Archive Spotlight

Archive Spotlight

In the five months since the birth of Chocolate & Zucchini, I have written approximately one hundred and fifty entries, among which roughly half are recipes. Not all of you have read all of them of course, and even I sometimes forget what I have written about, so I thought it would be nice to have a way to make use of these archives.

On the left navigation bar, a new section called “Archive Spotlight” now randomly selects a post from the Chocolate & Zucchini archives, dusts it off and displays it for your reading pleasure…

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  • I like what you did with your candies from L’Etoile d’Or for the photo! And what a great feature.

  • bill

    certainly the best designed blog i’ve seen


    thank you thank you and please keep at it

  • Has it only been 5 months? Wow. You have done an amazing amount of work in such a short time. Your new Archive Spotlight feature is a very clever way to remind us of the great past posts. :-)

  • Jackie – Thanks, I’m glad you like the pic and the feature!

    Bill – You are quite welcome, thanks for the compliment! “Gastroporn”, I like that! :)

    Melissa – It feels much longer to me too! And I’m glad you find the feature of interest…

  • Wow, hard to believe it’s been only five months. Your site seems to have an air of permanence about it!

  • denis balent

    Dear Clotilde,

    having read your blog and your report on restaurant “Aux Lyonnais” we went there this weekend and it was the most memorable meal! I would like to thank you for your work and for such a fantastic meal – you have made our weekend in Paris xtra special, all the best, denis from london

  • Denis – Oh thank you so much for those very kind words, you are quite welcome, I’m ever so happy C&Z has led you to an excellent meal! :)

  • Hi Clotilde,
    I adore your random archive item. In fact, after reading the post of the day, I immediately click on the random link.

    I am writing to ask you HOW you did it. I am in the process of learning some PHP and am able to call up specific entries (and to limit them in number), so I’ve got a good start, but two questions remain that I hope you’d be willing to indulge me with your secrets…

    First, what is the code to call up a previous RANDOM post…and second, how do you get it to link to the previous post itself? In other words, after you get the RANDOMness down, how do you get it to populate the url with the specific past entry?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    By the way, I must also tell you that it is to your credit alone that I have become an obsessive soup cooker. After reading your entry on broccoli soup, I gave it a try myself and have never looked back!

  • Tracey – Thanks for your kind comment, and congrats on becoming a fierce soup maker! As for the random entry, it is coded in my Movable Type template, with a Movable Type plugin called “MTRandomEntry” (and so the random entry changes everytime the front page is rebuilt). It is not done in PHP, so I don’t know if it’s something you could use, since I’m not sure your website uses Movable Type. Hope that helps!

  • Steve


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