Cooking on Vacation

Tomatoes with fresh cheese and herbs eaten in Croatia.

Tomatoes with fresh cheese and herbs eaten in Croatia.

To keep you entertained while I take a little break, I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers and friends to tell me about the kind of cooking they do on vacation, whether they’re visiting friends or family, renting a place, camping, etc. I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything fancy, and was just as interested in the lazy stuff one cooks under those circumstances.

I’ll be publishing this Q&A series until the end of the month, and I hope you’ll be as inspired and delighted as I am by my guests’ answers. If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel transported by the stories they shared from their nomadic kitchens — and I hope you’ll chime in with your own.

A companion series will be running on the French version of Chocolate & Zucchini, so if you read French, you’re in for a double treat.

Thanks to all my guests for taking time out of their busy summers to participate, and to you for reading. Be well and see you soon!

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  • Mary D.

    I cook regional dishes on vacation. Part of vacation fun is shopping for food at the local farmers market, specialty and ethnic shops that I cannot get at home. One extra suitcase for fabulous finds transported across the Tennessee boarder. Hey, I am allowed. Thanks for asking. Mary

  • Bonnes vacances!

  • I went camping in Wales with my boyfriend this ‘summer’ and cooked meals ahead, so I only had to warm them up on the camping stove. So glad I did this as the weather was horrible a lot of the time.

    Also picked up some local produce from a farmers’ market – smoked game sausages for breakfast mmmm.

  • Have a lovely break!

    Assuming I read the language of the place I’m going, I usually like to buy a cooking magazine with seasonal ideas and try out the recipes knowing I can get all the ingredients locally. When I’m in France I tend to revert to bread, cheese and tomatoes (and wine) for a lot of my meals.

  • I love cooking fresh and seasonal when I’m on vacation …finding some ripe, local ingredient that I don’t have access to at home and making something simple and tasty with it!

  • One of the joys of cooking away from home is having to rely on your raw cooking instincts rather than falling back on books or blogs. I love exploring food markets and trying new foods. I tend to keep things simple and stick to local in season produce and try and get the best out of them. It’s also fun to try things you can’t get at home. We frequently travel to France and I really enjoy simple things like local bread cheese and tomatoes.

    One of my camping favourites is a big jar of baked beans. I cook them in advance and seal in a jar so they don’t need refrigeration. These aren’t normal beans of course! They’re made from scratch and cooked for hours with a ham hock or knuckle. I’m off camping next week so will be making some tomorrow after the beans have soaked.

    I hope you have a good break.

  • I remember taking a road trip to Disneyland from Vancouver as a kid. My parents always insist on eating Chinese food when travelling. In case there weren’t any Chinese restaurants, and to save money, they would bring their own rice cooker along with rice and Chinese saugsages. I just laugh about that now, even though it seemed totally normal then.

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