Press: The Sacramento Bee


The Sacramento Bee ran an article yesterday about –three guesses– food blogs!

Under the catchy title “Finger-clickin’ good”, it features a profile of our friend Elise (with a pic of her! and her parents! and her oven mitts! and an oxtail stew!) as well as a list of favorite sites in which C&Z appears, along with the following review :

“Clotilde Dusoulier, a young Parisian with a grounding in the Silicon Valley high-tech trade and a passion for all things gastronomic, maintains an unusually mature, sweeping and enabling food web log.”

  • Milinda

    Yes, we read your blog even here in the wild and wooly sticks of Northern California, although I confess to being surprised to find you, and blogs in general, mentioned in the local rag. Congratulations on your award. I enjoy your blog.

  • cucina testa rossa

    congrats! you got it going ‘on girl! ;-)

  • Charlotte

    Three cheers for my old hometown paper!

  • Penny

    Congrats, the world is waking up to your delightful talents. This IS absolutely the best food blog! It’s fun and informative. A mention in The Sacramento Bee is a plum in your pie.

  • Joan

    “unusually mature”…honey Clotilde, that’s a why we stick around!…:-) that..and the photos! absolutely certain visual treat each day…keep on snappin’ sweet gal…..well I guess the wondrous Maxence also snaps?

  • Joan

    P.S. ~ Clotilde, the photo also looks like a stack of unbelievable linens…

  • Ana

    Congratulations Clotilde, for a well-deserved award.

  • O.G.

    I agree. I’m hooked. Thanks for making my stomach rumble with hunger frequently. You have a gift for writing.

  • b

    funny this site isnt called chocolate and courgettes…

  • Karen

    It’s only January and how many times have you been on the papers!? It’s going to be a nice wonderful year ahead. :-)

  • Caroline

    Congrats on your award, Clotilde. Well deserved, your blogs are excellent.

  • Andrea

    Your blog is fantastic! I love checking in to see what treat you’ve whipped up this time! Congratulations on a completely deserved award and mention, and looking forward to the next post (and pic!).

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