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National Post

There is an article about C&Z in the National Post (a national Canadian newspaper) today: Fromage homage

In other news, Paris is all snowed in today! By “snowed in” I mean oh, a good two inches of soft snow, but this is enough to wreak havoc in the city, all skidding cars and glissading pedestrians. It is quickly turning to milk chocolate slush, but in the Butte-aux-Cailles area where I work there is comparatively little traffic, so we still have large patches of intact snow to enjoy, whether for the pretty sight or for a post-lunch snowball fight — god bless playful coworkers.

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  • May

    it’s a lovely article!

    glad you are also enjoying some snow today.

  • I love the description – milk chocolate slush. It’s so much more romantic, pleasant, and… welll… French to think of grimey street ooze as being milke chocolate slush. :) Here in Connecticut, we’re a little more cynical.

    I hope you’re able to get out into the soft, white powder and make a snowman before the ‘chocolate’ stage. Take care and drive safe.

  • Nice article :) Isn’t it pretty outside? It doesn’t take a lot to give that sweet, frosty look to all the windows and rooftops–I LOVE IT.

  • corey

    It has snowed the last two nights here, and after a warm spell a few weeks ago it is all the more cruel and prolonged. Butthe saying is true I suppose “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.”

  • Rainey

    I saw news footage this morning of the palm trees in Nice with snow on them! It was a hoot! I hope people there will be able to enjoy the outrageousness of it, though, as, apparently, they don’t have snowplows and were hard pressed to clear the roadways.

    We have a recipe on the forum for homemade marshmallows. They might be just the thing for popping on a cocoa to have the whole cold weather experience. ;>

  • gwendolyn

    When white snow gets churned up with dirt and mud, I always think of baking cookies when the brown sugar is added to the white sugar and butter mixture and then beaten. The subtle change of colour, of course, looks more appealing in a mixer bowl, but I can’t look at snow on the streets without realizing how long it’s been since I made homemade cookies.

  • Sonya

    I was just reading Coquette & Petite Anglaise’s blogs this morning and noticed their links to you. Then in one of those serindipitous moments walked into the kitchen @ work and saw the National Post with your article (complete with a very nice picture – hope they sent it to you).

    I plan to read more than the quick glance I’ve had so far, but already your descriptions are inspiring me to do some baking. Sadly, we are a gluten-free household, so I will never again have a lovely croissante, but I do make use of a lot of ground almonds & rice flour in leiu. And thank God most chocolate is fine!

  • Adam

    Thank goodness for national daily papers in Canada with sections to cover blogs like this. The most pleasant discovery of my day; all these thoughts of food and Paris kept me rather occupied at work. Congrats on the coverage and a very hip coat in the photo … à tantôt!

  • lisa

    Speaking of newspapers…and specifically, FOOD sections in newspapers…anyone want to do an exchange via mail? I can offer the LA Times, NY Times, San Diego Union Tribune, and, sporadically, the SF Chronicle. I could send them out maybe once a month.

  • So lovely that you got some Canadian press. Samantha Grice did a fine job in portraying the wonders of C&Z. Even ardent anti-Post people will agree that the Arts & Life (and weekend expansion sections) of that paper are worth reading. So rah rah for that great press! If anyone deserves the attention, ca serait toi. (See? Chus une vraie canadienne qui parle le ‘franglais’.)

  • Great article Clotilde!

  • glad the canadians appreciate you,too…go to paris tomorrow and have my snow boots

  • Greta

    Congrats on another wonderful article! It is so exciting to watch your fame expand all over the world.

    How funny to hear that Paris has snow. Here in Oslo it is dry, yet extremely cold -7 C! But no one is really complaining. The sun is out of hibernation and everyone is cheering.


  • Laurent

    Great article about you in the National Post.

    You’re right : French people talking about French food in English should be more numerous. Hope the circle will widen fast and soon.

    Bravo again for your site.

  • Oli

    Congratulation on your mention on the Uk’s Guardian too !

  • ann

    Clotilde, did you ever find a recipe for the Swedish double chocolate crisps? I just discovered them and they are too wonderful for words!

  • ann

    Clotilde, did you ever find a recipe for the Swedish double chocolate crisps? I just discovered them and they are too wonderful for words!

  • Lyn

    Clotilde –

    Congratulations on the lovely article about you and C&Z. I send all my best wishes to you for a book contract soon; hope that the NY agent is working hard for you. Good luck.


  • the article was lovely!
    congrats. i love your coat in the picture;)

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