Is My Blog Burning? The Tartine Edition

Is My Blog Burning? The Tartine Edition

Feeling very bad about not finding the time to make soup for the first Is My Blog Burning? event, I told Alberto that I would be more than happy to host the second edition, to be held on Sunday March 7th, 2004.

For those of you not yet familiar with the concept, IMBB? is a distributed food blogging event, brought to us by Alberto : a date and a theme are set, each participating blogger cooks something following that theme, and posts about his creation on that particular day.

For the second edition, the theme I would like to propose is “Tartine“. A tartine is a popular Parisian dish, in which different ingredients are arranged and served on a slice of bread – a sort of open-faced sandwich if you will – usually on a bed of greens. Like the soup theme, this should leave the door wide open for you to express your culinary creativity!

And you can refer to the post I wrote a little while ago about The Wonderful World of Tartines for more tartine info and ideas, and a sample recipe.

The basic rules follow:

Any and all bloggers are welcome to take part, whether they regularly blog about food or not.

– The theme is “Tartine” : prepare and lay different ingredients on a slice of bread – possibly in a nice assortment of colors and shapes – and you’ll be spot on!

– The IMBB? day for this edition is Sunday March 7th, 2004.

– The food doesn’t have to be made on IMBB? day, but your entry should be posted on that day.

– Share the recipe for what you made, and try to include a picture too if at all possible, we would all love to see what your tartine looks like!

– Once your entry is posted, please email me with a link to it : I will include it in a post that lists all of the participants.

Any question, comment, or suggestion is more than welcome!

… still here? sorry, but don’t you have a tartine recipe to come up with? :)

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  • Hi, Clotilde! I am wondering if you have an opinion on Le Creuset cookware. It is getting very popular (trendy?) here in Japan…do many cooks in France use it? I am attracted to the bold colors, nice designs, and sturdiness. But it is expensive!

  • i’m in. ;)

  • Hey Clotilde,

    Does the recipe have to include the recipe for the bread?


  • Meg

    Hi, Clotilde — I’m back!

    Here is the All New Meg’s Food and Wine Page:

    Tartines. . .will be given some thought!

  • Jennifer – Le Creuset cookware is an excellent investment, for all the reasons you mentioned, and we are getting closer and closer to buying one for ourselves! They are a staple in French homes. The Staub brand is popular too, but they only make black I think. The only thing you have to watch out for is that they are heavy, so make sure you pick a size that you can actually carry when it is full!

    Wena – Cool, I knew I could count on you! :)

    Dave – The recipe can use store-bought bread, but using home-made bread (with or without the bread recipe), would be a great bonus! In short, do as you please! ;)

    Meg – Awesome, I’ve updated the link on the left food blog section!

  • The TooManyChefs gang is in. I’m looking forward to it. We may even end up with a multi-tartine post.

  • Pim

    I’m in, again. I’ll see what kind of Thai slant I could put on a Tartine. This is going to be fun.


  • Hey count me in, this looks like a challenge for me :) I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with.

  • Count me in as well! Too bad the tartines cannot be grilled . . . or can they? Hmmm . . .

  • And I can probably do a tartine dinner next week, with posts sent on the day…

  • Deb

    Count me in…I’m sorry I missed the last one, hopefully I’ll be able to do something for this one.

  • last and -hopefully- not least, i will prepare some nice tartine (in italian it sounds plural so it will be more than one!)

  • Barrett, Pim, Elisabeth, Josh, Derrick, Deb and Carlo, I am thrilled to count you in! This is going to be fun!

  • Wow. I go to Spain for a couple of days and come back to so much excitement! Sounds like fun… and much like the Virtual Supper Club hosted on my blog. Looking forward to creating something reminiscent of my days in Madrid….

  • Mark

    Please count me in as well.

    Maybe it is because I am hungry, but the photo in the explanatory post you link to looks REALLY TASTY! :-)

    I hope I can do as well.

  • Donna – Hope you had a wonderful time in Madrid, and I’m looking forward to the wonderful tapas-like tartines you’ll grace us with!

    Mark – Excellent, glad to have you on board!

  • Renee

    please count me in too!
    this will be fun! : )

  • A bread theme! Fabulous.

  • Renee and Emily – Very happy to count you in! :)

  • Clotilde, count me in! I just needed to work out some posting logistics, but I’m really excited to participate.

  • Yay, we got Jenny on board too! :)

  • Count me in, but also…Doh! I got the dates mixed up and thought it was today, so rushed around getting stuff for my tartine. Oh well! I can now email you to find out if my entry will meet your stringent specifications…

  • May I join you for IMBB? Your weblog is inspiring!

  • I’m in … low energy these days but craving things-on-toast. Have a theme in mind. No digicam so no pictures though.

  • Elsa – Sure, come on aboard, I’ll look forward to your entry!

    Charlotte – Great, and no problem about the pic!

  • Clotilde –

    Finally, a comment! Your blog is just gorgeous. I’m pushing the gastronome crowd to participate tomorrow, too! (Sounds like we know some folks in common – my good friends Tom & Carol have introduced me to Derrick & Melissa on a few occasions. If you’re ever back in the bay area, we should meet up for a cocktail and snacks!)


  • Deb

    I have posted my Tartine entry for the event. I emailed you but wasn’t sure if your email was the same. I dont see an email on your site so I’m posting this here to let you know. Thanks for hosting this, it was a lot of fun.

  • The first two of our tartines are up on Too Many Chefs, including a rather less than successful and quite humbling attempt on my part. More tartines to follow today.

  • Hi Clotilde,
    I’ve posted my tartine. Can’t wait to see all of the submissions!

  • Renee

    hi clotilde,
    sorry to post this here, but I couldn’t find the email button on your site.
    i’ve posted my tartine.
    thanks so much again for hosting it this time round : )

  • All – Great, I’m collecting all the links and will publish the full list tomorrow! As a side note, there is an e-mail link on the left navigation bar, in the “Features” section…

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