Sweet and Swirly Rusk

Sweet and Swirly Rusk

Well you know, I’m sorry, but I feel like I wasn’t given a fair chance. At all. I mean, really, who could resist?

On the package it reads : “delicious rusks with the delicately sweet taste of malted barley”.

And the rusks have a swirl pattern on them.

And there is a little red banner proclaiming that it is new and nouveau, and nyhet! As well!

And the serving suggestion actually suggests you smear a little jam on it. I mean jam, who would’ve thought?

And each rusk is only 32 calories, and chock-full of truly excellent things for that little body of yours.

And there is a resealable inside package, which I’m sure I could actually reseal, had I not ripped it open from the side.

So really, with marketing schemes this elaborate, what’s a girl to do?

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  • How cute! I think a little butter and cinnamon sugar would be perfect here.

  • Smear jam on it, of course! Homemade lime and ginger melon jam that is…

  • boreal

    That reminds me of Mollie Katzen’s Black and White bread. I think that’s the name. Its from the first Moosewood Cookbook. I have the recipe here somewhere, I’ve lost two copies of that cookbook now. If you’re interested, shout out, I have it handwritten in my notebook from when I used it a lot. Its not on her website unfortunately. Its a sweet bread, you make two breads, one a sweet dark molasses bread, one white/natural, and role em together simply and it always came out great. And I can NOT make bread, and even I could do it no problem.

    [It was prettier than that one in your photo though! ;) Ah ha! I just found my recipe. Its Carob Swirl bread. But we never had carob powder and it was fine. :) ]

  • Yashima

    I used to eat these things (well not quite these …) with Nutella (hazelnut spread) but then it’s not really good for you anymore and the calories rocket to the sky :-)

    Anyway when I was younger that was my breakfast along with chocolatemilk sweetened with honey.

    But I don’t do that anylonger. Well rarely.

  • christoph

    Hi Clotilde,
    as I come from Germany, I can give you a small adivce of on real irresistable rusks: The german brand Brandt manufacturs them with a topping of coconut and sugar or with chococlate. Ok, they top a bit the calories limit of these rusks. I think you are able to find them also in France in the supermarket, but if you are interested in a small culinary excursion in Paris you have to go to this place, were you will find them for sure, among a lot of other other goodies from Germany:
    Der Tante Emma Laden, Marché Saint-Quentin, 85 bis boulevard Magenta 75010 Paris.

  • Yashima

    Oh no don’t buy the ones with chocolate on top, they tend to be gone in too little time. Verrrry yummy.

  • ah those are good (and swedish!!) but it’s a little bit of a disappointment when the ones on the package have a lovely swirl and those inside the package doesn’t… sure some are swirly but most aren’t… at least that’s my experience!

    now i need to ask you about chocolate… i really dislike swedish baking chocolate because it’s not very chocolate-y at all so i’ve been trying all sorts of regular chocolate bars when baking and today in the supermarket i found a french choco for baking and i bought a bar and now i am curious if this is considered a good chocolate in france or if it belongs to the lower range of good or ok. the brand is poulain and i guess the name is fondé 1848 dessert 64% chocolat noir a patisser… do you know it? is it a high class brand or just okay-ish? i can’t always afford valrhona or callebaut so it would be nice to find a descent cheaper chocolate to use in baking. i can’t wait to try it out but i have no idea what to make of it, maybe something for easter!!


  • Jackie – Excellent suggestion! Do you make your own cinnamon sugar? Do you have proportion indications?

    Jessi – Yes indeed, the two go mighty well together! :)

    Boreal – I’d love to see this recipe!

    Yashima – I’ll try the Nutella! ….and the honey chocolate milk, too! :)

    Christoph – Thanks a lot for pointing me to that store, I’ll have to check it out! And those coconut-choc sound wunderbar!

    Izan – Actually, the brand name of that chocolate is Poulain : “Fondé 1848” is the name of their range of chocolate bars. And as far as I can tell, the quality of that chocolate is fine, and I think it is among the pricier brands you can find at grocery stores here. I’ll check next time I’m out shopping!

  • izan

    ah ok, thanks! it was priced as a normal baking chocolate over here but it looks much classier!!

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