Deliciously Obsessed? Who, us?

The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe ran an article on food blogs today: Food bloggers chronicle their delicious obsessions!

[For the record, I don’t have a book deal with an American publisher. Yet. But it is in the works, and when the time comes I promise you’ll be the first to know! Okay, maybe I’ll call my mom first, but you know what I mean.]

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  • Bonjour,
    I went to “Les Vivres” today, and it was FANTASTIC! I hope that everyone follows your advice and goes there…your blog is great, I love it, its my new favorite for sure.

    All the best, Riana, an american in Paris

  • How fantastic! I’ll can’t wait; it’s not like I have enough books, and cookbooks, right? There’s no such thing!
    And congrats on the many awards!

  • David

    Wowm what a fun article! Yes, keep us all informed about the book. Heck, I promise to feature it in my bookstore!

  • Marc

    Great article on the food blogs. I must say Clotilde, you’ve opened the eyes of this American living in Paris to all the wonders of this great city. Thank you many times over.

  • No book deal!? Damn. I was so excited for you. Those reporters, you know, they get all sorts of things wrong…

  • Your papounet

    “Maybe I’ll call my mom first”… Ha! So that’s how it is ! What about me ? When am I to know ?

    Anyway, it’s a good thing the journalist mentioned this “book deal” in the article. This may get a number of publishers thinking “Hey, somebody beat me to it, but I must get my hands on Clotilde’s NEXT book !” and you’re about to be deluged with proposals and advance checks from all over the world. You’ll get the Nobel Prize for food writing yet, you’ll see !

  • Joan

    ah Clotilde..don’t ya just love Papas!…now today I’ll spend delicious time imagining the cover of THIS book!!!!!!! I’m constantly delighted that I came across the unlikely combination of chocolate and zucchini…I can hear the Australian birds in my garden adding their congratulations for all you’ve done…glass raised, bubbles bubbling…here’s to you Clotilde, for all the joy you share…

  • Clotilde – Congrats on the great story! to Pim too! Laura

  • Maryanne

    My husband had to take me to work early today as I was hosting a culinary competition for regional staff. I sweetened the deal with promise of coffee and pastry mades late last nite during a pastry training. He took the newspaper with him and upon his return to my chaotic office with laptops, judges, chefs and all proclaimed “hey, Clothilde and her blog made the Globe today! Wow! You read the cutting edge stuff!
    Congratulations! Can’t wait for the book.

  • Maman

    Ouah ! le Boston Globe ! ça c’est la classe ! Bravo !

  • obcessed? us? really?

  • I just wanted to say that I love, love, LOVE your blog. It’s inspiring. Keep up the good work and if you do get a book deal be sure to let all of us out there in cyberspace know because I know that I, for one, will go out and buy it.

  • Sha-ZAM! Nice article, and I’m sure that book deal is not far off! You continue to have my props :)

  • Oh, I’m commenting late, two days after your post. There should be a book deal by now if they know what’s good for them.

    Congratulations Clotilde!

  • Alisa

    My lack of immediate hurrahs has nothing to do with how happy I am for you. However, am I desperately in need of a nap, or was this post slightly different at first? i.e. the calling your mom part, that wasn’t there the first time I read this, was it? Anyway, yippee, whoo ahh, and wowwy zowwy!

  • Jennifer

    Clotilde, thanks to you, I discovered my favorite restaurant and tea shop here in Tokyo–Mariage Freres. Thank you for introducing the Parisian original to me. Now, I take friends who are new to the city there, and it quickly becomes their favorite place to unwind in Ginza, too.

  • pam h

    Clothilde: happily discovered your blog not so long ago.

    Food writers normally annoy the pants off me — all trying to sound like MFK Fisher and of course falling well and smarmily short. But you: you have a great spirit and a fresh and genuine approach and it comes roaring through. I look forward to the book. I’d be jealous of your success if you weren’t so damned good.
    Pam in DC

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