Blog Day 2005: New Blogs to Discover!

Today is Blog Day 2005, an event that was created to help broaden our blog horizons. So many blogs get created every day that it’s impossible to keep up with all, and most of us find ourselves visiting the same favorite blogs, the ones where we feel at home and comfortable, where we know who’s writing and what it’s about, the ones that have been around for long enough that we feel safe they’re not just going to die on us once we’re hooked — isn’t it horribly frustrating when that happens?

So. Out of this simple observation, Blog Day says: “We want to read more blogs! Tell us about five new ones!” The definition of “new” here is a little fuzzy — newly created, new to you, new to your readers? — so I will simply offer a selection of five newishly created or discovered food blogs:

A Finger in Every Pie. I have been in touch with Julie from New York ever since she sent me a wonderful care package last year, and I really enjoy reading her blog because her writing is just as generous and warm as her selection of goodies was.

Anne’s Food. Anne writes from Sweden, where she cooks and bakes a lovely and personal mix of dishes and desserts, some of them with a Scandinavian inspiration. Anne’s blog has been around for almost a year now, but it wasn’t on my radar until recently — and that’s actually a good thing, so much archived stuff to browse through!

Food Migration. Cindy has just moved to Paris to attend culinary school. Classes started a week ago, they’re exciting and exhausting and fun, and Cindy shares it all with us. It is probably going to be hard for her to find time for the blog, but I hope she does because we all want to learn what she learns!

Gluten-free Girl. Shauna lives in Seattle and documents her (successful) attempts to eat deliciously well on a gluten-free diet. A few dear people around me have to eat under these constraints and I know how hard it is, so I commend Shauna for having such a positive attitude.

Seven Spoons. Fresh design, cute logo, superb photography and inspiring choice of recipes, brought to us by Tara from Ontario.

And since the French food blogosphere has grown tremendously in the past few months, I will bend the rules a little and offer you an additional handful of blogs I recommend if you read French or just like to pretend that you do.

Cléa Cuisine. Cléa used to live in Tokyo where she told us all about the Japanese food, culture and food culture. She has just moved back to France, and her style and humor continue to entertain and delight me.

Papilles et Pupilles. There seems to be no end to the wealth of tempting recipes and pictures that Kscades has to share, and I’m certainly not complaining!

Tasca da Elvira. Elvira writes from Portugal and her blog is my little window on this country’s fabulous cuisine, complete with warm sunlight and cultural notes.

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  • Shauna is the best, Im so glad you included her!

    Great suggestions!


  • thanks a lot Clotilde. I also appreciate your famous blog.

    You’re right when you talk about the number of new blogs. Amazing ! I try to visit most of them but it is not easy.
    And if you spent too time on blogs, you had no more time for cooking !


  • Jerrick

    Clotilde! Hi, Am a huge fan, and I am recommending you on my blogday post. Thanks for all the fantastic reading you’ve given me over the past few months! *I’m gushing…:P*

  • thank you so much, Clotilde, for recommending my site. I’m speechless, since I love your site dearly. And I really am keeping my site to help other people, like your friends (if they have any recipes to recommend, I’d gladly put them on the site!). I’m working hard to perfect my flourless chocolate torte in time for your competition on the 7th.

    Thank you again. Coming from someone who has inspired me, deeply, this moves me.

  • Contente de voir que tu fais aussi partie des fans de Clea cuisine !

  • Thank you so much for recommending my blog, Clotilde! :)

  • clotilde,

    hi! i don’t know if you saw, but i left a couple of messages back asking which font was used on your “zucchini” logo on your top banner. it’s very nice.



    Amazing! I’ve never heard of Blog Day before!!

  • hi clotilde! thanks for recommending my site. i have been reading yours for a long time and now that i live in your city, i’m so excited to have the opportunity to try all the places and foods you mention. bon appetit!


  • i linked to you today. check it out if you want.

  • hi clotilde! just wanted to let you know that i recommended your site in honor of blog day.

  • Alisa

    A good glance at your selection has added a few new bookmarks to my Food & Wine, like to read, list. This blog day thing was a good idea. Or was it???!!!

  • Efb

    Seven spoons has a really nice, simple design. There are so many new blogs, but always a joy to read! Thanks for the list.

  • Bonjour Clotilde! Thank you kindly for your mention of my site in your blogday post. I am honoured that you would include me in your list, and among such lovely company!

    All the best to you and Maxence – oh, and I look forward to seeing your use of your cocotte, I’ve recently ordered one myself!

  • Thanks so much, dear Clotilde!

  • Thanks for the leads. They are all good.

  • Oh Clotilde — thanks so much. I do so appreciate both your kind words about my blog and being spotlighted on yours! Somehow or other I missed Blog Day — I’ve been a bit out of the loop lately. In any case, merci millefois, from my blog to yours and from me to you as well…

  • Martha Hubbard

    Thank you so much for the glutenfreegirl blog. My daughter in California is just now trying to come to terms with her allergies – gluten & lactose and i am going to send that link to her. I read everything in your page when it comes – in French and English and will try some of the recipes with my cooking students here in Estonia later this year.

  • Clotilde, mille mercis pour cet adorable message au sujet de mon blog ! J’avais posté (cru poster ?) un commentaire le jour du Blog Day, mais voyant qu’il ne s’affiche toujours pas, je réitère ! Bises !
    Clea qui adore venir prendre sa dose de Chocolate and Zucchini ;)

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