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Swedish Cookies

It was Andrew‘s idea to replicate Nic‘s Blogging by Mail event for us European food bloggers. The rules are most simple: you put together a little care package, send it to someone, and receive another package from someone else. Nothing beats the thrill of having surprise goodies land on my doormat so I had to sign up.

As Andrew’s round-up can attest, all of us were graced with thoughtfully selected and/or homemade treats and Anne‘s package, flying to me all the way from Sweden, was no exception. Here’s what she sent!

– Wonderful homemade cookies: Bondkakor (Peasant Cookies) and Daimkakor (Daim Cookies). The first kind were butter cookies with chopped almonds, while the second kind, each of them in a cute little foil tin, were crumbly-crunchy cookies with bits of Daim chocolate at the bottom. It was very hard to decide which one I liked best: I kept alternating bites and saying “this one!” before I bit into the other kind and said “no, this one!”. They were all gone before the jury could come to a final decision, but fortunately Anne gave me both recipes and I will try to reproduce them very soon — stay tuned!

– A pretty bag of Leksands mini crispbread rounds, which are excellent under a layer of salted butter (wonderful whole grain taste) and will make, as Anne suggests, a cool base for crostini with a moist topping — smoked salmon and dill crème fraîche being a natural fit I’m sure.

– Handfuls of Marianne candy, sprinkled into the package like so many packing peanuts: the red ones are mint-covered chocolates, the blue ones mint-covered toffees, and both kinds are delicious: they begin as a hard mint candy, and they gradually soften as you work on them, revealing a tender heart of chocolate or caramel.

Not yet taste-tested but soon to be:

– Two chocolate bars which Anne chose among her favorites: the toffee-filled Plopp (love the name!), and the roasted-hazelnut-studded Schweizernöt.

– Three bars of lemon licorice and a little bag of salty licorice called Djungelvrål (Jungle howl in Swedish). The latter, as Anne explained, is a very Swedish item that most foreigners fail to, um, appreciate fully — very intriguing and I will ask my tastebuds to keep an open mind!

– A bag of spice mix to make Swedish meatballs: the package comes with helpful instructions in Swedish, Finnish and Danish, but Anne was kind enough to translate them for me (cool leaf-shaped stickies by the way!) and also included her own recipe for basic Swedish meatballs. I hardly ever make meatballs but have no idea why because I love them, and Anne’s recipe sounds very straightforward so this will also appear on our menu very soon.

Finally, Anne sent a super cute journal in which she explained all about the contents of the package and wrote down a few recipes, too (in addition to the ones mentioned above, she included a recipe for Swedish pancakes). I loved discovering it at the bottom of the box, opening it and reading her manuscript letter: this is definitely a dimension that we miss out on in the online world, a person’s own handwriting is so much warmer than mere pixels!

Thank you so much Anne for this great package, and thank you Andrew for masterplanning the event!


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  • And who was the lucky recipient of a parcel from you Clotilde?

  • Lisa B-K

    I’m wondering if you’d post that meatball recipe sometime – my (Irish) husband loves him some kottbullar on his birthday, which is coming up soon! I’ve tried many “authentic” recipes but am still searching for the one – I am descended from Swedes but no one has my mimi’s recipe anymore…

    Anyhow. It sounded like a fun trade!

  • Annie

    Clotilde, did you ever nail down a recipe for those deliciously crunchy, buttery, dark-chocolatey Swedish cookies from IKEA? I know you sent out a request for a good recipe once upon a time. I just bought a box and, well, ate a box a few weeks ago and would love to replicate them if I could!

    Thanks for all of the lovely posts.

  • Estelle

    Salty licorice!!! Yummy, yummy! That’s true it is quite an acquired taste but few years ago I had a try and now I’m a total addict. Danish and Dutch people got it too even if it tastes slightly different.

    Anyway, it is worth a try!!!

  • Nico

    What a fantastic idea – I can sense your excitement as you discovered each item and read Anne’s accompanying description…
    If only I lived somewhere where it was possible to post homemade perishables – I’m not sure cookies would survive the Tasman crossing to Australia!

  • I’m a swedish/norwegian american, and all of that food you received had me salivating for the christmas’s we have every year with all the wonderful foods that I love to eat but don’t know how to spell correctly.

    I live in Tokyo, and at one point during my time here I ran a cooking class in which I made one of my families long time traditional christmas cookies, Sandbakelser.

    I can give you the recipe if you are interested, but everytime I’ve made them for people I’ve always had people asking for the recipe, and are comprised of the 3 swedish/norwegian food groups: butter, sugar, and flour.

    On a side note, I think Clotlide, that you should do a cooking class in paris. people of the globe would flock to be in the kitchen with you to share your recipes and get a taste of the personality from your blogging.

  • Hi Clotilde,

    I’m actually organizing the next BBM (open to all, not just the US). So if you or any of your readers are interested, sign ups are open until the end of the week.

    Hope you are well!

  • Here’s the link… forgot to include it in my other comment:


  • Ant

    Sounds lovely. Must be very exciting to receive such delicious treats through the mail.

  • I also sent Djungelvrål in my parcel to Nathalie at Cabbages and Kings. Myself I love it, but most foreigners don’t :-)

  • Barbara – My package went to Johanna of The Passionate Cook. I think she currently has problems with her web access, but she should post about it sometime soon.

    Lisa – I will soon try the recipe and post it!

    Travis – Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion, cooking classes are definitely something I’d like to do at some point.

    Samantha – Oh cool, thanks for letting me know about the new BBM edition!

  • linda

    looking to find ” Gille cookies” “double chocolate crisps” on the net.
    any help would be great.
    thanks linda

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