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  • Hayley

    What about syndicating the RSS feed to Livejournal? There are many wonderful food- and cooking-related communities there where people would love, love, love to read your entries.

  • clotilde

    Actually, Hayley, the feed is syndicated on Livejournal, I had forgotten about it. Here the URL.

  • Jeannette

    Hi Clotilde,

    I love your “Joie de Gourmet” and your delicious recipes!! I enjoyed the most exquisite floral -brewed tea at Laduree this past Summer. It was mildly sweet with the scent & taste of violet & rose petals. I have gazed nightly at the now tattered Laduree Menu, & can’t recall if this blend was what they call “Laduree Melange”, “Jardin Bleu”, or the “Marie Antoinette”?
    Moreover, I seem unable to find a way to obtain this blend in the U.S. where I live. Might you be able to identify this blend for me? Is there a way to order it? Might there be a similar floral blend put out by Mariage Frer that IS available in the U.S. Of course I’ll order if they’ll ship! Please keep me posted! Warmly, Jeannette

  • clotilde

    Jeannette — Thanks for your kind words. I am not familiar with this blend so I can’t offer a suggestion, but perhaps you could email Ladurée directly for more info? The address of their customer service is available on this page.

  • Julia Coomes

    Am about to try your pea-pod soup recipe. Hate throwing away anything I could use so hope it goes down well with the family

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