Plat du Jour

Plat du Jour

Chocolate & Zucchini now has a Plat du Jour generator! Click away, and get hundreds of thousands of dish suggestions in the pure C&Z spirit…

The idea for this came to me in the middle of the night, which is sort of worrying, but anyway. Hope you have as much fun with this as I do!

Note : I wrote this in English, the ever so modular language, because you wouldn’t believe the nightmare of randomly combining and conjugating adjectives and nouns in French! No, you wouldn’t. Really.

  • carlo

    Sesame Greens Salad with Grilled Thyme
    Roasted Ricotta Bisque and Glazed Cashews
    Herbed Lentils and Eggs with Cappuccino Pinenuts

    now i know how some restaurants come up with their menus!

    wait let me try another one

    Flambé Onions and Catfish with Buttermilk Hazelnuts

    hey Gordon Ramsay, eat your heart out (with caramelized pine nuts)

    i just wish i had more time to waste..

  • Niki

    Goodness, there are some……interesting suggestions there!!! :-)

  • nattie

    *giggle* Yay, silly toy! Now, how about a food personality quiz. “Which delectable dish are you?” or something like that :-)

  • Alberto

    This is both hilarious (stuffed cashews!) and great to get a new idea for dinner (tatin of glazed ham with spiced red peppers? I’ll try that no doubt). Thanks Clotilde

  • Loli

    juste un bisou!
    très amusants tes “plats du jour”!

  • Amy

    Approaching the same idea from a slightly different perspective are these two site you might like to check out–

    You actually enter the ingredients you have on hand and it gives you recipes.

  • Rebeca

    Very funny. I find that every dish sounds just great at first, then I’ll start to think about it, then about half of them sound pretty bad. But the other half still seem worth a try!

  • Eric

    Bulghur and Candied Mushrooms with Grilled Caramel? What, exactly, would candied mushrooms be like? :P In any case, neat little toy you’ve created. Now, do I dare try its suggestons…

  • clotilde

    I’m glad you find this little toy of some amusement! Like Alberto, I find some combinations hilarious : “sliced lentils”? Might it not be a little um… time-consuming? :)

    Nattie – I will definitely look into the personality quiz, it’s a mighty fine idea!

    Amy – Thanks for the links, they sound like useful/fun resources…

  • Charlotte

    Thank you so much, that is quite amusing, and some of it sounds quite tasty.

  • clotilde

    Charlotte – You are very welcome, I’m glad you think it fun! :)

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