A Mobile-Friendly C&Z

I am pleased to announce that I have (finally! in 2013!) created a mobile-friendly version of Chocolate & Zucchini.

This new version is optimized for small screens: it makes it comfortable to read new posts on the go using your smart phone, and allows easy access to recipes when you’re at the store or in the kitchen, searching for them by keyword, or browsing through them by dish type or ingredient.

(To clarify, this isn’t an app to download, it’s a specially formatted version of the website that you can simply access with the web browser of your smart phone.)

To make your life even easier, I’ve set up a new, shorter web address: simply type cnz.to in your browser (mobile or otherwise) and you’ll be taken straight to Chocolate & Zucchini.

You’ll find a few more screenshots of the mobile-friendly C&Z below. If you have any suggestion for improvements or encounter any difficulty using it, please get in touch!

Browsing recipes by category:

Browsing recipes by ingredient:

Looking up your favorite recipes:

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  • msue

    GREAT idea, Clotilde! I typed cnz.to into both browsers on my phone (Safari & Google), and accessed this page easily. All the links I tried worked perfectly. It feels like Santa delivered an extra present! Do you know if it is possible to set up an icon which can be tapped for direct access to cnz.to (like an app button), or will it be necessary to access the site through a browser?

    • Thanks Mary Sue! When you’re viewing the site on the iPhone, you can pick the option “Share” then “Add to Home Screen”: this tutorial explains how with screenshots. It should then appear like an app, with an icon. Let me know if it works for you!

  • It has worked for me, and I came on here to make just that comment! Because when I looked at the mobile site this morning, I couldn’t see how to comment from my mobile. Can one? Or are comments only from one’s laptop?

    • At this point you can’t comment on the mobile version — in truth, I wasn’t sure whether people would want to — but after reading your note I can see that they would. I’ve just added that to my task list. Thank you Annabel!

  • What a good idea!

    I look forward to trying out the new layout when I get my new smartphone next week!

  • Moi qui passe beaucoup de temps sur ton blog ;-), je ne peux que me réjouir de cette utilisation facilitée, à partir de mon Iphone ou pour toutes mes recherches à partir de l’ordi ou de l’Ipad (je devrais dire Smartphone et tablette, hein ?!…). Bref, thanks for saving us readers time !

    Une question de curieuse (qui te lit dans les 2 versions) : pourquoi n’as-tu pas donné l’info dans la version française ? Je suis sûre que tes lecteurs francophones aimeraient être informés de cette facilité, eux aussi !

    • Je suis ravie que ça puisse te servir ! Je ne l’ai pas annoncé sur la version française parce que je n’ai pour le moment “converti” que la version anglaise du site.

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