Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

I turn 25 today, and as much as everyone has tried to scare me with tales of quarter-century milestones, the slowing down of cellular renewal and the ensuing downward path to old age, I am utterly, utterly delighted!

I have always loved birthdays, with their procession of cakes, candles, presents and well wishes, and every year I spend my birthday in a glow of giggly happiness and inexplicable pride.

I am not yet sure what this day has in store for me, as I have an inkling that someone may surprise me with something, but what I do know is that Maxence and his mother are whisking me off to lunch somewhere, and that is a mighty fine start to the string of birthday celebrations I intend to throw.

I have also been thinking for years about this day, as the day to listen with particular relish to one of my favorite songs of all times, written and sung by one of my favorite music groups of all times, Superflu.

The song is called 25 ans, and like all songs by Superflu, it is delicate, moving, a little melancholy and simply beautiful. Here are the lyrics.

25 ans (by Superflu)

Regarde-nous, 25 ans
Ce n’est plus tout à fait pareil déjà
Oh je sais tu vas me dire ca n’est pas encore vieux
Mais ca pourrait le devenir

Tu as vu mes yeux
Tu as vu ta peau
Et le cheveu blanc chez untel

Regarde-nous les casseroles que l’on traîne
Les photos sur nos murs
Et ces piles de lettres, je suis sûr que parmi les tiennes
J’en ai signé quelques-unes

Tu as vu nos coeurs
Tu as vu le désordre
Et ses effets sur untel
Tu as vu mes yeux
Tu as vu ta peau
Et le cheveu blanc chez untel

Regarde-nous, tout ça pour te dire
Que nous laissons passer les heures
A attendre quelque chose qui ne viendra jamais
Quelque chose qui ne viendra jamais

Tu as vu nos vies
Nos appartements
Et l’enfant déjà chez untel
Tu as vu mes yeux
Tu as vu ta peau
Et le cheveu blanc chez untel

Regarde-nous, ne crois-tu pas
Qu’il reste une place pour nous deux
Même pas très grande, même pas très belle
Mais au moins qui nous appartienne

Tu as vu nos peines
Nos problèmes d’argent
Et les soucis d’untel
Tu as vu mes yeux
Tu as vu ta peau
Et le cheveu blanc chez untel

Regarde-nous et dis-moi
Ce que tu veux maintenant
Moi je n’ai plus beaucoup de force mais encore envie de toi
Encore envie de toi

Tu as vu nos rêves
Et la poussière dessus
Et puis les rides chez untel

Tu as vu nos peines
Nos problemes d’argent
Et les soucis d’untel
Tu as vu nos vies
Nos appartements
Et l’enfant déjà chez untel
Tu as vu nos coeurs
Tu as vu le désordre
Et ses effets sur untel
Tu as vu mes yeux
Tu as vu ta peau
Et le cheveu blanc
[whispered] chez untel

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  • bon anniversaire, clotilde!

    Best wishes to your “25ans” year… w/love, chika

  • Caroline

    Joyeux quart de siècle, Clotilde!

    …something in the picture tells me you bought the August issue of Biba… ;-)

  • Väös

    Happy birthday!
    Life really just starts here…
    Enjoy your day (you probably will)!


  • Nia

    Happy 25th Birthday! Wishing you the best!

  • Eliza

    Joyeux Anniversaire!
    I adore your blog C., hope you have a fantabulous time today!

  • Je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire… Je te rejoindrai dans le clan des “vieilles” de 25 ans dans quelques petits mois! ;o)

    I wish you the very best and enjoy your surprise!!!

  • Kolya Soymonoff

    Happy Birthday Clotilde!
    Here’s to another quarter century.

  • savina

    hi, I just happened to bump into your blog yesterday and am now looking forward to trying out some of your recipes, so attractive, simple with that interesting intelligent touch! Thanks a lot for sharing and happy birthday to you

  • Alisa

    This is me singing:
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Clotilde…..
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
    Love and Bisous

  • Joyeux anniversaire Clotilde!
    Now, will you be posting about that cake and that gorgeous pink top you’re wearing in the picture?
    May you have a very good year ahead, and thousands of excellent lunches to come!

  • Hi Clotilde,

    Happy 25th! Enjoy your day!

  • Happy Birthday!!!!! Bonne Fete a Toi!

  • Mamasue

    Happy Birthday to You…Happy Birthday to You….Happy Birthday dear Clotilde…Happy Birthday to You!

    Have a wonderful day and wish I was 25 again! :-)


  • Joyeux anniversaire, Clotilde!!! And don’t worry about being 25… the “downward path to old age” doesn’t really start until 30. =) Hope you have a great day and LOTS of cake!

  • Beate

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag – best birthday wishes for you from Frankfurt, Germany!

  • the amazing kim

    Happy Birthday Clotilde, and may there be many many more.

  • Happy birthday !
    Joyeux anniversaire !
    Buon compleanno !

  • Happy Birthday, Clotilde! Best wishes!

  • Joyeux anniversaire Clotilde !

    It is cool to be 25, there are just two things you may not like : 1) you are too old now to take advantage of discounts and 2) it is the age when people are told to start using anti-wrikle creams :-)

    You’ll get over it, though, and I wish you a wonderful birthday with great food, as usual!

  • Joan

    Clotilde, the happiest of days I wish you from Australia..such a treat to read your words that are filled to the brim with joy and excitement and love of life ~ many many thanks! I came across this quote and thought of you…a true original ..delicious day in and delicious day out..again, Clotilde, thank you for the joy you’re spreading in this cyberspace world of ours..

  • Joan

    oops..forgot to add the quote!…the white chocolate and macadamia cookies must have done something to my memory!
    “Your were born an angel. Don’t die a copy.” John Mason

  • Adele

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Clotilde, and many happy returns of the day.

  • i have donned my isadora duncan costume and will now launch into a little birthday celebration dance in honor of you, clotilde.

    ::: leap, leap leap. twirl! jump! leap, leap. spin! swirl with silk scarves swishing in the air and on last leap off stage only to return strewing rose petals and fragrant lilacs at the feet of the birthday girl.::::

    happy birthday!

  • Have a very happy birthday, Clotilde! I’m so glad you have such perfect weather for a perfect day! And 25 is young, my dear – no need to start worrying about anti-wrinkle creams and hot water bottles yet for heaven’s sake – enjoy yourself!!

  • Joyeaux anniversaire Clotilde!

  • Bonne Anniversaire la belle Clotilde! Sending you loads of hugs and good wishes for a splendid birthday and an even more splendid year ahead! All the very best wishes to YOU!

  • Josephine

    Bonne anniversaire! :-)

  • Kat

    Happy birthday! May you have many more years of bloggable culinary adventures!

  • Deb

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clotilde!
    What a wonderful age to be, so many great adventures ahead of you. Enjoy yourself today and eat lots of cake!

  • sher

    Happy birthday, Clotilde!!!! You look so pretty.


  • ladyloo

    Happiest of birthdays! No matter the age, they must always be celebrated!

  • Happy birthday and many happy returns, Clotilde!

  • E.

    I just turned 25 this month too! Happy birthday from another July baby!

  • zuriga

    Bon anniversaire, Clotilde. Your website is new to me and wonderful! I’m so glad to be living now near France.

  • Happy happy happy day to you!!!!!

  • Marcy

    Happy Birthday Clotilde!

    Your blog brings me a smile every time I visit; may you have all those smiles, and then some, today and for the rest of the year!


  • Luisa

    Happy birthday wishes from New York City – have a lovely day!

  • Many birthday wishes from over here in Oakland!

  • Matilda

    Hap-hap-happy birthday to the most charming blogger…

  • katie

    And I’ll be 26 here in just a few days — not a July baby, but another Leo at least. A very merry birthday to you, gorgeous! Your articles are my reward to myself for making it in to work every morning – my employers owe you a lot! (: Have a beautiful, delicious birthday. Here’s hoping 24 – Season 3 is one of the surprises in store for you (though I guess it would have to be a late birthday present due to its release date — but that would just make it even more of a suprise!)

  • maryanne

    Happy Birthday from Boston and one of your biggest fans!

  • Boreal

    Happy Birthday! You look adorable and you’re mature beyond your years, which I think is a good thing. It means you can get away with having a lot more fun :) Many hugs, have a WONDERFUL time and enjoy!

  • Michelle

    Happiest birthday! Your cake looks so nice.
    25 is great. Enjoy it! With love from Canada.

  • happy birthday wishes from Istanbul!

  • Joni

    Lots of birthday wishes from Chicago!! Hope it’s a great day, Clotilde!!

  • Joyeux anniversaire,
    Joyeux anniversaire,
    Bonne fete pour Clotilde,
    Bonne fete pour toi!

    I hope you are having a fabulous day – you look really happy in the pictures, so the day clearly got off to a good start! I hope that Maxence and your family spoil you rotten and that you have many, many more happy birthdays.

  • More birthday glee from NYC – hoping that this year is a brilliant one on your end, and from my side, hoping that it’ll be full of C&Z.

  • Joyeux Anniversaire, Clotilde – and many more!!

  • Alexa

    And yet another helping of birthday good wishes from New York. I hope you have had a wonderful one!

  • OH! I didn’t realize you were a fellow Leo (although one year and a few weeks earlier than I) – Happy Birthday!!

  • Hande

    Iyiki dogdun Clotilde!

    (this is turkish…)
    you have already got 50 comments, and the day is not even over!

  • Melissa

    Happy birthday, Clotilde! Can’t wait to hear about your surprise-filled day. :-)

    I celebrated my 26th birthday two days ago. Cheers to all the July babies!

  • Peter

    Een gelukkige verjaardag, Clothilde! Greetings from Ghent.

  • kitten

    Happy happy and thanks for sharing all that you do with us! Wishing you much happiness, health and many adventures (culinary and otherwise ;) in the next year!

  • Joyeux anniversaire Clothilde! Here is wishing you 75 more! :-)

  • Céline

    Ma soeurette,

    je me joins à ce concert de voeux (55 souhaits, et la journée n’est pas encore finie, c’est impressionnant !!) pour te souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire par blog interposé !

    Et si toi, tu ne prends pas de coup de vieux, c’est moi qui en prends presque un pour deux… Ma petite soeur a 25 ans !! :-)

    Je t’embrasse très fort,

  • Happy birthday, dear Clotilde! Wishing you a year full of leeks, blueberry tarts, fantastic cheese, and perfect chocolate.

  • charlotte

    Happy Birthday Clotilde!
    Today is my half birthday ;-) and even though I have 9 years on you (!) I still feel 25. If it’s all in the attitude, then you have some great years to look forward too!
    P.S. Thank you for letting me live in France vicariously through you with your blog!

  • christoph

    Liebe Clotilde,
    alles Gute zum 25. Geburstag wuenschen dir:
    Christoph und Susanne

  • Patrick

    The day’s not finished yet, ma Clotilde… I still remember with overwhelming joy (and pride) this day 25 years ago, 5 am, in the Clinique Marignan down the Champs-Elysées, when the doctor exclaimed, while I was holding your mother’s hand: “Et voilà! C’est une fille!!!”
    Little did he realise, and little did we know ourselves, that we had just witnessed the birth of the Food Blogger of the Century to Come !

    Joyeux Anniversaire, et très grosses bises !

  • From the far side of North America, happy birthday!

  • Sberg

    Happy Birthday from Breda (Netherlands).
    Twentyfive is a beautiful age, enjoy and cherish the time you’re young!

  • Sal
  • happy birthday! today is my husband’s 25th birthday too!

    i completely love your site.

  • Manders

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!, as the Spanish say, from a new reader in the United States near the Mexican border! :)

  • Peggy

    Happy Birthday Clotilde ! Beaucoup de bonheur pour cette journée, et pour toutes les belles années qui t’attendent !
    Merci de nous offrir toujours autant de nouveautés et de bonheurs culinaires!

  • Rickosss

    Happu Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Clotilde, Happy Birthday to you!

  • joyeux anniversaire ma chère clotilde, to many more birthdays to come and food experiences

  • Clotilde – by now I think your special day is over, but I hope it was truly wonderful. I am certain that great things await you in the coming years!

  • Zarah

    Okay I HAVE to do this, seeing there is no greeting in Danish:

    TILLYKKE CLOTILDE! Håber din dag har været fantastisk!

    (congrats Clotilde – hope you had an amazing day!)

    Have been hanging around your site for a while now, and must say I’m very impressed. I thought you were much older (sorry!8-)) – just don’t know that many people my own age that has the same kind of passion for food as I – and obviously you! -do! ;-) Love the site! Thank you!

  • Jennifer in Tokyo

    Happy Birthday, Clotilde! You look so happy and beautiful in that picture. Thanks for including a pic of yourself. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  • I really enjoy your blog, and want to wish you the happiest of birthdays!!!

  • serena

    oops – looks like i’m out of the loop! the only excuse i can give is that i turned 21 this past weekend ;) so from (yet another) july baby to another – happy belated birthday, clotilde! i hope you had a fantastic day, & by the way you are beautiful!


  • pim

    happy birthday Clotilde!


  • Happy birthday, Clotilde, and many happy returns! Thank you for sharing a milestone with us.

  • Julie

    Yet another set of slightly belated happy birthday wishes from NYC! I haven’t forgotten about a petit paquet we discussed…I’ve just been waiting for a) the weather to cool down a bit and b) for us to come back from vacation with a few regional specialties…


  • happy birthday!

  • happy birthday! i was a little disoriented when coming to your site because i also turned 25 (on the 25th) and posted about it on my site a few times with similar headings! again, happy birthday and cheers to many more.

  • pipstar

    Happy birthday clotilde from Sydney, Australia :-) i hope you had lots of a lovely surprises on your birthday and that you were spoilt incredibly.

    Thank you so much for sharing your food wisdom and delight with us all!

  • mare

    happy birthday! i hope it is a good one! clotilde, i have to thank you for introducing me to superflu. they’re absolutely terrific! they’re a bit like little rabbits. and i quite like little rabbits.

    take care and be well.


  • Wendy

    Happy birthday to you! Oh, to be 25 again. The real rot sets in at 40.

  • chev

    happy happy birthday clotilde! best wishes fr. singapore

  • Back from holidays, so a little late:

    Happy Birthday Clothilde, now you’re talking ;-)

  • aru

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!
    i hope yesterday went the way u wanted it to. with lots of loved ones around u, good food, lucious cake and warm wishes for a very bright future. have a good summer.
    take care.

  • Hey Clotilde,
    I worked with a guy in Lyon several years ago and we spoke about getting older. He said “it’s no difference, a few less hairs on your head, that’s about it, you’re still the same man.” So for guys it’s just a matter of losing hair; otherwise getting older is generally good. Except for the hair thing. I don’t think you’ll have that problem though. Happy belated birthday, hope your day was special. -Dave

  • Marina

    Happy Birthday Clotilde! You’re gonna love the other side of your twenties.

  • meg

    happy birthday clotilde! I absolutely adore your blog…anyway enjoy your day!

  • (belated) happy birthday, clotilde!

  • Sarah

    Bon anniversaire, Clotilde!

    Wow, we have the same birthday! I turned 27 this July 27th!!

  • Eric

    Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a great day, enjoy your new I-Pod!

  • jun

    since no one has wished you in chinese …
    sheng ri kuai le, clotilde! :)
    may all your days ahead be happy!

  • marcel

    Bon anniversaire !!
    Sans ton Blog, je ne suis rien :o)


  • All – Many, many thanks for all your kind words, they made me smile and laugh all through the day, a real treat!

    Theresa – The pink top was actually a gift included in a magazine I bought to read on the train. Isn’t it pretty? As for the cake, it is the family staple “Gâteau de Mamy” (recipe on C&Z), made with apricots!

    Mare – I am ever-so-pleased that you checked out Superflu, they’re the best! I also love the “little rabbit” image, and have to agree!

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