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After receiving many requests and suggestions to do so, I have finally gotten around to creating a newsletter for Chocolate & Zucchini! Sign up to receive an update twice a month, with news, announcements and a digest of recent entries. (And since I have just set this up, please let me know if you experience any problem at all.)

I am also proud to announce the publication of my very first newspaper article, in the travel section of the Los Angeles Times, which talks about the Wine & Fooding Tour, a Parisian event : read it online (free registration required), and check out the paper edition of the LA Times this Sunday the 22nd! [Correction : it was in fact published on Sunday the 15th!]

Finally, I was recently interviewed by an American journalist named Joe Ray. He went on to write a story about Chocolate & Zucchini for the AFP, the most important news agency in France, who sells content to numerous papers all over the world : go ahead and read that too!

As a side note, I feel I must add that the book Joe Ray mentions is still in a much much earlier stage than could be inferred from the article. It is in the works, I am in touch with people who are interested, but there is still much thinking and even more writing to be done!

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  • C’est génial ! Et avec ça, un bouquin en gestation : ) Bravo !

  • c’est une tres bonne idee! merci beau coup!!

  • Yuwen

    Just wanted to tell you that the AFP article made it to the Straits Times in Singapore today! :)

  • Congratulations!

  • Sylvie

    C’est super ! je viens de lire les deux articles : félicitations ! Quant à la News letter, ça va être du travail, mais c’est une excellente idée !

  • Clotilde,

    So much good news going on! Congratulations on the article and the interview!

  • Congrats Clotilde! You’re a star!

  • Chérie Clothilde: Un grand bravo! Toutes mes félicitations et merci pour des articles (merci d’avance pour ta nouvelle “Newsletter”). Un livre?! Vraiment magnifique! :-D

  • joan

    my question is: who will be chosen to play your character in the film? There MUST be a film! Babette’s Feast, Like Water for Chocolate, and Chocolateandzucchini…Clotilde, it’s such a joy to read your words ~ we are lucky ducks indeed. My husband, father, and daughter all enjoyed the chocolate cake. Delicious ~

  • joan

    oh oh ~ silly me! Clotilde will play the role of Clotilde ~ as if anyone else could!!! May the film angels get to work as soon as possible…

  • Matilda

    Congratulations, Clotilde! I’m so happy for you! and the LA Times has one of the best food sections in North America (as you probably know already)…

  • Clotilde– Just came across the article by Joe Ray and decided to stop by to say congratulations– and bravo for you on your LA Times article! Good luck with your writing career!

  • cheesy chilaquiles

    Congrats on the coverage! I was glad to have found your article in my local rag, the Los Angeles Times. I’d like to see you become the Janet Flanner of foodists. Best wishes in all furture endeavors.

  • ~hollyrose~

    Congratulations, Clotilde! I am here from an article I noticed in Google News and find your site, style and taste quite interesting!

    Will be visiting more.

    A new fan from San Francisco.

  • that’s fantastic. congratulations!!

  • congratulations! this has certainly brightened up my day… especially after the loss of julia. (sniff)

    i would imagine that you would play yourself in the film. i am hoping to get cast as either your small terrycloth side kick or a tea towel.

  • Congratulations! Joe Ray’s article was very flattering and would be the highlight of most people’s years, but to get a piece published in a newspaper like the L.A. Times has to be even more satisfying.

    If you don’t mind me asking, did you approach the Times with the idea, or did they approach you, or did you write the piece and submit it without a query letter?

    If you do mind me asking, never mind and congratulations again.

  • Congratulations on the articles!

  • Beate

    Congratulations Clotilde – wonderful news!

    BTW, my boyfriend and I were in Paris the first week of August to celebrate our birthdays, and we went to Dehillerin (twice!) to do some shopping there … what a great shop!

  • Congratulations Clotilde.

  • Congratulations! Hoping to see more articles soon, are you planning to write for magazines as well?

  • maryanne

    Yay for you!
    I listed Chocolate and Zucchini as the best food blog in the newsletter I write for the college I work at!
    You’re a celebrity now, get out your sunglassess!

  • Joni

    A hearty congratulations to you, Clotilde!! You’re becoming quite the star.

  • pmusu

    Congratulations for your blog making the media headlines.

  • I always knew you were destined for great fame! Congratulations!

  • congratulations, Clothilde!

  • Félicitations! Le succès semble être au rendez-vous. Surtout, restez vous-même…


  • Queenofclay

    Félicitations pour ces articles élogieux ! J’attends le livre… et le “restaurant ” …

  • jun

    oh wow, congratulations! will most definitely be signing up for your newsletter, and looking forward to anything else you’ll be publishing!

  • Congratulations! You deserve it and I predict many more articles in the near and distant future! :)

  • Julie Charles

    Bonjour Clotilde

    You may be interested to know that the AFP article also appeared in Melbourne, Australia’s “The Age” newspaper today. You have been marked as the new sensation in food. And I somehow think they may be right. I loved your weblog. Coming to Paris in November so no doubt will be looking at your weblog for good eateries.

    Au revoir


  • serena

    congratulations, clotilde! you’ve been having quite a time, haven’t you, what with your birthday, & all the media attention :)

  • All – Many thanks for all your compliments and congratulations, I am blushing with pride…

    Barrett – I did query the LA Times with the idea for the article, and wrote it when they said they were interested.

  • Wow, what a wonderful article! Your enthusiasm continues to shine. But where do you find the time? Paris and Limousin with the b/f in October, can hardly wait!

  • Helen

    Congratulations Clotilde!

    The AFP article was on the Sydney Morning Herald website also (stablemate to the Melb Age). I didn’t see it in the print version.


  • Nia

    Congratulations!! As a long time fan and reader, I was wondering when you would get a book deal or article published. Finally the day has come. You are an inspiration to 20-somethings everywhere!!

  • But of course! You are a star– we all know that and what took the rest of the world so long? It is cool to think someday I can say, I knew her when . . . all the very best with all these good things that are coming your way. Gros bisoux~

  • asha

    can’t wait for your book to come out!!!

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