The Giant Pomelo

The Giant Pomelo

Another instance of blog synchronicity – there may be some pheromones at work here, who knows? Deb recently posted a picture that made me laugh, on which a pomelo looked huge, posing proudly next to a teeny tiny mini-grater. On the very same day, I had taken a somewhat similar picture of my first pomelo ever!

I enjoyed the taste very much, by the way, nice and tart, and I like tart. But I peeled it like an orange, and the skin of each section stood in the way of the enjoyment a little. Maybe I should have eaten it like a grapefruit?

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  • my favourite fruit ever. the best ones are the ones with the pink flesh.

    i can eat half a pomelo for my meal. :)

    the way asians eat it is by eating it as one peels oranges. to remove the skin, we first cut the pomelo into segments. the cut should be deep enough to penetrate the skin but not cut the flesh. once you’ve made the markings, you can then peel off the skin. The skin should come off easily.

    Then, we just peel the segments off and eat it just like that. I like to chill the segments in the fridge first before eating it.

    If the pomelo is too sour or not sweet at all, I will eat it with some salt. Then, surprisingly, it starts to taste sweeter even with the salty taste to it. :)

    The pomelo picture that you have looks a bit overipe. Was it good? :)

  • Wena – Thanks for the tips on how to eat pomelos! That’s roughly how I went about it. It was good, not too sour, but the skin was a little too thick for my tastes! I will give it another try though…

  • r cheung

    You’re not supposed to eat the skin between the segments of a pomelo. My family has always chewed open the segment along the pointed edge, flipped the segment inside-out, and munch at the pulp. When I was an itty-bitty girl, I used to pick each pulp out one by one to eat.

  • R Cheung – I’ll have to try both of these techniques next time! :)

  • Lawan

    It is a real art to be able to peel a pomelo and keep the segments in one peice! A small fruit knife always helps, as you must slowly detach the fibers that run inside the fruit from the thick skin surrounding it.
    I guess it just takes practice!

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