The Day I Turn 26

Tarte Rubis

Well, I am happy to announce that as of 5 o’clock this morning, I am officially 26 years old!

Proud and delighted, ever-so-grateful for this past year and the many wonders and joys it has brought me, I am hopeful that the year ahead will be just as fabulous, and excited to discover what it holds.

I intend to spend the day at a deliciously leasurely pace, doing exclusively what I feel like doing, wearing my favorite dress of the moment, painting my toenails cherry (or maybe plum, it remains to be decided), taking the calls of the sweet friends who have marked their calendars (and/or are reading this website), dropping by my grandmother’s for a kiss and a glass of champagne, and eating this succulent raspberry chocolate tart purchased especially for the occasion at Arnaud Larher‘s pâtisserie.

As for this evening, who know what it has in store for me?

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  • happiest of birthdays to you!!

  • From Caracas, Venezuela, I always read your blog.

    Very happy birthday!

    Wish you the best,

    María Luisa

  • un très bel anniversaire mademoiselle. Continue de croquer dans la vie comme dans cette tartelette. bises.

  • Orlene

    Oh Happy Happy Birthday Clotilde!!!

    I turned 26 a little under 2 months ago too. I hope you have a wonder-full day!

  • enuwy

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!

    I’ve been following your blog for more than a year now, and I know because I read about your last one too!

    Wishing you all the happiness…


  • stinkerbell

    joyeuse anniversaire! from Paris :)

  • Matilda

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!

  • Jay

    Happy Birthday! joyeux anniversaire!

  • Best wishes from your friends at Moleskinerie!

  • all the best clothilde!
    happy that you’re around and thanks for the joy you’ve added to my table this year!

  • I was doing the birthday wishes for the CLBB when your name popped up. Happiest of days to you ~ enjoy…

  • yoko

    happy birthday from london! i just started reading your blog since i am going to paris this w.e & checking things to do (well, eat!). it is really cool blog and i love it! hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Kendra

    Happy birthday! Though I don’t know you. I just happened to see on npr the link to this blog. I’ve found it really interesting!

  • Happy birthday Clotide! Bake a big chocolate zucchini cake for yourself and don’t share.

  • Sirena

    I’m just a fan of this blog but wanted to wish you well! Happy B Day Clotilde!

  • Joy

    You wonderful young thing, happy birthday! Enjoy yourself! Your bright and intelligent attitude toward life and living will carry you far along a happy path. –Joy in Chicago

  • Lauren

    We are exactly the same age! I turn 26 today too. I went to your page to see if you had anything particularly beautiful and delicious to cheer me up. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy happy birthday Clotilde! I am a big fan of your blog and I pay a visit every day…your writing is so charming and the food always looks scrumptious :-) I hope this day (and evening!) holds many wonderful surprises for you!

  • mindalicious

    Bonne Anniversaire CZ Girl!!!
    Love reading your site and look forward to another delicious year of your writing.

  • Bonne Anniversaire, Clotilde!

  • Margot

    Happy Birthday Clotilde, from a fellow chocolate-loving birthday girl (turned 26 yesterday)!

    All the best,

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Jennifer

    Happy Birthday, Clotilde. I think I’ll celebrate your birthday with a treat from Payard Patisserie – just a block away from my apartment in NYC.

  • emmeline

    happy birthday clotilde!
    26 has been a very good year for me so far – I hope yours is too.

  • Happy birthday, Clotilde! I hope this year gives you everything you’re hoping for!!

  • tempestdelfuego

    Happy Birthday, Clotilde from your readers in Canada!

  • Kitty

    Happy Birthday from a fan in NYC. I loooove your blog :)

  • Lisa

    Happy Birthday from a mostly-silent reader/fan of your site! Couldn’t let the birthday pass without good wishes!

  • Melinda

    Happy Birthday!

  • Albacore

    Bonne fête Clotilde! Thanks for another wonderful year of cooking inspiration. It sounds like you’ll have a lovely day celebrating. All the best!

  • Ana Cardia

    Happy Birthday!!! I am also 26, and I wish the best for you!!

  • Jean-Paul

    Joyeux anniversaire à toi ma petite Clotilde. Le Nicolas Feuillate était bien frais !!!! On a mangé la “tarte provençale” de notre Mamy la semaine dernière. Un régal !!! Demande lui la recette.
    Dodo & JP

  • Ana

    Happy birthday Clotilde. Hope your life will bring you all you wish for!

  • Jen

    Happy Happy Birthday, from one July 27th baby to another :)

  • Julieta

    Happy Birthday Clotilde! Feliz Cumpleanios! All my best wishes for today and all other days of the year!
    A big hug from NYC,

  • Puma

    Happy Birthday!
    But, you know, you give us a present every time you post here.

  • happy birthday from sweden! :-)

  • Ant

    Bonne anniversaire! Happy birthday!

    26 was a good age for me. In fact, life has been better every year since then. Hope it’s the same for you.

  • best birthday wishes and a toast ‘salut’ when you clink your flute of champagne to grand-mère’s!

  • Happy birthday Clotilde! How perfect, I have a few treats to send you… now they’re a birthday present as well. Take care. :)

  • Andrea

    A Happy, Sweet and Delicious birthday Clotilde. I hope your and Maxance find your way to NYC again. Thank you for the memory of your visit. Andrea

  • i Neat & Pearl

    happy birthday!!!

  • oh, happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Clotilde. Gosh 43 people were up reading your blog before me. Enjoy your day.

  • Chicago Bear

    As you celebrate your birthday in Paris, I am celebrating my birthday in Chicago. What a wonderful surprise to learn that we have the same birthday, and that we share the same joys in life. By coincidence, I am exactly the same age as you are….well, my age is exactly the same numbers, but in my case, the 6 comes before the 2. Tonight I will drink a toast to you being 26, and to when I was 26.

  • Carrie

    Joyeux anniversaire, chere Clotilde! :) I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now, and you never fail to delight and inspire! You’ve helped me find a new enthusiasm for cooking, and I bet many of your other readers would say that as well. Enjoy your special day, and I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring to Chocolate & Zucchini!


  • Christy

    Happy, happy birthday to you!

    Ah, I can’t think of a better place to be to celebrate a birthday than just about any place in France. You’ll have to tell us all about your birthday meal!

  • mimi

    feliz cumplianos!

  • Happy Birthday! All the very best for the year ahead.

    The tart looks divine. I was wondering if it was a mini tart or a big tart. I am thinking mini with the tart:raspberry ratio. Kind of eye boggling. :D

  • Bonne anniversaire Clotilde! I may go to Sugar Sweet Bakery to celebrate on your behalf..

  • eileen

    whooooooof…..i ‘think’ i’ve just gotten in before the clock strikes…:-)
    clotilde, very happy birthday wishes to you. i hope you take the warm thoughts that have been posted and …. well … and savour them like a well-deserved chocolate.

  • maria

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  • Woohoo! Clotilde’s 26! Happy happy birthday! Woohoo!!

  • Jenji

    Joyeux anniversaire, Clotilde! All best wishes for a wonderful year ahead, kicked off with a truly splendid day… with your favorite champagne along with the tart! (Hmm, what is your favorite bubbly I wonder?) I hope that what’s in store for you this evening is as delicious, lighthearted, and inspiring as your writing. As another Jennifer will be beating me to Payard, I will head downtown for a confection in your honor! Cheers, Jen

  • Nicole

    Happy Birthday from Perth, Australia! Your birthday cake looks yummy!

  • Happy Birthday Clotilde (it’s still the 27th here in California!)

  • Becca

    happy birthday to the best food blogger ever … and you’re only 26!!! Cheers!

  • Karen

    Happy, happy birthday from the Philippines!

    Will celebrate today in your behalf with macarons from our local French bakery.

    Looking forward to reading about your birthday dinner!

  • Happy Birthday from China! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and wishing all the best in the years to come, 身体健康,万事如意

  • happie burpday to u, clotilde!!

  • Seine

    And happy birthday all the way from from columbia, south carolina too:)! I love your wonderful blog!:)

  • Happy, happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday, Clotilde!

  • Patsy

    Clotilde — It is now the day after your birthday in France. That doesn’t stop me from wishing you many surprises and joys in your coming year. Thank you so much for your spirit that infuses your writing; it elevates it and radiates a joy we all need, these days.
    As Roy Rogers used to say, “Happy trails!!”

  • Happy Birthday from Korea! I’m so jealous of your birthday treat Clotilde, it’s hard to get really good baked goods here….

  • happiest of birthdays to you miss clotilde! may your coming days be filled warm sunshine and warm friends. i hope to one day turn 26 again–i enjoyed so much the first, second and third time ;)

  • TILLYKKE TILLYKKE! Umm, I mean, Happy Birthday Clotilde! I love being 26, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much – maybe even as much as you’re going to enjoy that cake, oh yum!

  • Bon anniversaire! Alors, cette soirée?

  • Mia

    Hi Clotilde! Happy Birthday to you :) Hope you had a wonderful evening to end your day!

  • kumi

    Nice to write you and Happy birthday from Japan!
    I go to a cake school now. read happily always.I look forward to reading next!
    gannbatte kudasaine! sayonara!

    p.s.My birthday is 26th Jul.It’s next day!

  • Donna

    Happy Birthday!! May you have many more happy and healthy ones!!

    A hug and a smile,
    Donna in Philly

  • Rose Marshall

    A very happy birthday to you Clotilde! I hope your special day was fun, and all the very best for the next year.

    One of your Aussie fans,

  • Happy birthday! So youg and so talented!

  • KPaulG

    Bonne Anniversaire from San Francisco et Merci et Bises..Merci encore!!

  • A very Happy Birthday from another of your Aussie fans – hope you make it Down Under soon!

  • becky



  • Dear Clotilde,

    whoa, I’m late, but let me give you another happy happy happy happy birthday wish… may your 26th year be even happier and exciting than any other one in the past 25 years!

  • tilo

    happy b’day …….

    from another foodie

  • Annie

    Happiest birthday wishes, Clotilde! I do so love your website.

  • dear clotilde,

    happy belated birthday from cincinnati. your charming blog always brings a smile to my face and fresh inspiration to disappear into my kitchen in search of a new adventure. i raise a glass of champers to you in appreciation.

  • kate

    What a decadent divine birthday. Hope you had a lovely day..

  • Bonne anniversaire! And many happy returns (of chocolate!) of the day…

  • miel

    Belated happy birthday! I hope you had a good one.

    I love reading your food adventures. Is it ok if I link you up on my blog?

  • kim

    Happy belated birthday! I hope that tart was every bit as good as it looks (yummy!).

  • Maisie

    Happy belated birthday, Clotilde! Thank you for your spirited and lovely blog, and for bringing such joy to all of us!

  • asha

    happy birthday, Clotilde! i won’t say “late” because i have this theory that it’s supposed to last all month anyway! hope it is/was marvelous. :-)

  • Happy Birthday from one Leo to another! I’ve just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. I wish all the best for you in the coming year.

    Baltimore, MD

  • Paz

    Clotilde, Happy Birthday! I trust that you had a wonderful day of celebration and many more happy birthdays.


  • Deborah

    Happy, HAPPY birthday…a bit belated!

  • serena


    a very, very happy birthday to you! albeit somewhat belated – but hope you had a fantastic, fantastic day. bless you for a lovely blog that cheers up so many around the world – *hugs*

  • clk

    Bonne Anniversaire Clotilde! thanks for the insight you share here on c&z.

  • latifa

    Happy Birthday.

  • Eva

    Hey happy b-day eva. hope you have a good one…hahaha:D

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