The Gorilla Date

The Gorilla Date

After reading the Amateur Gourmet‘s irrepressibly-giggle-inducing post on Medjool dates, I decided to chime in and add to the praise on that precious fruit.

But why is my date so angry, I wonder? Is it because it is all brown and wrinkled? Is it because we gobbled up all of its siblings in the clear plastic container and it is the only survivor? Is it because it cost an arm and a leg but didn’t even get a commission on the transaction?

It is so plump and moist and sweet, shouldn’t that cheer it up?

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  • mmm… I never buy them, I don’t know why. but now I think I should definitely start… dating.

  • my muslim friends eat that to break their fast first before digging it into their meals.

    and my parents brought back with them some chocolate covered dates from israel. ooohhh…. let’s NOT go there…

  • Holy cow, Clotilde! You’re in Gourmet magazine!

  • I forgot to mention the particulars. Gourmet Magazine April 2004 issue, page 65.

  • Clotilde’s in Gourmet?? Oh, wow! Congratulations, mon amie!

    (I actually came here to post that I stopped at a fruit stand on the way home, to buy something to nibble on the train, and saw Medjool dates. I did not buy them, but giggled to myself, thinking of your angry date. I’m sure I looked silly, laughing for no reason, but I don’t care!)

  • Rose – Yes, do try them, they’re really a different fruit from regular dates!

    Wena – I had never thought of the date/chocolate pairing, it does sound great.

    Rappy – Yes, I’m very happy about it! The article (kindly scanned for me by Josh) can be found at

    Jackie – I particularly enjoy finding myself laughing at my own private thoughts! And are dates a no-no in your new way of eating?

  • Clotilde, I’ll be happy to mail you a copy if you can’t get a hold of one.

  • What a great write-up of this site!

    Clotilde, no, I don’t think dates are verboten — I just didn’t fancy any! I hadn’t had anything to eat since morning and it was 5.30, so I got a bag of grapes to fill me up instead!

  • true incident :

    Granny : I’m so happy gorilla.

    Wena : What? Come again?

    Granny : Happy Gorilla lah!

    Wena : errr… Gorilla?

    Uncle : No lah! She meant happy-go-lucky.

    Granny : Yeah lah…. Happy Gorilla.


  • chloe

    In Gourmet magazine!!!! It s about time this blog gets international recognition …we all just love your style Clotilde, thank you!!!

  • Rappy – Thanks a lot for the offer, but my friend Nassim (whom you’ve probably seen around here) is goind to the US next week, and will bring me back a copy!

    Jackie – Grapes. Good choice indeed, it fills you up faster, with way less sugar!

    Wena – Cute story! I’d love to meet your grand-mother…

    Chloe – Thank you! So my prose isn’t too um… saccharine for your taste? ;)

  • Catherine

    I love medjool dates, but only got turned onto them after reading a recipe in Saveur last year — medjool dates stuffed with goat cheese and a single roasted almond to substitute for a pit, wrapped in good bacon, and roasted long enough to crisp the bacon and turn the inside to goaty paradise. Talk about heaven — sort of like bacon candy, with all the things I love wrapped in one. Every time I make the recipe, I “accidentally” get a few too many dates, just so I can snack to replenish my energy spent cooking … that’s it.

    Can’t wait to find April’s Gourmet!

  • Catherine – Wow, this apetizer sounds fantastic – I’m sure it would be great with prunes as well!

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