2004 Weblog Awards

The Bloggies

I am thrilled and honored to announce that Chocolate & Zucchini has been nominated for the 2004 Weblog Awards – also known as “the Bloggies” – and is one of the five finalists in the Best European Weblog category. This is a public vote-for-your-favorite type of award, so if you enjoy this blog and would like to express your support, it would sure be appreciated!

To vote, you can go to the Awards page. Scroll down about one third of the page to the “Best European Weblog” category and pick your favorite. At the very bottom of the page, type in your email address then hit the “submit” button. (Of course, you can vote in the other categories too, but it is not mandatory.)

Thank you so much!

  • Eric

    Only started to read this a few weeks ago, but the shear levels of salivation your food descriptions have caused were enough to earn my vote. Congrats on the nomination, as well.

  • Vanessa Parody

    Congratulations! Félicitations!!

  • Nassim

    Ohayo candidat Clo!

    Sais tu si comme dans certaines de nos élections locales ou comme c’est plus couramment le cas lors d’elections dans quelques pays africains (qui a dit la tunisie?) on peut faire voter les morts?

  • http://gastroblog.com Jackie D

    Woo! I was reading the nominations, because my friend Allison is nominated in another category (Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog), and when I got to the Best European category I was so excited to see C&Z as a nominee! You deserve to win, and I hope that you do.

  • barbara d

    this blog is fantastic. i cant ever wait to read your new “foodie” adventure! this has inspired me to try to create my own food blog. you also make me want to flee to France forever!!! (if only for gastronomic reasons.)

  • http://chocolateandzucchini.com clotilde

    Eric, Vanessa, Jackie and Barbara – Thank you very much for the kind words! My dear readers are really the best reward!

    Nassim – Excellente idée, je pense en effet que les morts peuvent voter, à condition d’avoir une adresse e-mail valide, ce qui exclut peut-être les ancêtres un peu lointains, c’est dommage… :)

  • bryan

    I too, have only been reading for a few weeks, but your blog is now my favorite. Truly hoping you win.

    bryan (who is Barbara)

  • http://www.mum-mum.info Wena

    wow! congrats dearie!

    must prepare for speech speech if u do get it. *wink*

  • http://chocolateandzucchini.com clotilde

    Bryan/Barbara and Wena – Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make it to the awards ceremony (it’s in Austin!) so if I did win (sure would love to!), the speech would have to be a speech-post! :)

  • http://www.womanchild.com Allison

    Wonderful! I am thrilled for you! Much deserved!!!!

  • Delphine

    Salut Clotilde, depuis que j’ai découvert ton site, je m’y aventure très régulèrement et avec délectation, tant toutes ces pages me font saliver!! Il était donc bien normal que je vote pour toi ;-) En espérant que tu gagnes! @ très +

  • http://chocolateandzucchini.com clotilde

    Allison – Thanks you! So happy to have your support! :)

    Delphine – Merci beaucoup pour ton vote, et pour la soirée d’hier aussi! Encore Joyeux Anniversaire! :)

  • olivier toniello


    Zuchini and Chocolate’s team deserve its free ticket to Austin!!
    We’re definitly in the story of Pierre Hermé recipes with Clotilde that I can’t wait tasting famous and colourfool Macarons…
    Congratulations and I wan’t wait seeing her as the European Weblog Champion!!

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