Joyeux Noël!


Thanks for everyone’s well wishes, and Happy Christmas to you all! Tonight and tomorrow will be spent at my parents’, basking in the Christmas family glow and helping my mother with the cooking!

And I will be back with tales about the food, the gifts and the food gifts…

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  • Deb

    Happy Christmas Clotilde-
    I hope its wonderful and filled with good food and family and laughter.

  • Happy holidays to you, Clotilde (mine is Chanukah, but Christmas works too). We recently found Chocolate & Zucchini and I have been reading it happily. All best from the rainy gray of New York City, and I hope you will visit our online season’s greeting at (not an advertisement).

    Have a wonderful time, and I look forward to tasting it here next week! Thanks for the graceful writing and the inspirational food.

  • Joyeux Noel a vous deux, Clotilde and Maxence! Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Deb – Hope you have a nice time too, take care of the little one, feed him your beautiful marshmallows! :)

    Linus – I’m very happy you enjoy C&Z! Sorry about the holiday/christmas/hanukah thing. In France, Joyeux Noël and Bonnes Fêtes (happy holidays) are used interchangeably, without any assumption about the other person’s religion or beliefs, more a general season’s greeting thing. Christmas is not really a religious holiday to most people (and it’s not to me), it’s more about family/gifts/food!

    Jenny – Have a good night at La Folie, and report back about the menu! :)

  • Valencia

    This is a wonderful site. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Nassim

    ||::|:|| .——–,
    |:||:|:| |_______ / .-.
    ||::|:|| .”` ___ `”. {\(‘v’)/}
    \\\/\///: .’` `’. ;____`( )’____
    \====/ ‘./ o o \|~ ^” “^ //
    \\// | ())) . | Season’s \
    || \ `.__.’ /| //
    || _{“-.___.-‘\| Greetings \
    || _.” `-.____.-‘`| ___ //
    ||` __ \ |___/ \_______\
    .”|| (__) \ \| /
    / `\/ __ vvvvv’\___/
    | | (__) |
    \___/\ /
    || | .___. |
    || | | |
    ||.-‘ | ‘-.
    jgs || | )

    allez un petit ascii art pour les fêtes, est ce que cela marchera? suspense…

  • Nassim – Ooops, je ne vois pas exactement ce que ça représente, mais c’est l’intention qui compte alors merci pour ce petit cadeau! Bonne fêtes!

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