…et Bonne Année!

May 2005 bring you everything your heart desires, excellent health, glowing happiness, wonderful friends and fabulous food!

I would like to thank you who have visited and faithfully read Chocolate & Zucchini all through 2004. It’s been a real pleasure sharing my kitchen adventures with you: your attention, your feedback, your support, your comments, have all been invaluable sources of inspiration and excitement for me. Thank you, and I hope 2005 brings us more C&Z happiness!

Our new year’s eve dinner was spent at home in the company of the best neighbors on Earth, Stéphan and Patricia, and our lovely friends Marie-Laure and Ludo. We enjoyed a delicious and collectively cooked dinner, we had the surprise visit of two other dear friends Marion and Benoît, we drank champagne, we laughed, we shared stories, we played games: a warm and simple evening that starts off the year in the most auspicious way…

Happy New Year!

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  • akemashite omedeto gozaimas!
    (Happy New Year in Japanese)

    Best wishes to your bright new year.

  • Bonne et succulante année à toi !
    Je continuerai à passer régulièrement même si je ne laisse pas souvent de messages j’apprécie beaucoup le contenu de ton blog.

  • Happy new year to you too! May it be as appetizing as 2004! (by the way, your picture is great)

  • tashi deleg! (auspicious cirumstances in tibetan)

  • Hex

    I originally interpreted this as May (as in the month) 2005, and thought, “Ooh! What’s happening in May? What kind of food does it involve? Yum, yum, yum!” I suppose I wouldn’t be so food motivated right now if I just had breakfast.

    In any event, may your upcoming year be just as fabulous!

  • I never saw your picture!
    You look like a little dwarf and have the eyes of a japanese anime character! It is completely adorable!

    Sorry for the exclamations. Tis just that I thought you had some sort of policy that, since you have such a blockbuster blog, you’d better remain “physically anonymous”, to avoid any fan stalking you or anything.

    Oh, I am melting (do they say that or is it just the french?)

    Well, let’s wish
    A great year to come, then.

  • …and since everyone likes to show off,

    B.U.E.K. ! (Boldog Uj Evet Kivànok, a fancy abbreviated hungarian way of saying …well, Happy New Year)

  • Pim

    Sawasdee Pimai Ka!
    Je te souhaite une très belle et joyuese année–oh and we mustn’t forget a blockbuster book too!


  • Happy new year Clotilde and all the best …

  • Well since we’re doing a “Let’s see how many different countries the chocolate and zucchini readership comprises thing”, let me add two more foreign language (Chinese Mandarin and Malay) greetings from Singapore:

    Xin Nian Kuai Le! And Selamat Taun Baru :)

    Thanks for blogging always and here’s wishing you many more great culinary adventures in the coming year!

  • By the way, that’s a gorgeous, gorgeous photo of you :)

    V. Anime. As someone mentioned earlier.

  • Adrian

    Bon Année!

  • Buon Anno Clotilde! All the best to you and Maxence.

  • fallenangel

    Bonne année à tous… et je souhaite que l’année 2005 soit plus riche encore que la précédente… et continue à nous faire partager tes recettes !!!

  • Ana

    Feliz Ano Novo!

    For you, Maxence and C&Z.

  • Mary

    Fabulous blog. I linked in here and am definitely now on your list of fans. Great photography all the way through. I’m wondering if you are the photographer as well.

  • Mary – Thanks for the kind comment, and yes, I am the photographer around here as well!

  • You look as gorgeous as ever!
    And since I am a Norwegian living in Denmark, here’s Happy New Year to you in Danish:
    Godt nytår!
    and Norwegian:
    Godt nyttår!
    They’re practically the same, but it’s still two different languages!

    Thank you for all the inspiration you have been giving out for the past year – you are irreplacable. I’m hoping I’ll be able to visit France soon, but in the meantime, reading your blog is nearly as good.
    All the best wishes for you in 2005!

  • jp

    feliz ano 2005, bonne année

  • Dana

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year and continued – well deserved – success!
    To add to your collection “stastny novy rok” (that’s czech)

  • jerusha

    The holidays have provided me with the opportunity (free time) to try some C and Z recipes that I had been wanting to make for so long now. Needless to say I have eaten very well this past week or two. Thanks for your terrific blog! Happy New Year…

  • Barbara

    From New Zealand ….Happy New Year Clotilde.

    ….oh, and if you ever tire of Maxence, I have two handsome, single sons!!

  • Joan

    ok, to the list I’ll add a) Latin:felix sit annus novus, b) Scottish Gaelic: bliadhna mhath ur, & c) Yiddish: a gut yohr

    and there are many in Australia who proclaim to one and all “Have a good one!” Clotilde..I wish you that and more..I wonder what discoveries await you…and oh how I’m looking forward to 100s of photos to inspire my spirit..

    the wish goes to the M guy as well!

  • z

    Yeni yilin kutlu olsun (Turkish) Clothilde, and thanks for the wonderful recipes and pictures.

  • beautiful picture. happy new year. :)

  • Marie

    Gorgeous and talented? It may seem unfair, but it is wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us. {{{Peace}}}

  • Well since everyone is doing it…

    Maligayang Bagong Taon! (Happy New Year in Tagalog)

    Wow, it took you to make me go back to blogging! Yes, you do have very anime eyes.

  • William

    Bonjour toutes et tous
    je voudrai essayer cette recette de milshake:
    Vanilla Shake
    2 cups vanilla ice cream
    1 cup whole milk
    1/4 cup half & half
    3 tablespoons sugar
    1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

    mais….qu’est ce que c’est que ce truc machin le “half&half”?

  • you looks really nice in pics and your blog is fabulous. Great work of photography i wondering if you are photopgrapher.

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