February Newsletter

Chocolate & Zucchini Newsletter

The C&Z monthly newsletter went out today, as it does on the first day of every month. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you are more than welcome to do so here and be the first in line for the March edition!

  • Hande

    What a lovely stamp! Maybe we should receive the newsletter thru the snail-mail!

  • Joan

    a heart-shaped Chanel stamp…trust the French!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clotilde it’s simply divine :-) what next? a Clotilde stamp? in one hand chocolate and the other zucchini strips…zucchini hair, chocolate hair…Get the wondrous Max to start the design immediately..

  • http://www.sugarcookies.ca kath

    Clotilde, i’ve just been wondering – (this isn’t related to your post however) have you ever cooked with seitan before, & if so, do you have a good recipe ?

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