Joyeux Noël!

Joyeux Noël!

I am off with my parents and my sister to my aunt’s, who is traditionally the fabulous host of our family’s Christmas celebrations… Who knows what menu she’ll have dreamed up this year?

Merry Christmas to you, I hope you’ll have a wonderful time, eat luscious food and be showered with gifts!

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  • Bonnes Fêtes Miss Clotilde and carry on with your wunderbar blog and its salivating ideas and pics.

  • Merry Christmas Clotilde! Have a wonderful time with family and friends.

  • Happy Christmas to you, too, and to your families and friends… and c&z!

  • Emanuele

    Salut Clotilde!
    Je te sohuaite un joyeux Noel de l’Italie, avec plein de bonheur et de calories.

  • And a very Joyeux Noel to you too Clotilde!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog and the accompanying forums. They are all suberb!

    Best wishes to you and your loved ones

  • Hi Clotilde,

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  • Reen

    Hi Clotilde,

    Wishing u’ve had an excellent Christmas and may the coming year be an even more interesting one for you! :)

    I’ve got a tiny question.. I noticed some of your recipes require creme fraiche. Since I’m a newbie in the kitchen, and from Malaysia where our local hypermarts do not carry this product, I was wondering if there are any other common alternatives to creme fraiche that I can use (besides adding buttermilk to whipping cream)?

    Btw, I love the way u write. :) Your blog was printed on our local papers a few weeks ago and I’ve been reading it ever since, as there’re quite a few archives. ;) And my yoghurt scones turned out pretty fine thanks :). But kudos to your wonderful presentation of culinary skills, both in pictures and delightful reads. U managed to paint a perfect picture of Paris and lifestyle, a place I have never had the opportunity to visit but would very much love to, in my mind’s eye.


  • I’m a few days late…but Merry Christmas to your and yours Clotilde…and have a Happy Start to 2005!

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