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If you happen to lay your hands on the latest issue of the Japanese magazine TITLE and leaf through it (remember to do so from right to left or expose yourself to the unrecoverable loss of all coolness and credibility) until page 96, you will find an article about C&Z and yours truly, complete with a picture!

Of course, if you’re like me you will have no idea what it says, but a trusted Japanese friend is on the case to help translate it.

I had been contacted by the editorial team a couple of months ago, as they were in Paris covering the Salon du Chocolat and all things Paris and chocolate. We met at a tiny new pâtisserie that I wanted to try, called “La Petite Rose” on the boulevard de Courcelles. We talked (a translator was on the team), we tried the chocolates and pastries, they took pictures, we smiled a lot (as is usually the case between people who have just the words “chocolate” and “kawaii” in common) and I had a truly delightful time.

And for someone who loves Japan and yearns to visit as much as I do, being featured in such a classy magazine (oh you should see the rest of it, filled with glossy chocolate pics, if only I could read it!) is no small honor.

Oh, and did I mention that I am but pages away from Pierre Hermé, Alain Ducasse or Christine Ferber? Excuse-me while I faint.

Read (or um, simply look at) the whole article here.

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  • Bravo Clotilde,
    It’s amazing and for sure I’m going to buy the magazine (do you think we can find it in Paris ?). By the way, I love your shoes. Bisous.

  • Erin

    Congratulations! Next thing we know you will have your own show!

  • Hi! I really enjoyed reading it(TITLE).
    I love Chocolate! from japan.

  • Congratulations on the article. Nice shoes, by the way!

  • Jay

    when you go to Japan try Royce Chocolates (

    I don’t know how to read kanji but I’m sure every chocoholic would surely know Royce chocolate.

  • Congratulations! Your blog deserves to be world-famous!

  • Oh how cool! Great pic. I was just dog-sitting in that neighborhood yesterday, and getting onto the metro at Villiers, saw “La Petite Rose” for the first time. Next time, I will have to sample the goods :)

  • kawaii!!! :-D

  • Congrats Clotilde! After reading Josh’s comment, I waited for the full picture to load so I could see your shoes. I agree. Way cool!

  • You are truly a blogging superstar! Congratulations…

  • Insanity Infusion

    Congratulations indeed!

    I am new to your blog and adore it.

    Insanity Infusion

  • Congratulations! You are just SO FAMOUS now!

  • you are en fuego baby! :-) congrats!

  • Alisa

    You can’t read the Japanese???? It says “Clotilde, coolest food blogger on the planet”. Anyone can see that!

  • salmonista

    Congratulations, Clotilde! This is the coolest thing ever. And you look very kawaii.

  • June

    Congratulations! My partner lived in Japan many years and I’ll have him read me the article as soon as he recovers from the la grippe!

    June in London

  • wow, congratulations Clotilde! That must be so exciting to see yourself in a magazine. Albeit all the way in Japan too.

  • Jennifer

    Fantastic, Clotilde! The picture is great and I love your shoes. I live in Tokyo, and will try to pick up TITLE the next chance I get!

  • Mary

    Fantastic news! You certainly deserve all the good that can come your way and this was just the beginning.

  • Shelli

    You look so cute in that picture! Soon getting international press will become an everyday occurrence…how can the world resist you and your fab blog?

  • Rainey

    It is so exciting and so reassuring to see someone thrive on the sheer pursuit of what they love and the excellence they practice! Well done, clotilde!

    You make a sometimes tedious and disappointing world a friendlier more exhilarating place! Bless you, kiddo! ;>

  • Ana

    Congratulations Clothilde.

  • Theresa

    Hi Clotilde, congrats! I gotta tell my Claudio in Kyoto to see if he finds the magazine. Is it me or do you suddenly look fashionably Japanese on that spread?

    (formerly crumbseverywhere, yet to be resuscitated from nasty hosting company crash)

  • Judou

    WHAOU !

    Depuis quelques temps,je parcours avec tant de plaisir votre site que je dois m’associer au concert de louanges.
    J’admire tout : le temps passé(en dehors du travail), la convivialité pour les fondus de délicatesses culinaires, les reportages, le bilinguisme ( très utile pour informer mes copines U.S.), la compétence reconnue, etc….
    Bonne poursuite et pour longtemps…Félicitations.

  • Viv

    Congratulations Clotilde!!! Btw…your book finally arrived yesterday afternoon. It will be leaving Seattle tomorrow, on its way to you. I would have taken it with me on the plane but I still have a month to go. :-)

    PS: Love the shoes!

  • mindy

    kawaii, kauai, hawaii, why?
    is there a choco feeding frenzy there?

  • K

    I truly leved enjoyed reading this magazine, and that’s where I actually got to know your blog. gd to know chocoloate lovers all over the world!

  • ktr from japan

    I read the magajine!
    Your hairstyle is so cute.
    This month, I’m going to paris.
    I’m looking forward to sweets!
    My favorite sweets is MACARON!!
    Which shops do you recomende?

  • Mamalewi

    You are not only the most talented blogger ever, but have most excellent taste in shoes too! Thanks for taking me places my own shoes may never visit. Green tea kit-kats? I think I’ll stick to good old American milk chocolate kit kats :-)

  • I just know your blog on the magazine TITLE and this is my first time to visit your blog. I saw the magazines were laid out flat not only at bookstore but also at the salon du chocolat in Japan.

  • Myra in Malaysia

    Hi Clotilde,

    You’re famous !! You truly deserve every bit of it. More success to C&Z.

  • Congrats! Love your site… and you do deserve this! Btw, your shoes are adorable in that pic!

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