Chocolate & Zucchini in ELLE!

Chocolate & Zucchini in ELLE

This week’s ELLE magazine (in the French edition) has an article on blogs (by Alix Girod de l’Ain no less, page 113) which mentions Chocolate & Zucchini! Being a long-time and devoted reader of the magazine (it is my favorite breakfast companion) and a big fan of that journalist, this was a fabulous surprise — which came right on time to start yesterday’s party on an even happier note… [Story coming up, of course.]

And congratulations to Pascale and Loïc for being mentioned as well!

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  • Ehi Clotilde…you don’t waste your time at all, do you? ;-) At 8.11 AM, I was still half-dead in my bed, trying to face the effects of wonderful wines and food we had yesterday. By the way, thanks again for this excellent dinner: I hope it will be only a good beginning…

  • Meg

    Congratulations, Clotilde! And congratulations on your first anniversary and the wonderful party it prompted, too…I’m just sorry we had to leave so early! You have done such a wonderful job with this site and it’s really a pleasure to see you get the praise and notice you deserve…

  • Margaret

    Félicitations ! Thanks again for an excellent evening with (lots of) chocolate and (even more) zucchini in such a friendly setting. It was great to meet you and so many of your enthusiastic readers…

  • Congratulations on the feature in ELLE magazine! I just wonder, at this point, how many people do NOT know about C&Z, now that it is such a high-profile blog!

    Looking forward to see how the b-day party went :)

  • wow! congratulations!!! i’m so chuffed for you.

  • fantastique! i can see it now! soon you will be setting the trends for the world. not just the elite c & z aficionados. cute little potato brushes will lounging patiently by sinks and a no self respecting kitchen will be without a silicon mini-muffin pan! the value of a witty turn of phrase will increase while peace and relaxed dining dominates the world!

    congratulations clotilde! i could not be happier for you. i have always appreciated the time and care you have put into c & z and it’s so satisfying to see you getting the recognition.

  • Congratulations! That’s so exciting :)

  • Félicitacion Clotilde! That is brilliant! And Happy anniversary Chocolate and Zucchini!


    Congratulations Clotilde…you are my hero!

  • catherine

    hi, clotilde
    congratulation !
    I have the honor of joining this fantastic blog !
    I’ll buy elle of this month ^^

  • Congratulations on the Elle article and the sucessful anniversary party. Don’t wait another year for your next party.

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