Violet Pineapple Bread Roll

Petit Pain Ananas Violette

[Violet Pineapple Bread Roll]

“Dear Ms. Clotilde,

In our continued effort to keep you bread-happy and entertained, we have just added a new variety to our collection of little bread rolls.

This one is flavored with violet essence, which may remind you of those candies you and your father like to eat in the car, and it has tiny chunks of pineapple inside, like edible gold nuggets.

We try to bake it into a flower shape, and although the success of that endeavor could be argued, we believe the crusty lumps of dough make for a lovely texture contrast in every bite.

It is perfect for breakfast, split in two and spread with fresh salted butter, and you will be surprised to find that its subtle sweetness works remarkably well in those mini sandwiches you like to make for lunch.

Do try it next time you step in for your baguette fix, we think it will please you.

We appreciate your business, and would like to thank you for giving us so much money on such a regular basis.

Warm-bread smooches,

The Coquelicot Bakery Team.”

24 rue des Abbesses
75018 Paris
01 46 06 18 77

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  • Merci, ça m’a donné une idée pour mon pain de ce soir !

  • Dear Ms. Clotilde,

    Violet? is it the flower violet? Like the flavor you find in macarons? With pineapple? It’s so intriguing! did you give them the thumbs up? :)

  • Kat

    What an interesting combination of flavors!! A must try…

  • Jola

    That roll looks amazing. Do you think the Coquelicot Bakery Team might be persuaded to share their recipe (what are we to do, the vast majority of us who are not in Paris!).

    By the way, I baked your gateau choco-coco the other day. My husband dubbed it the “Mounds Bar” cake, after a candybar here in the States. It was – note the past tense – delicious!

  • Non, c’est pas vrai! They did not write this, did they? ;-)
    The petit pain sounds quite nice. How was it?? Like lavender type flavour?

  • my local bakery never drops me a charming personal note to announce new items!

  • Wendy

    Violet essence? Heaven. Any ideas on where I can purchase online?

  • Caroline

    Pineapple? And violet? I’m having a hard time imagining how those two would compliment each other in a bread format. Anything involving violet is difficult to wrap one’s head around, anyway. But I must say, something that looks as good as that little roll can’t possibly *not* be delicious!

  • I’m imagining Violet is a lavender type flavour?

  • Wow, what an interesting combination of flavors. I love candied violets and violet jam.

  • Violet essence!? Well the NY Dean & Deluca has put away Clotilde’s Comté fromage til further notice, but yesterday I saw these long French sticks of marshmellow(?),individually wrapped in the candy dept. Sort of like a fat chopstick. I picked up the green one, thinking Mint but it said “Anis”. And the pink one was named “Violette”! Tomorrow I shall be brave & buy them & report back :)

  • Must be absolutely delicious! The only thing I have tried was lemon cake with crystallized violets(french recipe, od course :)).
    Thank you for adding all the addresses of nice bakeries and shops, etc. Will be amazingly handy for a weekend in Paris. Our first time.

  • Clotilde,
    I’ve been an avid reader for some time now and I just had to comment on this post. Coquelicot is also one of my favorites! I also saw your post on their “pain au coquelicot” which I have tried and love! BTW, I’m an American living in Montmartre and I love reading about the restaurants and bakeries you frequent as they are often the same ones I enjoy! Thanks for all the recommendations.

  • For the record, the blue-colored “Violet” flavored French marshmellow sticks or Guimauves that Dean & Deluca carries are pretty tasteless. They don’t even have violet essence in stock :(
    I’m left waiting for a tasting invitation for all the bucks & hours spent on their premises… hmmm..Thanks for the funny post Clotilde :)

  • I really feel like kicking myself now because I had the opportunity to purchase violet flavoured candies a few times while in France but did not. But I HAVE tried bergamot candies which I also recommend. I wonder what bergamot would marry with. Perhaps I shall challenge you with that, Clotilde? I’d LOVE to hear where you can get violet essence because I’d LOVE to try making this pineapple violet extravaganza

  • sha

    I bought a bagful of these violet candies in Cannes last summer.
    But voilet and pineapple..have not tasted it wonder what is it like.

  • rainey

    Wow! Does that look delicious!

  • Bergamot is delightful with chocolate!

  • So sweet and delicate!

  • Gastrochick – The flavor of violet is rather different from that of lavender: it is sweeter and more acidulated, and you can feel the flavor in the back of your palate rather than in your nose, if you see what I mean…

    Nerissa – I agree with Mel C., bergamot is great with chocolate, as well as pears and apples.

    I haven’t been able to find a website that sold violet candy or essence or extract, but I’ll keep looking! Here in France you can sometimes find violet syrup, and that could probably be used too.

  • Sandy

    YUMMMMMMMMY!!! Wish I were back in Paris!!!!!!!!! Post a recipe please!!!!! :-)

  • Charlotte

    Bach’s sells essence of violet–they’re online, although..I was able to pick it up at our local co-op for just over $6.00.

  • Isabelle

    Oh Coquelicot! My favourite bakery in Paris and perhaps the whole world. Last time I was there I dropped my pistachio croissant in the square near the Abbesses metro and I picked it up and ate it because it was too good to waste.

  • Miranda

    NYC denizens: you can purchase candied violet petals and a lovely soda flavored with violet at the Norma Kamali boutique on W 56th between 5th & 6th Aves. The boutique also sells other floral sodas, including rose, jasmine, and orange blossom. I imagine the candied violets would work well for this bread recipe.
    Garden of Eden on W 23rd St sells violet flavored syrup in the jams/jellies area.

  • liz Fazenda

    MMMM, love the Coquelicot bakery as well, it’s just down the road from where I live but I try not to go in there more than once or twice a week because of waistline enlargement problems ! Their breads are fantastic and the flavored ones are always very original. Their special baguette “la picolla or piccola” is very yum. There’s another good bakery a little bit further along rue des Abesses on the same side of the pavement going towards rue Lepic(le Grenier a Pain) and they make nice little bread rolls filled with white or dark chocolate which are ideal for the kid’s “goûter”(snack after school). Much healthier than the classic butter rich “pain au chocolat”. Oh and then there’s Les Petits Mitrons in rue Lepic who make great tarts, especially love the grapefruit orange and mandarin one, cos the slightly acid fruity taste counterbalances the sugary base beautifully.. I think within a one kilometre range we have a great selection of bakeries and pastry shops.
    oh and then there’s Arnaud Delmontel on rue des Martyrs, great for cakes too ! You have probably already mentioned these in previous blog entries seeing they seem to be in your area too but I could’nt resist going down gourmet memory lane !

  • Melissa Fagin

    I live in the USA in the state of Missouri, and I love to bake, I would love to have the recipe for your Violet Pineapple Bread Roll. I’m having my daughter and 4 other ladies for a weekend visit and I would love to surprise them with this for our morning brunch.
    Thank you, Melissa

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