Punk Leek

Punk Leek

It might have become apparent by now that leek is pretty high on my top-5 list of vegetables.

The playful way in which it hides lumps of dirt between its leaves, reminding you how freshly from the earth it comes ; the distinctive sound of the knife, cutting through the layers when you chop the whites ; the sweet oniony taste, so good it hardly needs any seasoning ; the soft, moist, velvety texture it takes on when you cook it over gentle heat, slowly.

And really, how could anyone resist a vegetable with such a groovy haircut?

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  • hahah! good one! groovy haircut indeed. brings in a lot of money. or so the chinese believes.

    although i did eat some leeks that were unbearably tough. Urgh! Never again.

  • Chloe

    MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, leeks and pancetta sandwish…I ll be back later!

  • jo

    This is the first time I realised that the leek looks very much like Beaker from the muppets.

  • Khim

    Ooh, I love leeks in my lemon soup!

  • the tall one

    Congrats on the article in Gourmet. I haven’t been here in a while, but I’m glad that I’m back.

  • Anne

    I just prepared my veggie garden a week ago and dug up the rest of my leeks and potatoes still left. They made a very, very good potatoe/leek bisque.
    I also sliced some finely and “toasted” them in butter and sprinkled them with fleur de sel. That was soooo good.
    Anne in Vancouver, Canada

  • Wena – Interesting, I had no idea they were a symbol of prosperity!

    Chloe – What a lovely pairing suggestion…

    Jo – Excellent point indeed!

    Khim – Oooh, lemon soup? Would you have a recipe to share?

    The tall one – Thanks and welcome back!

    Anne – It is my dream to have a veggie garden one day… Enjoy yours!

  • Kim (khim)

    Your wish is my command!

    I posted about my culinary stabs with lemon and soup at http://khim.bunnycraft.com

  • Kim – Thanks a lot!

  • Kelli

    I, too, adore leeks — one of my favorite things in the world is soupe au pistou, and the recipe I have has PLENTY of leeks in it!

    I made a pilgrimage to Pousse-Pousse while in Paris last week. I was fascinated by the sprout seed mixtures, but unfortunately couldn’t bring any back home across the ocean. I did, however, buy some sprouted leek gallettes — thin crackers peppered with the little black seeds. Now if only I can figure out how to duplicate them…

  • I’ve had this hanging around my kitchen for a week, and you’ve finally given me a reason to post a photo of it!


  • Kelli – Oh you were at Pousse-Pousse last week? Did you tell them who sent you? :) And I had some of the leek galette too! I even posted about it : http://chocolateandzucchini.com/archives/2004/02/galette_essenienne.php .
    And you cannot tempt me with a pistou recipe and not share it! :)

    Jackie – Excellent pic! Will you bring your onion with you in June, so it can meet my leek and play soup? :)

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