s peanut butter cups? That is deprivation. Care packages can be arranged, as someone said.

    If you find yourself with a surplus and have a “mini-tart” baking pan, I have a dy-no-mite cookie recipe from my mother, who is an ace cookie baker. Mini-reeses are the “tart” contents in a peanut-butter-cookie “crust”.

    It’s always a good day if I find a bag of those in my freezer.

    I would feel tortilla deprivation too, probably enough to get a press and start making my own. It’s become enough of a staple food in my house that I will make an immediate trip to the grocery store if I run out.

  • Did you know Reese’s are test marketing inside out and white chocolate versions of their peanut butter cups?

    The inside out ones are pretty good. Peanut butter on the outside, chocolate on the inside.

  • tofugirl

    Hi! I was wondering if you perhaps wanted to do a candy/chocolate/cookie exchange with me? I could sent you stuff from the US, and it would be great if you sent me stuff from France.. let me know what u think. ^_^

  • Finally! Something I can brag about here in Central Pennsylvania–Hershey!! Yes, Clotilde, Hershey’s brews up its Reeses and a boat load of other chocolates right here in Central PA. To boot, they have a retail store on their property called “Chocolate World.” You say the word, and you’ll have bucketloads of mini pbcups once again! Personally, though, I’d rather indulge at their spa… a chocolate wrap… now that’s putting food to a good use!!!

  • Tofugirl – I did get your email, an answer is on its way!

    Donna – Lucky you, living right next to the Hershey Chocolate Factory! As for the mini-PB cups, let me email you! :)

  • Barrett – Inside out PB cups? That is so cool! Is the chocolate inside a little harder than the PB outside? And does the PB sort of melt on your fingers? Oh the new perspectives this opens! :)

  • tofugirl

    didn’t know if you still wanted to do a sweets exchange… haven’t gotten email. let me know, because i have the PERFECT sweets to send to you.

  • Tofugirl – Email just sent! :)

  • Rebecca

    I know this isn’t the same as a real Reese’s Cup, but… for when you desperate, I heartily recommend the Petit Ecolier cookies with the flat cakes of chocolate on top, with peanut butter spread on the chocolate!

  • Rebecca – DIY peanut butter cups for the needy, I love love love the idea! Plus, you get the added bonus of the delicious Lu biscuit! Wouldn’t it also be great as a cookie sandwich, two petits écoliers sandwiching a layer of penut butter? And jelly too, while you’re at it? :)

  • susan

    Just wanted you to know that after reading this entry I was looking for something different in the cereal aisle and remembered your mention of honey nut shredded wheat, which I had never had before. I bought some and have been eating tons of it for the last week. It’s my new favorite thing. This is the first time in years that I’ve tried a new kind of cereal. Thanks a lot for the recommendation! I can’t help wondering how much it costs to send a box to France (fast enough that it won’t go stale)…

  • Kelli

    Clotilde — I just read about your Blog yesterday in “Gourmet” Magazine, and I am already addicted! I am coming to Paris from Maine (USA) on the 30th of March, and staying for two weeks — perhaps I can bring you some PB cups and/or eggs, in exchange for…? Any suggestions? I love Paris, I love food… I am most fascinated by Boulangeries and Patisseries! Also, Reese’s is now making PB cups with WHITE chocolate! They don’t appeal to me, but to each his own.

    I’ve already found two new places to visit in Paris from your site. Thanks!

    =) Kelli

  • Susan – Well, I am certainly glad to have helped in this discovery! They are scrumptious, no?

    Kelli – I have sent you an email!

  • Wendy

    A very decent Reese’s facsimile can be made by doing the following (assuming that graham crackers can be found in Paris somewhere):

    1 package graham crackers, crushed (the wax paper package, not the whole box)

    1 cup butter, melted

    1 lb. powdered sugar

    1 c. creamy peanut butter

    Mix the foregoing ingredients, ideally in a food processor, and press into an 8X13″ glass (Pyrex is good) pan. Cover with wax paper and chill for about 45 mins.

    Melt a 12-oz bag. semi-sweet choc. chips, and spread over peanut butter mixture. Let set (don’t refrigerate) and then enjoy.

    Very rich and decadent, but much easier than those darned hoity-toity Martha Stewart dealy-bobs.

  • Wendy – Thanks for the recipe, it sounds interesting and easy, I’ll have to try it!

  • Wendy

    Update re peanut butter cups bars: out of nostalgia, after posting above, I made them again this weekend, after a looo-oong hiatus (like 20 years). While I can see why I loved them then, at about age 22, I now find them way too rich and sweet. They are, however, still a pretty good facsimile of Reese’s.

  • aru

    there is a little american food store called ‘REAL McCOY’ in the 7eme. its on rue de grenelle (i forgot exactly at what number! – its right next to a ‘traiter asiatique’), but its a few doors after the corner of rue de grenelle and avenue bosquet (if u walk towards the esplanade des invalides). i ‘think’ they have reese’s pieces there, am not too sure. but they do have the most awesome bagels – a huge variety of them!! and cranberry juice!!!!!!!!

    your blog——putain!!! LOVIN’ IT!!!!!
    chaque soir quand je rentre de boulot, je check ton site, juste pour trouver une idee pour le diner…mais j’ai jamais encore vraiment oser essayer une de tes recettes!!!! c’est sacre!! anyway, peut etre je vais l’oser pendent l’ete. mais merci mille fois pour tes ‘mouth watering’ recettes et ton bonne humour!
    :) :) :)

  • Aru – Oui, on m’a parlé de ce magasin, il faut absolument que j’aille y faire un tour! Ravie que le site te plaise, il faut essayer une petite recette un de ces jours, pour me faire plaisir! :)

  • I just came across this site while googling “Reese Peanut Butter Cups Germany”. I’m a Canadian living here in Germany, in a godforsaken area called the Ruhrgebiet, and I can’t even get Peanut Butter, let alone the cups!

    One I can find the peanut butter, chocolate chips (milk chocolate) and the rest of the ingredients, maybe I will try Wendys recipe. Thanks!

  • K

    Hello! This message is for those of you living in Germany. I live in the U.S., and I have relatives in Bavaria, Germany. I would like to send them a surprise package of some tasty foods (snacks and other goodies) that we have in the U.S. but that can’t be bought in Germany or are hard to find there. Although my experience is that German chocolate is better than American chocolate, I see that Reese’s peanut butter cups are rare in Germany, so that would be a good start for something to send them. (There is a delicious chocolate candy here in the States that is called a “Buckeye”; it is chocolate over soft peanut butter. Anything like that in Germany?) I also read here that tortilla chips are rare in Germany; perhaps my relatives have never even tasted them. The relatives are about 60 years old, so I would be interested in some treats that would interest that age group. Many, many thanks for any further suggestions!

  • Lady Amalthea

    Any advice on getting tortillas out here in Paris? I have a craving for quesadillas, thought I might head down and check out La Grande Epicerie. I guess the American stores won’t help me this time around although I have had good experiences with Thanksgiving. Just think it’s rather small. Love the site Clotilde!

  • My local Casino (near Pl de Mexique, 16e) just remodelled and has improved their foreign foods section. It now includes both flour and corn tortillas.
    Alas, they no longer seem to carry the fonds of Albert Menes. Not sure that the trade-off is worth it.

  • I love Jiffy Corn Muffin, so simple so cheap. I pay 33 cents for these and was recently in Australia and they were selling for $7 !!! The nerve!

    Make me dinner and next time I am in Paris, I bring your some of your cherished American grocerys and a nice bottle of California wine.

  • LeslieG

    Greetings from the Lone Star State!

    Hey ya’ll- I bet we can round up a case of Jiffy corn mix and some white wings tortilla mix!! I feel for you and I’ve been there myself!! Let us know where to send the box!

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