Press: From Washington to Nashville to San Francisco


Two articles have just appeared in US papers, dealing with food blogs, and featuring C&Z along with esteemed fellow food enthusiasts.

~ Today in the Washington Post: A Food Blog for Every Taste

~ Yesterday in the Tennessean: Word-wide Recipe Swap.

Update! As a few readers have pointed out (thank you!) and as the journalist has just informed me, there is also an article running in the San Francisco Chronicle today: Young Parisian Puts Her Heart Into a Cordon-Blog

For the anecdote, you may be amused to learn that I have had my name in the Chronicle once before! It was in 2001, just after the events of September 11th: I had had the bright idea to fly back from Paris to California on that grisly day, and my plane had been diverted to Calgary after the US airport shutdown. When they reopened, I was on the first plane to land in San Jose and was interviewed by a Chron journalist (see very last sentence of the article).

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  • Jennie

    Clothilde, you are also featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, March 9.


  • Jason Stone

    And I think there is another one in the SF Chronicle:

    When it rains, it pours.

  • DonnaLee

    There’s also an article in today’s Chicago Tribune “Le Blog is a Hit-French Foodie’s Web Site Draws an International Following” with a very nice picture of Clotilde!


  • I did a piece in TIME this week too Clotilde.

  • Monica

    Clotilde – tell us about FOOD and COOKING. With PICTURES.

    Not about your publicity. It’s far less interesting, especially since we, like, already KNOW about you.

  • I wouldn’t tell people what to do with their blog if I were you Monica. That’s just plain daft.

  • melissa s.

    3 cheers for Clotilde! I think it is wonderful and well deserved that you continue to garner press around the world.

    And cheers also for Maxence! He may not get much mention in the articles on you, but we all know he is a very important part of keeping C&Z up and running.

  • First, post all the press you want…it’s your blog, and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
    Second…I’ll have to see about picking up that issue of the Tennessean; I so rarely read the local paper, but for you, I’ll make an exception!

  • Shelli

    I dashed to the computer as soon as I saw Clotilde’s shining face in the Chronicle, not even stopping to read the article, but I’ve been beaten to the punch. Congratulations on continuing to get such great and well-deserved press. And, by the way, it’s your blog…you get to write anything you want…your fans will read it all.

  • Congratulations on all the great press!

  • Rose

    Dear Clotilde, I am so delighted that you have received this well deserved good press. Congratulations.
    Rose in Australia

  • Lee

    Monica is kind of right. The readers here are either daily ones who have been reading it for a while, or new ones who read about this blog in the papers, so there’s no need to remind us that this website is immensely popular. That said, tis true that the concept of a weblog is egocentrical in the first place so readers and commenters have little say in the matter.

  • E.

    I actually like reading about the press, because I like reading about other people’s perspectives on the blog and food in general. It’s also nice to discover other blogs through the articles.

    Anyhow, congratulations, Clotilde! The SF Chronicle is my favorite newspaper. Even though I no longer live in the Bay Area, I still read it online. I know the SF news better than the news of my current city!

  • Congrats Clotilde! Always great to see more people tuning in to food blogs.


    here’s another; you’re mentioned in Vancouver’s free weekly “alternative” newspaper.

  • Alisa

    I came to comment on how great this is for you, and how really interesting all the articles are for me to read. I enjoy and want to know when and where you are being lauded. Oh and um, did I miss the Le Monde article?

    If I were you, and last time I checked I wasn’t, I would tell Monica and Lee a few things, and none of them would be polite. Where oh where do some people acquire such a sense of impropriety?

    Enough about them. You & C&Z are an inspiration and a constant joy to encounter.

  • John

    Here’s another from The San Jose Mercury News (by way of the Post), your old haunting grounds! Congrats!

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