The Jam Smuggler Strikes Again!

June Taylor Jams

I know someone who flies into Paris with her bags full of June Taylor jams. She distributes them to a few lucky friends, fills her bags again with Christine Ferber jams, and flies back stealthily to San Francisco. Those in the know refer to her as The Jam Smuggler.

I had my first brush with her activities a couple of months ago, as she oh-so-kindly brought me a jar candied seville peel — a wonderful combination of acidulated, sweet, bitter, chewy and syrupy, all in one jar, which I’ve been enjoying thoroughly.

A few weeks later, I had the pleasure of seeing her at the foie gras tasting and she did it again! And not just one jar, but two! This time she brought sour cherries in kirsch syrup, and blood oranges in clementine syrup. “I never bring repeats”, she said sweetly. So — does she keep a record of which went to whom? I like to think she does.

And when I asked her what they could be used for, well, vodka played the leading part in most of her suggestions. Sounds good to me, and now I know what cocktails to serve on poker night this Saturday…

So thank you Pim, and I can only hope your SF friends are as appreciative of your CF jams as I am of your JT ones!

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  • Pim

    Oh Clotilde that’s so funny. But now that you’ve outted me I just hope that one of your many readers does not work for la douane at CDG–or you won’t be getting any more jams!

    And a little tip, if you should find yourself deprived of said candied seville peel, get yourself a breakfast invite chez Pascale…I hear she’s got it hiding somewhere. ;-)

    à bientôt,

  • Marty W.

    ‘Hi Clotilde – I’ve been reading you sight for over a year, but here is my first occasion to post. In addition to June Taylor, I highly recommend her Ferry Plaza market peer Casey Havre –

    A bien tot!

  • Joan

    ah..Paris and Jam…2002 it was..15th arrondissement it was…we were keyless and worried…never ever will I forget the generosity of Pauline..she asked us into her apartment ` I can remember it as if it was yesterday..sitting at the table in her kitchen…the bread..and OH THE JAM..she was most proud of the jam..from Nice I came home with an old copper jam pot ~ don’t get me going on copper..I’ll faint with joy..I have a mini pot from Sur la Table in the States..darling Christmas tree ornament..

  • oh, do tell how to make what sound like the most divine cocktails ever!!!

  • Stephanie

    Yes, June Taylor’s jams are heavenly, as are her wonderful syrups and other fruity treats. Right now, I’ve got her amazing Christmas cake/fruitcake in my cupboard, made with organic fruit and none of those horrible glow-in-the-dark green cherries. Perfect with a cup of tea and Christmas music playing…

  • I do like her your friend’s suggestion of making adding it to vodka. I will have to try it sometime.

    It’s really out from the mainstream cocktail drinks. I hope it tastes good. Can’t wait to get home from work and give it a try.

  • I myself have benefitted from the Jam Smuggler’s prowess! I have in my room CONFITURE ENVIE, poires a la violette et cassis, Une Delicieuse Confiture preparee par Christine Ferber pour Pierre Herme. I am so excited that I want it to sit in my room prettily before I add it to my jam collection, where it may get lost among the other greats, but I don’t think so.
    One day I should like to have a Jam and marmalade tasting party, otherwise I open them one at a time and have them with Dutch pancakes and meyer lemons.
    Thank you for such a beautiful and delicious site. Inspiring!

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