Introducing… le moblog!


“Huh? A moblog? Is that edible?”

Well, no. Moblog is the contraction of “mobile blogging”, itself a contraction of “web logging”, making the term moblog a rare occurrence of double portmanteau — quite handy when you have guests as I’m sure you’ll agree. But I digress: moblogging is, quite simply, blogging from your phone.

I had long wanted a cell phone that took pictures, but had yet to find one that I liked and was reasonably priced. It turns out Nokia solved the second part of the equation (that mundane price thing) by including me (and some fifteen hundred people all over the world including a few fellow French bloggers) in a promotional operation for their new model, giving me a phone to play with.

And this explains how I was able to create Clotilde’s Moblog as a little offshoot from C&Z, where I will post pics taken here, there and possibly everywhere.

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  • Hande

    ohhhh… *looksverysadanddisappointedandshudders* I had so hoped you stay away from this promotion-stuff in your blog….. Truely disappointed…..

  • Hande

    Don’t get me wrong, i like the moblog as well, but do you have to go this way? I mean they are not that expensive, i can imagine you should be able to afford one. And ever thought about how many hits you get and how many people will read about the “kind” company that gave you one and what such target-correct marketing would otherwise cost them? I hope I am not beeing too hard or anything, and I know you are blogging and not earning anything (material) from it (yet) and I am sure there could be a long discussion about this issue. But I kind of feel (as a long time fan of yours) it is inappropriate. Don’t mean to offend you. Can you understand my sentiments? Do you care?

  • ca serait pas “le progres”? j’adorais venir manger la quand j’habitais a paris!

  • Hande – Would you see it differently if I hadn’t explained where the phone came from? I mention brands, product names and books and restaurants and stores all the time — why is this different? I decided to accept the offer and to tell my readers in all transparency. If anything, it just shows how important the blogging phenomenon has become, brick-and-mortar companies are starting to take notice. I’m sorry you feel that way, but I really don’t think this deserves such a tumultuous reaction.

    Julien – Tu as l’oeil, même “flouté” tu l’as reconnu! :) Je n’y ai jamais mangé, juste pris des verres, j’adore la salle!

  • Clotilde, let me just say “you go, girl”!

    I don’t really see the problem with this, to be honest – why shouldn’t you get “something” and write about it? You aren’t forcing anyone who reads your blog to buy that phone, you are trying it out. You are getting something material out of your writing; I don’t really see the difference between that and being awarded food blog of the year. It all boils down to recognition and reputation.

    Many people like to stand up on their soap boxes and claim that they would “never do such a thing” and wished that you hadn’t either. So be it. Others would jump at the various opportunities you’re being given because of your blog – you have earned them yourself because of the utterly fantastic job you have done here. Good on you!

  • Hande, if I may. If you’re a longtime fan of Clotilde’s, don’t you trust her judgment?

    I agree 100% that one must be wary of gratuitous promotion on weblogs, but for some reason it doesn”t seem like Clotilde”s style to mention some random product she doesn”t think her readers will enjoy.

    Besides, it”s not really about the brand. It”s about the new feature she”s adding to her weblog. I live in Paris and I”m looking forward to seeing the city through Clotilde”s eyes.

    Clotilde, neither here nor there, but “double portmanteau — quite handy when you have guests.” I almost choked on my sandwich :)

  • Jules

    Dear Clotilde,
    I think it’s wonderful that you can use any available technology to let the rest of us share your every day adventures!!! The more “Chocolate & Zucchini” out there (from a phone, camera, computer, paper, from ANYWHERE!) the better for me! Thanks so much for doing the blog and the moblog; I think both of them are fantastic!

  • Lyn

    Moblogging can be quite interesting. Check out Jamie Oliver’s blog. ( Really gives a hands-on feel to the communications.

  • Erin

    Sounds very cool, you should have fun with that one. We trust your judgement and rely on your recommendations. After all it isn’t like you are pushing a knife that can cut through a tin can or some weird pyramid scheme.
    Revel in your success girl!

  • Mimi’s Kitchen

    Dear Clotilde,
    what a great idea!! Thank you for sharing your adventures and pictures of your beautiful city with us. Makes me want to jump on a plane and be there to experience the food and life that you get to see everyday…..

  • I love it. I want one! And I’ll use my totally different phone brand to do it! I like it when people mention brands, as long as it’s sincere and not because they are trying to get money.

  • David

    For me it will be like an insider’s guide to my favourite city—–and it is separate from C&Z so I see no conflict or problem!

  • JK Ruddy

    I think the moblog is fascinating! I love reading about all the places you visit but to actually see one of the tartes (pre and post consumption) from Cafe Fusion is just a little slice of the Choc&Zucc live we all love!

  • I checked out the moblog and must say they are great quality photos. I wish my camera phone was of that quality. It was a thrill to see the photos. I felt like I was wandering around Paris for a day. I can’t wait to see more.

  • Alisa

    And once again, I was coming here to comment on how fun your Moblog is-each one made me smile, and some made me giggle, and although you heard this before me, “double portmanteau — quite handy when you have guests” made me laugh out loud. THEN I read the other comments. Truly astounding what makes the fur on the back of some cats necks, stand on end. :)

  • mindy

    i love it!! anything that enables us to see more of daily life in paris and all the beautiful sights is GREAT!!!!!!

  • Emily

    I love this too. Paris is one of my favourite places and it made me smile this morning seeing your photos. Have a good day!

  • melinda

    Love the moblog… I can wake up to pictures of Paris as well as your gorgeous food shots…..take lots of the markets (flower & produce) as we have nothing quite as beautiful!

  • Hande

    Once again, sorry if it was a “tumultuous” reaction. It just shows that I am emotional about your blog, about what you are doing. But:
    “Would you see it differently if I hadn’t explained where the phone came from?” Definitely yes. Because there is no need for it, because it is not food related. Then again, I guess you wouldn’t get the stuff if you didn’t name it. It is kind of like you are selling the blog. Imho it is ok if you sell smth. (like your book, in the future) to us, your customers. It is direct. But now it is like you sold the blog (your product) to that company.
    “I mention brands, product names and books and restaurants and stores all the time — why is this different?” Because it is not food related. The moblog maybe, the pictures themselves, but not the camera. You may have at some place mentioned what kind of computer and software you use for the blog, but don’t you see the fine difference between this (buying smth, using it, telling about it) and getting smth so that you tell about it?
    To all who have mentioned trusting the judgement of Clotilde: Clotilde writes about food. She cooks good food, eats good food, writes even better about it. (Of course I am aware that she is more than that, but this is the side she chose to show us, so this is all we have) For all this aspects, I greatly trust her judgement. That does not necessarily mean there is reason to trust her judgement on other aspects.
    And, please, before you all start shouting in the lines of “this is her blog, she does what she wants, go away if you don’t want to”. I am writing all this because I like her and her blog. I will keep on coming here, and I still like it a lot.

  • Alisa

    OR, you could see it as LUCKY HER, she got something cool, that she would have liked to buy for herself someday. Due to her wonderful blog, she received a GIFT! How cool is that?

  • Carlyn Hunter

    i like pointers like the camera…we who are new to blogs can’t get enough and really want to know how!! can anyone tell me how to set up a blog with beautiful personalized chocolate and z….not pre prepared blog web pages …and how to put photos up from camera or telephone doesn’t matter. would be very grateful…ps replies to

  • Alisa

    Your moblog photos are so so nice. You are building a wonderful view of Paris!

  • charlotte

    I visit your site everyday to get my daily dose of Paris…C&Z is actually my favorite site on the web! What an added bonus the moblog is! Pictures of Clotildes’ Paris…I’m in heaven(well ok, as close as I’m going to get until I save up for my plane ticket!)

  • sharon

    I’ve just returned from Paris, and it is truly lovely to see Clotilde’s pictures covering the same wonderful sunny pre-Easter experience of Parisian life that I got to enjoy, if only for a little while *sniffle*. Keep them coming. I had one too many patisserie and servings of foie gras in the numerous bistrot last week and would just like to add that during my entire vacation, I did not have a single bad meal. Vive la France! (and gorgeous Paris!)

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